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  1. Hey skruis, are you still owning the domain that you have in your profile/signature? If not you should delete the link before it goes bad. And hope you're well during the current crisis!
  2. Best of luck there skruis. Looking forward to the rewrite, I really like your mod! Thanks for still putting time and effort into it! ❤️
  3. Ah, perfectly. Didn't try that. Thanks mate!
  4. I saw some pictures where people but loads of Eddies onto the flatbed and it SHOULD support vehicle in vehicle loading. DnA said (in a PM to me) "Unfortunately there are no gameplay mechanics for loading / unloading non-vehicle objects into vehicles. Those can only be attached by script (attachTo - as we do in the campaign). It's weird that compatible smaller vehicles would not work as expected though via Vehicle-in-Vehicle Transport tech." -- What do you mean with "a lift for cargo platform"? I tried to place the new cargo platform and adjust their height, but: a) when you adjust the height of the stilts and then try to lover the platform so the stilts touch the ground they switch back to their previous length. I can't get the cargo platform don't to the ground! b) you can't adjust the cargo platform when you place it via Zeus.
  5. @DnA suggested I put this here, so: I was tinkering with the new assets from the Contact platform update and tried to put vehicles and containers onto the HEMTT Flatbed variant. I found out you can put containers in the Zeus interface via drag and drop onto the vehicle. But when I put a Hunter onto it it's not centred and doesn't "lock" and starts glitching of and blowing up. And when you put a container onto it you can't remove it anymore without entering the vehicle and unloading it manually or deleting it. I didn't find any option to load a vehicle onto the flatbed while driving that said vehicle (like with the Blackfish driving the vehicle near the back of the Blackfish and having an option to load the vehicle). Is this a bug? Also, you are able to manually unload containers, could the devs add the option to load the containers onto the flatbed without the use of any scripting or mods? (I know that the BoxLoader Mod exists, but the flatbed introduced by the mod and the weird vehicle that can hold that flatbed was just...ugly...at least the last time I checked it.)
  6. Hey skruis Great mod you made there. Just a quick question, I searched this topic for an answer but found none so far. Is there any way to "draw" nato icons directly in the desktop client without starting ArmA? If so, where? Cuz that truly would make it a great mission briefing tool...
  7. Wait...that means if the praetorian gets attacked from behind its placement direction it will not shoot down the rounds?
  8. Great work, thank you. Will test it later. By the way, what is this setting for? FSG_PRAET_OFFSET = 50; //Cram offset
  9. So, I tried your script and I don't seem to get it quite running. I made a test mission in VR where I placed a Praetorian and a CSAT Mortar. After that I made a folder "scripts" in the mission folder and within that folder made a second folder called "cram". In there I put your two scripts and changed the variables in "init.sqf" as following: //Edit these to your liking FSG_DEBUG = FALSE; //Display some useful info FSG_MAINRADAR = FALSE; //Use a single radar for all CRAMs FSG_MAINRADAR_NAME = objNull; //Mainradar name, change to objNull if not using FSG_MAINRADAR_DIS = 2000; //Mainradar scan range FSG_PRAET_RADAR = TRUE; //Use CRAMs own radar (switches to this if main is destroyed/not in use) FSG_PRAET_RADAR_RANGE = 2000; //CRAM scan range FSG_PRAET_OFFSET = 50; //Cram offset FSG_SAM_RADAR = TRUE; //Use SAMs own radar (switches to this if main is destroyed) FSG_SAM_RADAR_RANGE = 2000; //SAM radar range ALERT = FALSE; //This will toggle the alarm on, use if you wish I then opened the mission in the editor again and played it. Fired one shell at the Praetorian with the mortar, an the Praetorian detected it and shot on it. But as soon as he started firing he started aiming to the ground and fired first into the ground and after that into the horizon at a flat angle. After about 3 seconds he stopped firing. Do you know what went wrong? Or did I do something wrong?
  10. Hey, OP, what's about this mod? Cancelled?
  11. janb1

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. At the moment i have some problems with my account, but i hope i'll get some help with it soon.
  12. Hello there I have a problem with my profile. I already activated my profile but i still get the message that I'm not allowed to edit any settings of my account. So, I'm not able to add a Signature or change the profile picture. Just get the message that I'm not allowed to do that. Is someone able to help me with that problem? Edit: Got it. Okay, seems like people with only 1 post can't edit their settings? Any ways, works now.
  13. Love that answer. Best answer so far. ;)