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    Can't delete old spawnpoint

    Hi. I have an odd problem. I have been making one big mission for at least 6 months now. One problem I have in MP is that I have one extra spawnpoint which is not shown in Eden editor. How is that? Well, I think I placed a marker and then used script for spawning there or something like that. Later on I started using modules for spawning. Since I am working a long time on this, I cant be sure. Now, the problem is, now I can't see neither that marker, nor spawnpoint. Nothing is in that place. Yet, when I start the mission in MP, I can still choose that spawn, with it's old name and spawn on it. I tried searching for that marker or respawn module in the left panel in Eden and it is just not there. Somehow, the mission won't show me the spawnpoint while editing, but it will show in the game. I opened the "mission.SQM" file where all the stuff in the map is written and I actually found that spawnpoint by searching for its name. It has its ID, type, classes and atributes. When I try to delete that whole part of the file and start the mission in editor, I get the error saying something about missing }. What part to delete, from which line to which? Can anybody help me?
  2. croatinator

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Hi Grumpy. Your tool for loadouts is awesome. Been using it for some time now and it is just perfect. One thing to ask you though. Is it possible to change the visuals somewhere in the code? I mean the colours, transparency of the panels and such. I wouldn't change credits or the name or anything like that. I suppose there is a part of the code for that but I cant find it.
  3. Ah, ok... At least make hornet anytime soon... Please?...
  4. Falcon: 11.4m x 10m Hornet: 9.6 m x 8.7 m That is not a big difference. I am just saying, make it work in Arma, as an Arma vehicle. We are playing this mod in Arma. In Arma engine. As R0adki11 said, it is modders mod. At least we agree that falcon should be more agile than pelican. At least that should be the case.
  5. So, if they are making a hornet, and it will be used as hummingbird, than I could play with that. And ospreys are much bigger, and rotors are further away than on falcon. I have read all Halo books. Well, I havent read trilogy about forerunners because those are boring and uniportant. Falcon and hornet are almost the same size. They should be agile, almost the same. So, if hornet is coming anytime soon, i am happy. And scorpion too.
  6. I told you, modders are making a mod, not new game. They are making falcon as we are playing Halo in real life... This needs to be usable in Arma 3. Trust me wnen I say that falcon will be used as hummingbird. Pelican is like ghost hawk, and falcon is like hummingbird. That thing has two movable rotors. When hoverng in place, it should be able to make full 360 circle in few seconds. When flying at 100 km/h it should be able to make 180 degree turn faster than pelican. Again, this is Arma we are playing, not new real-life Halo game.
  7. So, about my earlier post about the falcon. What I meant is that falcon needs to be much more agile than pelican. It is much smaller. You are making a mod for arma, keep that in mind. That thing needs to fit Arma gameplay. Falcon is being used and will be used just as hummingbird is used. Quick and small air vehicle for scouting, droping in troops fast and quiet. Armed version can be used as quick air-support. I play Arma a lot so I know what I'm talking about. Right now, falcon can only be used as heavy transport helicopter, even though he is very small and has small capacity. It feels like that. When flying that thing, it feels like it is heavier than pelican. If I need to make a fly-over with it and actually shoot someone on the ground, I have to start half a click away and I can't steer while doing that, because I can't steer with it at all. It needs to be more agile. It needs too much space for full speed, 180 degree, horizontal turn. I'm telling you, just put hummingbirds flight model and try it then. You will se that it feels much more natural than current flight model. That thing has two movable rotors, it should be much, much more agile than pelican. You are trying to make it more like in Reach, or something, but you need to make it usable in Arma.
  8. Guys, you really need to fix falcon flight model. That thing is impossible to fly with. It feels like it's 10 times heavier than pelican. You could just take the hummingbirds flight model, that should be better than this one we have now.
  9. Ok, sorry man... I like counter-arguments, I really do. But I didn't thought that spoiler thing goes to the long posts... Sorry about that... And I'm not disrespectful, I have actually read all 270 pages of this forum thread... I'm watching this thread since page 20, or something like that... Just saying... Anyway, about Halo online... Just another reason to forget about Project: Contingency. Now they won't finish it, unfortunately... And it will be for the EU and USA market, but not now, maybe in the Q1 of 2016.
