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  1. It seems like the Cold War gets a little bit hot ;)
  2. Yes. I am wrong sorry.
  3. Can you release the Mod on Steam Workshop? So it would be easier to patch the Mod.
  4. When I destroy a building the fps are crashing and I get a blackscreen.
  5. Great map!
  6. The G3s by NiArms don't include the old ones.
  7. Oh boy oh boy. Cold war germany mod. Pls make this happen. After World in Conflict I wished a mod like this in arma.
  8. OMG! The Airport looks fantastic! You guys are really dope!
  9. Thank you for your hard work. I think this Map will look great even with 95% finished.
  10. Looks good and good to hear that we will get the Mod soon. :D
  11. Great work! Pls don't cancel this project!