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  1. I have switched off all mods and have just loaded the SOG DLC. I went to try out Mike Force and I cannot connect to any servers. I get the message serverside mods are not allowed. I turned off all the mods and only have the one DLC loaded. Is there a remedy for this? Surely I don't have to uninstall all my mods just to play MIKE FORCE? This applies to all the servers and not just one or two. Please help me 🙂 All my mods are from the workshop, non are installed in the game folder.
  2. necronaught

    does this game even work yet?

    There are fundamental issues for sure. When it works it works great. However several patches in and still the connection issues are plaguing it hard. I get it it's EA but the disconnections are so frustrating. At least the gam doesn't crash for me. I was hoping today's patch would have finally given us the stability we have been waiting for so we can try to break the game in other ways. Sadly no opportunity.
  3. necronaught

    Arma crashing on profile editor

    I am suffering the same issue. I go to edit my profile and add my XML link in the unit section (in game) and when I click apply the game crashes. It works fine on my desktop and on this here laptop it worked fine until yesterday. Is this a know bug? I know I necro'ed this thread, but it don't seem to have been answered????
  4. Most of us know that the true benchmark of a CPU should include Arma 3 multiplayer. I am wondering what are these bad boys like on a huge player server. Coop, KOTH, and so on.
  5. necronaught

    Ryzen 7 5800X, 6800 XT, and low FPS.

    I play Arma 3 multiplayer on an AMD 3600, 5700XT, 32 Gb 3200 ram, and the frame rate is not much faster than my ancient i5 2500K @ 4.5Ghz in Arma. The game is smoother using Ryzen and I experience less frame drops but the average frame rate is almost identical. It's the engine mate. Your system is fine. Most people get 25-40 frames in the heat of battle, no matter what your specs. There are exceptions, but I guess those are silicon lottery winners. I too have just ordered the 5800X and will be testing Arma 3 extensively across different multiplayer missions. Coop being a favourite. I'm not expecting night and day differences over the 3600 or even the i5 2500K. In other games I am. I'm expecting an atomic performance gain. edit: I forgot to mention my Laptop specs which again yielded a similar performance. I think it was an Intel 6300HQ, with 16 GB 2400 ram and an GTX 965M 4GB.
  6. Can anyone recommend a mod manager that doesn't use Steam Workshop? I have Arma 3 on my desktop and laptop SSD. the laptop doesn't have space to download any mods and would rather keep it vanilla. We all know how ridiculous the lack of control you get for Steam workshop. A3 Launcher is really good but I can't use it. Is there an alternative that downloads from Armaholic and uses the good 'ole OFP shortcut technique?
  7. Ok so I have a laptop and a desktop. I hardly have any space on my laptop. Please tell me why I cannot opt out of Steam Workshop for my laptop? If I download mods on my desktop using the Arma Launcher, my laptop will download those mods as well. Talk about a dumb feature. I guess it is back to Armaholic.
  8. Has anyone experienced Arma 3 on a 2700X. I currently have an i5 2500K @ 4.5 Ghz and am thinking it is time to upgrade after 7 years of this fantastic CPU. I have read about how close in terms of gaming the 8700k is to the 2700X and Ryzen obliterating Intel in productivity software. Is it worth upgrading to a Ryzen 2700X from the i5 2500K for Arma 3?
  9. necronaught

    Issues with 1.82 Update

    Third person is not something I use. I'll check it out though and see what's what. BIS can fix this fast so no panic.
  10. necronaught

    Anyone mind giving me the complete save game file

    hold down shift and minus then type campaign at the main menu screen.
  11. necronaught

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Cold War Crisis is a brilliant example of what the early Arma/OFP game was capable of. It wasn't impossible to beat. There were auto saves too. You only got one save of your choosing per mission. Which by the way you could alt tab and delete thus being able to save as much as you want. If you have Arma Cold War Assault then fire it up and give it a blast. It looks dated since it was released mid 2001. Don't let that stop you the campaign is by far the best in the series. BIS nailed it for pacing and variety. You just have to look beyond the graphics. If you have hundreds of hours in Arma then the game play will be easy to pick up since it hasn't changed much at all. The controls are slightly different but you can change them. You'll get a good 10 hours out of it. Perhaps more.
  12. necronaught

