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  1. Hello everyone, I've started this thread in the hopes of finding people in a similar situation as me. I am being insulted and degraded very frequently while playing Clash games (I only play these by the way) by people who say i play like shit and that my game style is just pure shitty and not cool for them. Let me get into more details... Basically to me Clash is the kind of gamemode that forces one to think and act accordingly to the situation and environment to succeed, nothing is keeping anyone from using any tactics to lead his team to victory, and by that i mean, anyone is free to run a mile away on top of a hill taking one shots on people if the map allows it, just like anyone is free to gear up with a heavy armor and run around with an LMG rushing people like a mad dog ! There is no gamestyle that anyone is forced to use ! But apparently this ideology doesn't apply to everyone as people have come bitching to me about the way i played and unfortunately for them seriously couldn't handle my playstyle... People were literally telling me "You fuckin bitch, you're a true piece a shit with your shitty gamestyle, it's fuckin boring and annoying to everyone, if it is to play this way than please go and play sniper elite !". Obviously this makes me laugh, i don't even bother replying to them as i don't see any reason in feeding an angry person who's truly raging because they couldn't counter you for the last 3 games. And this happens to me very often, either the people will insult me about how much of a fucker i am sniping them or they will tell me i'm a bitch and quit the game, leaving their whole team 1 person less against us. I'm also counting the amount of games where as soon as i join in, i will see the chat spammed with my name asking to be kicked because people know what's coming for them... Oh yes before i forget, something that came up quite a few times also, in some maps, objectives are somehow quite close to each other and lines of sight are very easily reached less than 15 seconds into the game to get a kill, people are telling me i'm spawn killing them, how am i spawn killing if one person has left the spawn, is busy running up the hill next to his objective and i kill him ? I mean, am i supposed to wait till the guy reaches the top of the hill to kill him so he's feeling better about that ?... People just don't seem to understand some principals of this game and are simply not familiarized enough to the gameplay Clash allows ! Of coarse if you run in the open on a straight line from your objective to the other you're very possibly going to get killed in less than a minute into the game start... So does Argo have rules on how one is forced to play ? Not allowed to snipe and or take shots from far away ? If it does please link me to these rules please ! https://snag.gy/oGd9Ig.jpg
  2. So i've been wondering, has there been a ninja nerf to the damage of the AK-12 ? I mean it's a 7.62 weapon, rank 4 and shows a good damage dealer in the stats of equipment list but since a few days i've had some serious questions about what suddenly happened to it ! I'm busy counting the amount of games where i literally score no less than 3 to 4 bullets in a person before he dies, and sometimes goes up to 5 ! How on earth is that even possible ? I mean we are seriously talking about a rank 4 weapon that shoots 7.62 ammo ! Sniper of the second category shoot the same bullets but need no more than 2 bullets to finish anyone ! I am wearing level 2 body armor but even with that i get 2 shoted with a 7.62 but i myself am stuggling killing someone with this gun... I call for some serious bullshit around here...
  3. SparxOne

    Free insults for my gameplay style

    I'm lvl 24, playing with the Mk-1 EMR. Thing is i don't quite care what they tell me, as to me that means i am doing my job well, and that is to make sure the ennemy team doesn't have a chance to do anything while my team is safe and can proceed to the objective with as few ennemy as possible. I am never far away from the fight and from the objective, i'm not that kind of sniper that actually does go so far away there is no chance he can come back in time to save the objective if it had to be taken. But even with that gamestyle, people still trash talk me because i'm always getting my kills from mid range or close range without them being able to spot me. I have to agree with you that sniper camping can be very annoying when the last guy in your team is sniping from the furthest point he could find and basically the whole game time goes by watching him stand still not even being able to spot and kill someone. I know very well that lots of people do that and that's clearly not what i'm doing, i very usually play it mid range and am always ready to attack if the necessity comes, just like sometimes i can be the first on objective even though i do have the DMR in my hands, i just go with the flow of the mission and the way the ennemy team plays it, if they play sneaky and snipy, than i go sneaky and snipy, if they go full assault than i go full counter assault, i just adapt.
  4. Hello everyone, I have just experienced this for the first time tonight and even though it was quite funny it remains very problematic, havn't managed finding a thread already speaking about it so here i will explain it. What happens : You will randomly loose all your inventory during a round, everything, even your clothes, basically ending up in underwear. This can happen to a single person just like it can happen to the whole both teams ! Pictures for proof : https://snag.gy/kL4zFo.jpg ; https://snag.gy/OVoTKb.jpg ; https://snag.gy/dv35QP.jpg
  5. Work around for this is to buy the other silencer for 20.000 credits, seems like you can actually use both silencers on the weapon but it wont let you buy the cheaper one for the LMG and Sniper variant of the MX. Therefore for the LMG and Sniper variant of the MX you will have to buy the silencer that costs 20.000 credits.
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    New game modes

    Don't take it the wrong way, but what saddens me to see in this game is people coming from games like CSGO, RB6 etc and having arguments about the game modes in here and how the gameplay is not enough Arcadish. I've been a fan of the Arma series since the very first Operation Flashpoint, you can call me a Fan boy that doesn't matter to me, i'm here to give you my opinion after all. This game Argo is a son to the Big Arma Serie, a son that has to keep enough of what Arma gave us up to now, and by that i mean, the open world firefights, the clumsy movement, the simulation of weapons and bullets and most of all, the combat simulation that it always had up to now. If someone needs a competitive arcadish FPS, than all i have to say is go and play those well known titles (CSGO and RB6), but Argo should not become Arcadish and i hope will remain different from those ! The only game mode i play right now on Argo is Clash, to me that is truly what makes Argo come out of the well known FPS shooters, the great open world terrain with the military simulation that Arma always gave us. Link and Raid are sadly some game modes that discust me, reminds me of playing CSGO and for that i wouldn't be here... Of coarse things could be made better on Argo, even better game modes, don't really have anything in my mind at the moment to propose but anyways, game is in its early stages, let's hope time allows it to become a big title in the future while keeping its true bases of Arma !