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Rebel  Riders

Crazy Stuff on Wheels in Indonesia


The iconic Italian Vespa by Piaggio has a special place in the heart of Indonesian motorists. The earliest version that can be seen on the street dates back to the 1960s, when the Indonesian peacekeeping mission in Africa returned to the country and was awarded Vespa bikes by the government. In many cities across the archipelago Vespa communities thrive. Although most of them adore classic Vespas, some feed their passion to the next level by transforming the originals into versions never imagined by Piaggio.


As if emerging from Mad Max movies, these scooterists wander around the country riding ­custom-built Vespas, which look too weird not only to outsiders, but also to people within the Indonesian Vespa community itself.


more about it: Rebel Riders



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Balkans in the 90s

Why watch a documentary, when this video gives you the general gist.

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