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  1. tsean

    Zero Dark Zero

    I tried it on a non-dedicated server with a buddy a couple days ago. It works as long as the host initiates all the actions first and such. There's some flaws like seeing each other bounce on the sub because of the water going up and down and such, but I'm pretty sure those are engine limitations rather than Goblin's fault. This is definitely one of the coolest mods for A3 so far.
  2. Yeah, holy shit. I was about to join the Korps Mariniers last year but got rejected due to "bad hayfever." I was disappointed at the time, but realizing I would have gone through special operations training, I guess I'm kinda lucky. I can probably handle the regular corps, but becoming a special forces operator? I don't think I have that in me just yet... Lucky me I guess. Awesome, can't wait to see what you make of all these forces.
  3. EDIT: I accidentally posted this with the wrong title, sorry about that. If it's not too much trouble I'd be thankful if a moderator could change the title to "Sound not found error?" Hey, I'm having an issue in which I keep getting the "sound x not found" error. Error when trigger activates: Trigger: http://i.gyazo.com/dd6d6c96f19c02f0598f882e45476c55.png (230 kB) Mission folder: description.ext: class CfgMusic { tracks[]={}; class pant1 { name = "pant1"; sound[] = {"pant1.ogg", db+1, 1.0}; //I've also tried the pant1.ogg without quotation marks, but it made no difference }; }; I've done this before and it worked, but it just doesn't in this mission. I'm kind of stumped so I'd like to ask you guys if you could point out to me what I'm doing wrong so I can continue my mission. :) Thanks, Sean
  4. Korps Mariniers aren't special forces. They're definitely elite light-infantry as they receive extensive training in mountain, artic, desert and jungle conditions, specializing in amphibious operations, but they're not considered special forces. EDIT: Oh never mind.. Seems like the every marine in the corps is in the process of becoming SOC (Special Operations Capable) as of 2014. Hot dang.
  5. A friend of the family used to be in the Unit Interventie Mariniers, also known as M-Squadron. It'd be pretty cool to have UIM troops in ArmA. http://www.dutchdefencepress.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/D1430312LW1297.jpg (198 kB)
  6. Hey, I have a slight issue with ragdolls in ACE: Whenever I tried to place dead friendly units, they just go into the "unconscious" animation instead of the ragdoll thing, even though they're dead. I tried dropping them from great heights and just setting their damage to 1 in their init lines, but they don't ragdoll. I turned off "prevent instant death" and tried enabling the medical system for AI but none of the options change it. http://i.gyazo.com/114a2752429918cbbea73d5544487a76.jpg (768 kB) Can anyone help me out with this please?
  7. if they're RHS vehicles, make sure that you have "Advanced Armor" turned off. It can turn vehicles invincible
  8. I tested it in multiplayer, and I now have the issue of the CBA_fnc_globalSay3d function not working properly. I have 2 units: cia1 and civ1, plus a trigger. This trigger states that when cia1 gets within range of civ1, it plays sound1 using CBA_fnc_globalSay3d. It works all fine with only one player on the server, but when I try it with another player, the sound activates twice, even though I set the trigger to "trigger once." It seems to be activating once per player, even though there is only 1 called cia1 and the trigger is set to "once" so I have no idea what is going on. Could anyone help me out with this please? Here's an image of the trigger setup below: http://i.gyazo.com/ced592f8f3883a150ff2a13dc99add49.png (109 kB)
  9. Oh, awesome. Thanks! I also have stuff in the mission with say3D and this script. Will this not work in MP either?
  10. I'm making a mission for some buddies and myself. This mission relies heavily on the weapons, gear and munition packed in our SOV, which I added in through the vehicle's init line. The problem is though, whenever we try to actually play it, on the dedicated server the things in the inventory are just not there at all, while when hosted on a local server, only I can see all the items. This is the init line: We're using RHS, TFAR and ACE for this, playing on the Kunduz terrain. I tried putting all the items in a vanilla ArmA vehicle, but no luck. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Cheers, - Sean
  11. tsean

    Weapon Damage too low?

    I wouldn't call an AI merely flinching before returning accurate fire after being hit by a .50 "not that unrealistic."
  12. You seem like a nice person. Milestone dates aren't deadlines, they're working hard to provide us with a great mod, free of charge, and you're sitting here complaining about them not working fast enough. If you want it ASAP just build it yourself.
  13. Hey Spartan, I absolutely love what you're doing here. Thanks for the hard work, man. Do you have any estimation on how much this will affect performance on a 15-20 player server?
  14. Have you guys thought about adding Ballistic Shields? This could allow for pretty interesting CQB tactics http://www.americanspecialops.com/images/photos/special-reaction-team/srt-shield.jpg (114 kB) Some operators using ballistic shields prefer to hold their pistols sideways or 45 degrees tilted so they can get a better view of their sight, as shown in this image: https://chasetactical.com/cache/product_710BFEC907A141D38FA5F40A22CF4E6C_600x600.JPG It's not essential or whatever, but it'd be pretty cool. :)
  15. Awww yisss. I can't wait to see how it works.