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  1. CriminalMinds

    Development Blog & Reveals

    New tweet from Jiří Zlatohlávek: Sounds interesting! :)
  2. CriminalMinds

    Arma 3: Confirmed features | info & discussion

    If I remember correctly, there are currently no plans to implement rope physics. Ivan talked about it last year and said it's not on the to-do-list. I hope the whole PhysX engine is modding-friendly because it don't seems like it is...
  3. CriminalMinds

    Take On Mars - New BIS Game

    More pics:
  4. CriminalMinds

    Bohemia Interactive @ E3 2013 - DISCUSSION

    I like it very much.... and I know a lot of other people liking it too. :D
  5. CriminalMinds

    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    I must admit, it's better than nothing. Real RTT-scopes aren't possible at the moment with hardware like this, so this is a pretty good solution.
  6. CriminalMinds

    Vegetation Texture Pop-Ups Still Ugly

    It's really bad for me, too. And I don't know why! Ok, I have a very low spec pc, but I don't think this is the reason for LOD problems at all. I have: Zotac GeForce 275 GTX with 896 MB DDR3, E8500 @ 3.6 Ghz, 4 Gig DDR2 @ ~870 Mhz, 2x 320 Gig HDD running RAID 0
  7. CriminalMinds

    Media Coverage | No discussion here!

    News about Arma 3 Alpha and the already high player count (seems like they're amazed): http://www.pcgames.de/Arma-3-PC-236876/News/Arma-3-Die-Alpha-Version-hat-bereits-viele-Spieler-1060908/ Short: Arma 3 Alpha has already more active players then all the previous Arma games together. They say that the launch of A3 Alpha was a huge success.
  8. Thanks for the hard work! I appreciate it very much! Keep' em coming! :D
  9. CriminalMinds

    Development Blog & Reveals

    It says "animation of door on vehicle". Never saw a door opening on a car in the video neither in the whole Arma series. The knob of the frontdoor was animated that's right though.
  10. CriminalMinds

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Ok, I think we get some door animations on cars etc.! :D https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/animateDoor https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/doorPhase Sneaky BIS!
  11. CriminalMinds

    Development Blog & Reveals

    New video from Dslyecxi about gear system and weapon attachments, enjoy!: This concludes the series of videos released by Dslyecxi.
  12. CriminalMinds

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    Vespa did a great job seriously! :) Has someone a clue when the next vid from Dslyecxi is released?
  13. CriminalMinds

    Development Blog & Reveals

    So awesome! Movement, graphics, physics, collimator sights! :)
  14. CriminalMinds

    Development Blog & Reveals

    JerryHopper is uploading it, take a look at this thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147074-The-Giant-Alpha-Media-Thread/page12
  15. CriminalMinds

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Tonci87, use hidemyass.com! :) It works!