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  1. Hi guys, here some screenshots about my work on Italian tracked IFV Dardo
  2. Changelog: v 0.5 - Eliminated tac 50 silencer - Fixed A-129 Mangusta gunner view - Fixed AB212/412 vertical speed indicator - Fixed AB212/412 Altimeter - Fixed EH-101 Advanced flight dynamics model - Fixed CH-47 Pilot artificial horizon - Fixed error Zeus Modules - Fixed cargo drop script - Added turret direction indicator on A-129 Mangusta HUD - Fixed A-129 Mangusta Advanced flight dynamics model New download link in the first page...
  3. Changelog: v 0.4 - Added McMillan Tac-50 - Added Beretta ARX 200 - Added Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mm - Added Advanced flight dynamics model - New model of silencer 6.5 mm - New model of silencer 7.62 mm - Fixed Cargo Drop Script - Repositioned VTML Driver proxy - Fixed ARX160 Sounds - Added EH-101 Copilot proxy - Added CH-47 Copilot Proxy - Added CH-47 ramp animation - Added NH-90 Copilot Proxy - Fixed NH-90 Proxy - Improved NH-90 internals - Improved A-129 Mangusta internals - New Model of AB212 - New Model of AB412 - Added C-27J Copilot Proxy - Added C-27J ramp animation - Improved C-27J Instruments - Added C-130 Copilot Proxy - Fixed airplane land contacts points - Fixed Centauro Commander optic - Fixed Centauro Loader optic - Added VCC Commander proxy - Added Arisgator Commander proxy - Fixed Ariete Commander view point - Fixed Ariete Loader view point - Fixed Leopard Commander view point - Fixed Leopard Loader view point - Fixed Sidam sounds New download link in the first page... Follow us on facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Pedagnemod/?ref=bookmarks
  4. I completed the model of new Beretta ARX 200:
  5. Changelog: v 0.3 - Resize VTG Stingray ACH Helmet - New model of ARX160 - New model of Panzerfaust 3 disposable - New reticle of Panzerfaust optic - New Texture of Medic Backpack - New model of Mich 2000 helmet - New model of Mich 2002 helmet - New Leupold MK4 CQ/T optic - New Leupold MK4 MRT optic - Added Boonie Hat - New reticle of ACOG optic - New texture of ACOG optic - Fixed A-129 Mangusta Door - Now A-129 Mangusta Gunner can take pilot command - Now A-129 Mangusta Pilot can fire 70mm rocket - Repositioned AV8B Pilot proxy - Repositioned Eurofighter Pilot proxy - Fixed A-129 Mangusta Rocket launcher - Fixed Pilot and Copilot action New download link in the first page...
  6. I completed the new model of ARX160 and Panzerfaust 3:
  7. Foxone thanks for advice but i've not understand what did you mean about the nh90 front landing gear. can you send me a screenshot of the issue?
  8. Next steps of upgrade of PedagneMOD to Arma 3 will be the "Progetto Flotta"...
  9. This is a second hotfix... Changelog: v 0.2 - Fixed Driver View Freccia - Fixed Driver View SuperAV - Fixed Hud Lift - Fixed Bug Freccia Gunner - Fixed Vehicle Handbrake - Fixed Medic Backpack - Fixed Panzerfaust Optic - Fixed A-129 Turret Sound - Fixed Uniforms suitpack texture - Fixed Cargo Drop Script - Amphibious tracked vehicles now working as intended - Adjusted Centauro Gunner Optic - Adjusted Ariete Gunner Optic - Adjusted M2 Optic - Repositioned Ariete Commander View - All Vehicles compatible TFR - Added new model of Col Moschin combat uniform - Addes new model of Ranger combat uniform - Added new model of Lagunari combat uniform - Added new model of VTG Stingray Helmet - Added new model of SOD Gear - Spectre Fast Body Armour New download link in the first page... added link to steam workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=853934161
  10. I completed the new models of SOD Gear - Spectre Fast Body Armour HCS and Ballistic Helmet - VTG Stingray ACH Level IIIA....