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  1. I've added a new version (2.46), the link is in the op! Thanks again to Comrades in Arms for feedback! Changelog: Fixed mission #20 triggers and loadouts.
  2. Hiya, I've added a new version (2.45), the link is in the op! Thanks to Comrades in Arms for bug feedback and awesome suggestions! Changelog: Fixed mission #13 objectives, vehicle inconsistencies. Fixed mission #17 trigger areas. Minor tweaks for mission #19. Unified weapon loadouts in missions #6, #13, #20 and #24. Reworked mission #13 primary objective. Added ambient battlefield effects in missions #13, #14 and #24.
  3. I've added new version: 2.43, the link is in the op. Thanks to Comrades in Arms for providing feedback and suggestions! Changelog: Balance tweaks and trigger fix for mission #13. Configured map marker module in all missions except #15. Added muzzle brakes in mission #5. Fixed high priest surrender, Dagger waypoints, briefing typos and enemy uniforms in mission #12.
  4. Thanks Variable! I really appreciate the feedback! It's always nice to hear those Arma moments especially when there's minimal amount of scripting in my missions. I'm really looking forward to CiA's feedback on the upcoming missions!
  5. I've added the last two missions, enjoy! Changelog: Added the last two new missions. Added a grenade launcher to demolition expert in mission #3. Added radio designations for high priests in missions #6 and #12.
  6. Thanks! Have fun! ---------- Post added at 13:35 ---------- Previous post was at 13:34 ---------- Sure it is! I'd like to think it's doable in SP although that requires some heroics.
  7. I've added a new version, link is in the OP. Changelog: Added two new missions. Fixed AI behaviour in missions #12 and #14. Fixed helicopter trigger in mission #19. Added LRTV to team leader in mission #19. Major balance tweaks for mission #20.
  8. New version 2.00 is out. Changelog: Added one new mission. Changed enemy uniforms in mission #12. Added muzzle brakes to mission #10. Tweaked ending triggers in mission #6. Changed captain's uniform in mission #14. Fixed briefing in mission #19.
  9. Hi dachs, I've been having problems with the dedicated server loadouts for a while. I thought they were fixed for good, but according to some feedback, weren't :) Thanks to Alwarren's help, the loadout initializations for dedicated servers have been fixed in version 1.91 (link is in the op). There's also one new mission. Changelog: Added one new mission. Fixed loadout init for dedicated servers (thanks Alwarren!)
  10. That's a great video, Variable! Would you guys at CiA object if I linked it to the mission's Workshop page?
  11. Added a new version, link is in the op. Changes: Added one new mission. Added more AT weapons to mission #4. Removed extra crew in mission #7. Added more rockets and more enemies to mission #10. Changed the truck to US model in mission #11. Delayed the initial attack more in mission #13. Replaced HMMVW's with MRAP's in mission #14. Added more empty vehicles and friendly engineer to mission #17.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll take a good critical look on the equipment :) Balancing is always difficult especially since I test in SP. Feedback is most welcome!
  13. I've added a new version 1.70 which has two new missions, no other changes.
  14. That's true, Variable. There's not nearly enough content to recreate the Chernarus mission pack. Perhaps the Thirsk mission pack would be possible with little changes in the weapons and vehicles. But that's still just an idea. Expect more missions soon!
  15. Thanks for the feedback, TuffShitSki! I'm glad you've liked the missions. I plan to add more missions to this mission pack, but I'll keep the mod requirements the same. That makes it easy for people. Thank you for the tips, though! I've been thinking about converting my old two mission packs from Arma2 to Arma3 and especially PG Services looks perfect for that!