  10. Damn, that was some hate I got there earlier... I just put some feedback together and boom, s##t hit my face... Anyway, I said that is is just my opinion on what looks bad to me, and what I'd like to see... I said many times in that post that I know many things are just the way you like it and you won't change it. It is just my own opinion and I thought that maybe modders want to know some of that things... And I really don't know why should I put spoiler thingy on that list. If we think about the same spoiler definition, than I think my list doesn't spoil story, mod or whatsoever... And I don't know how to put it.
  11. All this is awesome. So much work and passion is put into this. Keep up the good work and don't abandon this mod... I've seen some great projects being abandoned for some reasons... I mostly played this mod while it was in first version, only tried fixed pelican in V1.2 so my feedback may be incorect, sorry about that. Anyway, here is my feedback (I know you won't/can't change some things, but anyway: Pelican - back doors should be openable only by pilot - make it less loud, I can't hear anything when in third person, or when sitting closest to the door - reduce rotating speed when pelican is landong/taking off (low speed) - change pilots animation/position for entering/exiting vehicle - add machinegun at the door, gunner can shoot only when doors are opened - put pilots seat closer to the front window (move it forward) or make glass a bit bigger so pilot can see to his sides a bit more - make better interior for pilot (screens, swithes, HUD!) Magnum - change iron sights (move it up) or something because when smartlink/scope is on the gun, you can't use iron sights - change design in smartlink/scope/hud to be more halo-like Frigate - Make it "less clean" (add just a bit more scratches on the floor) - Put random stickers/warnings on the walls (do you remember Pillar of autumn and marines ads..) - Make insurrection frigate (at least retexture normal one) so we can have static ship battles - Put weapons on it (at least miniguns from choppers), but make it remote so you can use consoles/screens on the bridge to control them - Make stairs if you can't make elevators. Do not put teleporters or something like that - Put baricades in halls, like in the Pillar of autumn in Halo 1 Wathog - Make better wheels, theese have too low quality - Make steernig better or at least remove back wheels steering because steering feels very bad. - Change iron sights Misc. - Change sounds of guns - Add frag grenades - Make better screen decorations with helmets (better field of view with ODST helmet, more opaque bottom...) - Put effect/trail for gauss gun projectiles - Fix drop pods - Add more vehicles (we need tanks, planes and attack choppers/their equivalents) I know some of these things are fixed in new version, some of them canot be done, some of them are just the way you like it and you don't want to change it etc. I just made this small list of things that bothers me, as a player. I am a huge Halo fan, but without the xbox. There are more things to add to my list, but I can't remember them right now so I think they are not so important anyway.
  12. Guys, I want to say that you are awesome. Finaly in Halo universe, big battlefields full of UNSC troops, vehicles, everything. Just awesome. I was silently watching this thread for months. Just one question, will Charon be static on the map, like part of the land, but in tke sky, or it will actualy be a vehicle which we could add in editor? Imagine if there could actualy be pilot who could slowly fly that thing over the map (I think that could be possibel, there are already big sea ships (USS Iowa and an aircraft carrier) with drivers and gunners. I am saying becouse there is one youtuber with a lot of publicity looking for this stuff and I can contact him and I believe that his mind will be blown. Really, if you could make that Charon driveable, with interiors, that would be some next level awesomenes... Anyway, keep up the good work guys, and please, just please, dont quit from this project.
  13. Wow, this mod is best mod I've seen in a while. I am huge Halo fan and this is the mod I was searching for a long time. I hope you will publish it soon. Can you please release some of the content so we can test it? As I saw, you finished some weapons and few vehicles. I hope they are usable. If vehicles are drivable, could you please upload them?
  14. Thank you very much, I found one line in addOns, and nothing in addOnsAuto. I deleted that line and now it works. Thank you very much, you saved my life.
  15. I think this is the right place for my problem. I made a new base in editor, and I used a mod which adds more flags. After around 20 hours of working, i realized that all clients for server running that map have to have that same mod. So, I decided to remove that flags and the mod. And now, I can't even load my map in editor because I deleted necessary files. I found that mod again on the internet and removed every single flag in the map (which I added, including non-modded flags). But problem persisted, without that mod I can't edit or play on on the map even tough there are no modded objects. How to repair my map without losing everything? Is there a way to search all placed objects so I can find a flag that I maybe haven't seen, or to automatically remove all modded objects? Please help me, I don't want to loose all my hard work.