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  1. TAC-GhiIIie

    Ping get worse, from Day to Day

    That would be completely based on where you live in the Asia region or possibly your internet connection.
  2. TAC-GhiIIie

    Ping get worse, from Day to Day

    I wasn't asking if asia has servers. I am telling you. ASIA has its own servers.
  3. TAC-GhiIIie

    Ping get worse, from Day to Day

    Asia has servers? Are you sure your not filtering them out?
  4. TAC-GhiIIie

    Do the devs care about the veterans?

    Like I said. Im not disagreeing with you.
  5. TAC-GhiIIie

    Do the devs care about the veterans?

    again. I NEVER said anything about guns being the only factor. i simply stated that with a better gun it is easier to kill someone is good at the game. or even if they are bad and dont see it coming.
  6. TAC-GhiIIie

    Do the devs care about the veterans?

    The whole point of playing the game is to have fun right? how is it fun when your being destroyed by someone with max level and good guns. Guns do make a difference in this game. Maybe not much but they definitely do.
  7. TAC-GhiIIie

    Do the devs care about the veterans?

    I NEVER said that it isn't fair. I simply stated that if a veteran player was to jump in with a navid on day 1 it wouldn't be fair. The whole point is to work your way up the ranks while improving your skill. It would be very unfair for someone who has no skill and continuously gets shredded by someone with the best gun in the game.
  8. TAC-GhiIIie

    No walk toggle?

    Could you try maybe double W? So when you double tap W you walk? EDIT: NVM that doesn't work. Only thing you can do is use temporary or try wait
  9. TAC-GhiIIie

    Do the devs care about the veterans?

    If the devs gave back "veterans" points and levels that would make it so unfair for new players who have just got into the game now its actually on steam. Think about a level 1 with a TRG vsing a level 25 with a Navid. The idea of the wipe was to start everyone anew and make the game playable for those who have no experience.
  10. TAC-GhiIIie

    FOV changing via config.

    I do believe this is against the EULA although I don't understand why there isn't a FOV slider or at least an option to change it to a preset. Hopefully they will add it in the future but for now (or until a dev clears it as okay) I would avoid changing it as you could receive a global Battleye ban.
  11. TAC-GhiIIie

    Is it possible to group up?

    There is currently no party system but I assume they will add one in the future
  12. TAC-GhiIIie

    Will Argo get content in the future?

    I would assume any content added to ArmA 3 will also be added to Argo. As for other weapons im unsure. Maybe they will release some more official mods to add to the game like the P90's they added to ArmA 3
  13. TAC-GhiIIie

    Changing FOV

    We really need a dev to comment on this because it is so easy to change but could get you banned. So please. Is changing the FOV in the cfg a bannable offence?
  14. TAC-GhiIIie

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    He could have PIP on Ultra. The Hunter has a rear camera so that would reduce your FPS by quite a lot. Other than that there isn't any reason for it to be halfed unless he was in first person.