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Grand Theft Auto V

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i never really understood the appeal of the idea to have more then 1 ramboing lunatic in that world, apart from "partners in crime" - as in friends.

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Don't get what is with all the hype regarding this one.After finishing the story I can say Rockstar managed to create again a wonderful sandbox world...but one devoid of content.It's obvious their greatest strength lies in creating these worlds(LC was also fantastic) full of detail and atmosphere but for me they stop right here.

After driving a lot around the map I couldn't notice how much complete this game would have been if they have added more stuff to do after story,horse races,more heists,clubbing(LA is famous for it's clubbing nightlife and lounges),trucking missions like in SA since they added trailers again.

Even the mini-games from IV were more fun like pool and bowling,now we can do yoga and play tennis...great.:j:

They even stripped some simple things like eating at street vendors or the fast food joints or some side activities like the vigilante missions.

Also with every new game in the series it seems they go backwards with interiors,IV had less interiors than SA and V has even less than IV.

The car handling seems way off too for me,with the exception of trucks and vans it seems most cars don't feel like they have any mass.The sense of speed is great but I feel like I'm driving speedy cardboard cars.They did brought back car modding again so I have to admit this is a big plus for me compared to IV.

The story wasn't anything great,I would say pretty average but it did it's job.They also brought back buyable properties(which you can't even enter)but I don't see why would anyone bother with them when most of them(exception cinemas) make 1000-15k weekly cash.You can make millions on the stock market.

It also seems they concentrated on the online part but if you don't play with friends,that part is already ruined by cheating dickheads.

I know I'm probably in minority but to me GTA V seems like one step forward,two steps back,I admit it's a pretty fun game which is quite an important factor on it's own but I don't see what's with all "100/10 zomg masterpiece" I've seen on the net and way too overpriced for what it offers.7/10 maybe 8/10 seems more realistic to me.

For their next game they should try something new,maybe go a bit futuristic or cyberpunker-ish universe like they did in GTA2,beats remaking LC and LS every new gen.

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