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  1. It's quite unrealistic to have an external view at all (AKA 3rd person)!!!
  2. Roddis

    Grass concealment and stances

    To celebrate the Splendid step ahead on this aspect two and an half years later!!!
  3. OMG...I have no words!!!! It look so incredible. Amazing. Surely it deal with the 2nd point on my list. Maybe the 3rd too. How can I play Arma now. Damn!!!
  4. Never seen this. Big +1. I'm even for a form of limitation about people running around with so BIG MG without any effort or great snipers maneuvering that sort of cannons like 9mm guns. So childish so stupid!!!. But sure, they are trained militaries and bla bla bla. Anycase, it is a whole other story. Immediately on your ticket!!! Ps. Maybe have a look at (completely different) mine https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124261
  5. I see more ''feature request'' in this section but feel free to relocate. My request relate to the Free Look system. I make extensive use of free look. When I move A to B I look around to spot enemy not with my character to move lateral or so (sometimes but fewer) but with free look. If I spot an enemy in free look mode, let say, at my complete right or left, to aim at him I have to release the free look button (spacebar for me) to be able to aim. In that moment the character back its visual to the movement direction it was, so I have to rotate the character to the spot i had located. In many case I lose the target or the target in the meantime kill me. To explain: Let say direction of my movement is to NORD. With free look I locate an enemy to the EAST. So I release the free look button to aim at him. In that moment my character realign its visual to the NORD. Then I have to rotate the character to the EAST to aim. TL;DR So my request is to have an option that allow my character to realign NOT the visual to the direction of the movement but the direction of the movement to the visual I have at the moment I release free look button. Ps. I know the Aiming Deadzone function but is absolutely not what I'm asking for.
  6. I can confirm and i cant believe. It seems to have similarities with ex 1.66 footsteps sound issue. I raised a ticket back in the December 8, 2016 and BIS coped it in the last 1.68. But now that!!! It seems the same mechanism. Obstacle that bad reduce some sounds!!! What are you doing with the sound engine BIS? Please dont make a mess with footsteps again in resolving this with weapon's!!! Ps I have to raise a blame on the community though. During RC phase i can never found only one person on the official vanilla server to verify massively the release. Neither no one KOTH, no one EUTW, or whatsoever big MP actors involved in the RC test. It must to be said!!!
  7. Roddis

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Footsteps issues...gone; Prone to crunch issue...resolved. Zooming glitch that used to be with 32 bit, even with my 6700k, 980Ti OC and Evo SSD...not anymore!!! Thanks BIS, I cant wait for the 1.68. Good work for me!! You deserve JET DLC to be purchased even if I never, and will never, fly one.
  8. Roddis

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    But another question. I can imagine the RC evolves first to became Main. So can I know which dev-branch's stuff is gone in RC and which is not without test it?
  9. Roddis

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Thanks da12thMonkey. Is what I wanted to know.
  10. Roddis

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Thanks Alberello and domokun for the replies but yes obviously I know what the RC release is. The RC builds I can imagine is based on a given Dev-branch release that is considered quite stable to go to public test. In the meantime the dev branch go on and so on. Now, at today we are on 140539 rev. in dev branch. On what Dev-branch rev the RC is based on?
  11. Roddis

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    At what Dev Build version the Release Candidate version is updated to? And where can I find this piece of information, without obviously download RC?
  12. Roddis

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    The PRONE To CRUNCH issue seems come back. It was resolved some time ago but now it seems partially come back. To reproduce, from prone position, not aiming: - While you move the mouse left or right making character to rotate, press D or S then release it. The character crunch. The W and A seems not have the issue.
  13. Roddis

    1.66 Audio issue with footsteps

    Ok sorry big news, i just receive the 1.67.139940 dev branch update. All the two issues solved in EDITOR!!! I cant be able to test the ''absence'' issue in MP with the Dev Branch, but think and hope is the same. I have to UPDATE the ticket!!!
  14. Roddis

    1.66 Audio issue with footsteps

    Dancing, my intrusion in your post now make me confused. Are you speaking about ''behind'' positioning of own footsteps, or the absence of footsteps sound in some case? Tested just now the dev branch, the ''behind'' issue still seems to be ok, solved. Not problem at all for me in Editor or MP. Absence of footsteps issue instead still persist.
  15. Yes. I agree. Its related to this too, please look No one seems to be interested to the disappearing of footsteps sound in some case. I opened a ticket too, here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121977 UPDATE: It seems to be solved from 1.67.139940