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  1. jedimfp


    will be some boost XP for last week in this season? curently have lvl34 and is imposible for me reach lvl50 (have battle pass)
  2. jedimfp

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    ES16A2 have BiiiiiiG recoil
  3. jedimfp

    Update 3.2 Changelog

    R.I.P. barred house
  4. jedimfp

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Added: Blueprints are now available in all types of crates including the common crate. NICE,thank you
  5. jedimfp

    Action Clips

    put your action here
  6. it would not be bad to add PvE game or to play the game with a lesser amount of players because i waiting and waiting and waiting for players and nothing happend.after 5minutes try another level,after 7minutes another try,after 9 minutes turn game off. nobody play? its sunday morning,who care,i want play but cant join game becose waiting for players. maybe make some variant PvE with zombies is great idea,this game is great but the waiting discourage me and then I don't even want to turn it on great update,play 4-6 games becose cant join,disappointed
  7. jedimfp

    0.6 update

    delete game and download again,works for my issue
  8. jedimfp

    0.6 update

    today have similar problem,3min wait,prepare server,cancel,returned to title screen,press A tested three times,xbox restarted second day cant play,this is bad
  9. jedimfp

    0.6 update

    i cant get to any game loading level,black screen,waiting for players wait five minutes three times :-(
  10. you are awesome,this update looks amazing
  11. jedimfp

    Vigor , any news ?

    next update looks awesome,good stream thank you
  12. jedimfp

    Vigor , any news ?

    i play dayz from mod,six years 3k plus hours.bugs and issues is my life :-) vigor is different game and that's fine,nice environment and shelter leveling,that is what i like on this game I know we have to wait for the next update but I want to play now no wipe for next update,information from yesterday stream
  13. jedimfp

    Vigor , any news ?

    understand but my shelter level is on max lvl6 and have no motivation to play now. need more levels for shelter
  14. jedimfp

    Vigor , any news ?

    when come new update?
  15. jedimfp

    2 Secret Tunnels on Fjellkanten?

    where is the 2nd tunnel? i know only this one