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  1. Fireescape

    3CB BAF Equipment

    The new Virtus should be good once it comes more widespread. I'd still like a belt kit, smock, no body armour and a Bergen setup tho. High quality recce patrol look!
  2. Fireescape

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Great pictures! Look very authentic! Are there any plans to create other webbing models? A bit of conventional belt Kit? Smocks as well would be amazing!
  3. Fireescape

    Insurgency | ALiVE - Official Release

    Can you use these missions in single player?
  4. Fireescape

    British 'Ridgback' PPV [WIP]

    Looks brilliant. Great to haave some more british kit. Especially looking as sharp as this
  5. Bump to this^ Any further work going with different troop types from the osprey combo that is not used in every type of UK forces?
  6. Fireescape

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Any uniforms of smock/ lightweight jacket type? Instead of UBAC?
  7. Fireescape

    Northern Ireland Insurgents

    Would be nice to see some 80/90's Britfor for this mod. DPM, PLCE, COP dug in OP's! Let's go old School!
  8. Fireescape

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    is this mod staying as Afghan look for the units, ie. Ubacs and osprey? Also is there any way to have just pouches on the osprey or just the pouches on the battle belt?
  9. Fireescape

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    Stoked to see sections and Trixies weapons used in this! Do you have any models of webbing other than osprey with pouches and a battle belt? Even with the attempted push of fight light, still see a lot of 'conventional' webbing as a preference now we move away from FOB life.
  10. Keen for this mod. Would love to see uniforms as smocks, with equipment such as webbing without body armour. Bergans would also be epic for a recce patrol feel. If anyone made adjustments to arma where machine guns are carried properly, as in not one handed when in walk mode, then the feel of this game improves dramatically!