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  1. I think it is possible to do that, even if it is a very rudimentary way. I will look into it. EDIT: Scratch that, I will not implement this feature. Yes, I see a way to let the markers only be created on the deployed map, but that was never the intention with this mod. This mods intention is to share the map, in every way possible, but unfortunately not in the polyline way. Due to the lack of commands, I can't get the positional data of a polyline marker (except start and end with a very hacky way) to save them inside the map, I can't even create polyline markers programmatically because of the missing commands.
  2. Why not add an option to toggle the appereance of markers, either in their respecting channels or all at once?
  3. NEW VERSION: 1.4.1! Fixed the error that people encountered on mission startup! (I´m so blind)
  4. @rub3n: Thanks, will add the lines to the existing ones! @moab: Can you give me an RPT with that particular error? And what object you are placing?
  5. NEW VERSION: 1.4.0! Finally a new version I could finish! The R_Unfold Module has been disabled, it means that it can´t be placed anymore, but is still available in the mission that used it! I replaced the module with the new CBA_Settings, which can be set on server and on mission. (I like that!) I will post a little tutorial for creating compats for other mods in the following days. For the future: I´m still trying to figure out a way to share the flashlight on the unfolded map, but this is a little bit tricky! Also, I´m planning to add the feature to share the map inside of an vehicle.
  6. First, thanks! Second, you can if you want! You can look into my rhs and cup compats for guidance. And if you have any questions, just ask them ;) .
  7. Looks very nice. @mistergoodson: For that ACE bug, where unit is the killer itself, I would use this method: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/3790#issuecomment-219654741
  8. Rall3n

    Line Drawing

  9. Don´t want to disregard your idea, as it is a good one that forces people to use a great mod! :) But wouldn´t it be easier to use: ((findDisplay 12) displayCtrl 51) ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw", {showMap false; showGPS false;}]; instead of deleting and re-adding the items everytime someone opens/closes the map? Edit: It would be necessary to also call the commands every time someone wants to open the GPS, because as soon as the player moves the map or GPS in the inventory around and at the end back to the assigned Slot, map and gps get enabled again!
  10. Rall3n

    Tao Folding Map

    In the ESC menu: Configure >> Controls >> Configure Addons (On the bottom of the menu) >> Select "Tao Folding Map" in the dropdown menu >> Now you can change your keybinds!
  11. NEW VERSION: 1.3.0! That has been done now! Introducing "ACE_Map_Gestures Restriction"! This little feature allows the mission maker to restrict the usage of ACE_Map_Gestures to be only usable on the unfolded map! With it comes my module "R_Unfold Settings"! With this you can toggle "ACE_Map_Gestures Restriction" and future additions to my mod! As I had problems with the way modules work, I created a little workaround to access the modules settings! But this is (hopefully) only a temporary solution! For more information on the new version, check the changelog in my first post!
  12. Rall3n

    Line Drawing

    Any Intel on scripting commands for line markers?
  13. Merci! Update on Map_Gestures: It is do-able! Will bind this feature to a module, where the mission maker can toggle it on/off! Better said, it has been done! -> Next release!
  14. Good idea, will look into it!
  15. Grazie! My first sketch was based on the Vanilla Action system, but I switched to the ACE 3 Interaction Menu! Thought about making ACE3 optional, but for that I want to try to integrate it with less changes! Just wait for future updates ;) !