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Yup the one save feature was annoying. Especially since there was a way to alt tab and delete the save file so you could save again. I played through CWC and Red Hammer before I found that out. I had some frustrating restarts I can tell you :) You know what was worse? The lack of join in play and no respawn on most missions. I played with a coop squad so sometimes there was a long wait if I died early on, or joined the server mid mission. Good times with no DayZ kiddies (thanks Rocket).
  13. necronaught

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Cold War Crisis was kept interesting due to character changes and the pace of missions. The huge amount of scenarios from special forces, gunship missions, being cut off and stranded and becoming resistance fighter (no not the campaign for the expansion), to tank battles and right down to being a POW and escaping. I liked the variable difficulty throughout the campaign. It didn't get progressively harder, just different. It was also spread out across 3 maps which helped a lot. To me that gave me a feel of a universe if you like. Also the ai didn't headshot through thick cover at night from 500 meters with iron sights. It had it's problems but to me is the most fun campaign. Resistance was fun but didn't quite have the same impact as CWC. Red Hammer I actually enjoyed more than Resistance. I know it was far fetched but it had that same mission variety like CWC. All the other campaigns suck in comparison. Arma 3's campaigns don't hold my attention like CWC did. Although they are infinitely better than the campaigns for Arma 1 and 2.
  14. necronaught

    Memory could not read...

    Been playing since beta. never happened until last night. Now every time I connect to a server I crash and get ACCESS VIOLATION ERROR. Something to do with last night's windows 10 update perhaps?
  15. PlanetSide 1 shutting down Very disheartening news: PlanetSide 1 closes it’s doors July 1st, 2016 at 4pm PST. Full Article: https://www.planetside2.com/news/planetside-closure /r/PlanetSide Reddit thread (please comment!): https://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/4okqbb/planetside_1_announcement/ Play with us one last time! We had an event planned for mid July, but it will have to happen sooner! We will send off PlanetSide 1 with some great battles on the weekend of June 24-26th. Additionally, we will play until the server shuts down at 4pm PST on Friday, July 1st. Weekends are the best time to play, but during the week should be very active as well! Download: https://launch.daybreakgames.com/installer/PS_setup.exe Account: https://www.daybreakgames.com/register Discord: https://discord.gg/0nRe5TNbTYoUruA4 We need your help preserving the game! If you want to help preserve PlanetSide, please follow the instructions below: Download the packet collector: http://files.psforever.net/releases/tools/PS1GameLogger_1.0.0.1.zip Launch the game using this custom launcher: http://files.psforever.net/releases/tools/PS1GameLauncher_1.0.0.4.zip Sign up on the PSForever forums: http://psforever.net/forum/ucp.php?mode=register Submit your captures here: http://psforever.net/forum/capture/submit.php PlanetSide 1 will live on through PSForever The PSForever.net team has been working on a PlanetSide 1 Emulator Server for some time now. We have a working login server and character creation process. We are getting very close to getting a player avatar in-game. To follow this project and learn how you can play or contribute, follow these links: Website/Forums: http://www.psforever.net Discord Server: https://discord.gg/0nRe5TNbTYoUruA4 FAQ: http://psforever.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=79 How can I assist with the PSForever development process? If you believe you have the programming skills needed to become a developer for PSForever, send a message to PSForever Lead Developer Chord on the PSForever Forums. Otherwise, please help us with packet collection before the final shutdown. Information can be found above. If you don't have the time for either of these things but still wish to contribute, join the discussion on the PSForever forums or Discord server! Player feedback will be invaluable in the development of the server. Additionally, you can contribute to the PSForever Wiki! More information can be found here.