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  1. Changelog: v 1.0 -Added to ASZ_Freccia_AT Spike launcher doors -Added VM90_amb (all models) siren and related menu action -Added VTML_amb (all models) siren and related menu action -Added ASZ_EH101_MM cockpit backlit -Fixed SWM_pzfaust3 virtual arsenal error -Fixed SWM_pzfaust3 with CBA disposable script -Fixed ASZ_M40A3 (all models) magazine compatibility -Fixed PUMA4x4 (all models) Driver turn-out option -Fixed PUMA4x4 (all models) interaction distance for open/close doors and hatch -Fixed PUMA4x4 (all models) steering radius -Fixed PUMA6x6 (all models) Driver turn-out option -Fixed PUMA6x6 (all models) interaction distance for open/close doors and hatch -Fixed LR90_MM snorkel color -Fixed AAV (all models) braking distance and other minors issue -Fixed VCC2_amb shadow -Fixed Ariete (all models) braking distance and other minors issue -Fixed DDL_C27J_AM cockpit backlit, lights and collision lights -Fixed ASZ_C130J_AM cockpit backlit, lights and collision lights -Fixed EFA (all models) artificial horizon -Repositioned PUMA4X4_M2 Driver view -Repositioned AAV (all models) Driver and commander view -Repositioned VCC1 (all models) Driver view -Repositioned VCC2 (all models) Driver view -Repositioned AV8B (all models) Pilot view -Eliminated ASZ_FALBM59 -Eliminated ASZ_FALBM59_CP -Eliminated ASZ_MP5A5 -Eliminated ASZ_MP5SD -Eliminated ASZ_RH_MG3 -Eliminated ASZ_M1014 -Eliminated ASZ_HWTS -Eliminated ASZ_Soflam -Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_ibis -Eliminated ASZ_6614_AM -Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_ibis -Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_30mm -Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_camo -Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_rocket -Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_arm -Eliminated ASZ_6614_EI_armcamo -Eliminated ASZ_VM90_EI_105 -Eliminated ASZ_VM90_MM_105 -Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_AM_fuel -Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_EI -Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_EI_fuel -Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_EI_logistic -Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_MM -Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_MM_fuel -Eliminated ASZ_ACM904x4_MM_logistic -Eliminated ASZ_ATV_CM -Eliminated ASZ_ATV_GOI -Eliminated ASZ_ATV_SOFDEF -Eliminated ASZ_LR110_civil_grey -Eliminated ASZ_LR110_civil_red -Eliminated ASZ_ArisGator_M2 -Eliminated ASZ_ArisGator_MK19 -Eliminated ASZ_LVTP7_EI -Eliminated ASZ_LVTP7_MM -Eliminated ASZ_SIDAM -Eliminated ASZ_SIDAM_stinger -Eliminated ASZ_Leopard New download link in the first page... Follow us on facebook: Facebook
  2. Siamo lieti di annunciare il nostro modulo per la segnalazione dei bug! Ora tutti i giocatori che utilizzano Pedagnemod potranno segnalarci i bug! -è necessario un account google- We are excited to announce our Bug Tracker form!... Now all players using Pedagnemod can report bugs! -google account needed- https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSc3wQ77lK6mmTb51u…/viewform #PedagneMod #arma3 #esercito #milsim #simulations
  3. Aspide73

    TvT Land Supremacy

    Hi jumpartist, to win the match you must destroy all the factories and the enemy HQ MOBILE but for more information click here http://www.cougarspecialforce.com/Allegati/CoH/index.html and select English language (flag in the upper left).:)
  4. The Land Supremacy Mod for ArmA 2, created by CSF_Carlo, intends to recreate the best RTS game ever made so far, Company of Heroes... Lets explain how does it works: the theather of the fight is Lingor Island with ACE mod and each faction (USA and RUS) will have a base, The island has been divided into 13 sectors that must be conquered, the more sector you conquer the faster the amount of your resources grows quickly, that you may use to grow your arsenal, the resources are: -MANPOWER -AMMOES -PETROL After you've got enough resources, the team leader of each faction (only him), using a dialogue window (that he may find in the mouse's wheels menù), he'll be able to build the factoryes that are: -BARRAKS -LIGHT FACTORY -HEAVY FACTORY -AIR FACTORY Once completed a building, it may give you the following option: BARRAKS: - ammo box (may be dragged and loaded into vehicles); - jeeps; - Repair vehicles/ refuel vehicles /rearm vehicles ; LIGHT FACTORY: - armored vehicles; HEAVY FACTORY: - tanks; AIR FACTORY: - helicopters (CH-47F and Mi-8MT can lift all vehicles); - planes; To win the match you must destroy all the factoryes and the enemy HQ MOBILE. The number of respawns is unlimited and you may resp only in the base,with the weapon and ammoes that you had at the time that you were killed. I hope you like it! Have fun! Requirements: -ArmA 2: Combined Operations -@ACE -@ACEX -@ACEX_RU -@ACEX_USNavy -@ACEX_SM -@CBA -@Lingor Download and more information: http://www.cougarspecialforce.com/Allegati/CoH/index.html Credits - BIS for Arma 2 - Cougar Special Force Clan : http://www.cougarspecialforce.com/index.php?sid=d184f1fddc468b25ac747514fed495ba - =BTC=Giallustio for =BTC= Logistic - CSF_Rommel for translation - CSF_Fapic for the website Land Supremacy is also on Facebook, get in contact with us to ask anything you need or for more infoes about it! http://www.facebook.com/LandSupremacyByCougarSpecialForce
  5. Aspide73

    =BTC= PUSH game mode

    Nice mission!!!