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  1. Hmmm will my Intel 10th Generation with 64 GB memory and Sapphire Pulse RX 570 run Arma 3? :>) I just completed this build today and I haven't played Arma 3 in a couple of years. Been seriously thinking of playing again...LOL
  2. whatsupdoc_1_27

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Yea there are other bugs I did not mention but hey thats the way the dice rolls. It wasn't a waste of time chaser, the more maps I convert to Wasteland the more experience I get with understanding Arma 3 scripting. BTW Battlefield 2 tools at the time pretty much did it the same way Arma 3 does it now. I know what you are saying about Dem Heighmaps. But sometimes you need a good editor to smooth things out, like hard ridges. Place a steep ridge in a game and 99.9% of the time it looks like crap because of the texture is stretched. So thats where Photoshop or another editor comes into play, to smooth things ever. I roads that would start at ground level and go up into mountains all just by using Photoshop's gradient tools. Yes I know there is no comparison to Arma 3 with these other games but believe it or not BIS builds their terrains they same way they did back in 2001-2002 whenever Operation Flashpoint was the game of all games back then. The way they do things now with the terrains is the same way they did it back then. Battlefield 2 worked the same way believe it or not. I built a Hong Kong, China map for Battlefield 2 back then. Now there was a tool that was one of the best tools around but I cannot remember the name of it. You can random build heightmaps from this tool or port in a heightmap. Just cannot remember the name of that application. Just FYI, if you notice BIS has only built Island Maps for Arma 3 and they are doing this for a reason so think about that whenever you think of your next terrain to build...Best of luck chaser and silola... BTW I will start using x-cam tools to see how it works out. From my first impressions, its a fantastic tool.
  3. whatsupdoc_1_27

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Well we decided to scrub Taunus on our Wasteland server. Its a good map, great eye candy, but that is about it. Things like the airport pavement causes too many issues. Yesterday I decided to test it out more and just driving a jet at that airport caused the jet to blow up. Also, in Wasteland we have the ability to lock down objects on the map which uses the R3F addon. But after a month of converting this map to Wasteland we found out yesterday that whenever you step out of bounds of the map, in the black area of the map, its becomes harder to pick objects up, lock down objects and the further you move away from the map then the objects eventually become unusable meaning you cannot pick them up and move them nor can you lock them down. I know this is not your guys fault but an Arma 3 engine issue. My suggestion is next time you guys create a map, make sure things work, mainly at the airports!!!! But I understand things happen so don't take my post as negative but as a positive one. I use to build terrains and maps in games back in the days of Black Hawk Down, then in Joint Operations, and Battlefield 2 so I know what it takes to build these terrains and maps. I may end up learning how to do it in Arma 3...Photoshop is your best friend for terrain height maps... One last question eh chaser. I know the limitation with x-cam working with 64bit is because inidb. Have you guys thought about using extDB3 instead which is 64bit compatible? Maybe give it a thought.
  4. whatsupdoc_1_27

    [v0.3 MP Compatible] Access Points

    BINGO!!! Yep it was the Out of Bounds script/addon that is causing the issue. Some how both AccessPoints and Boundary script are using the same variable from comparing the files. Variable is unit of course...What would cause a conflict like this? Global variable? EDIT: Disregard, I just read the top of the information inside the script and it was created in 2007!!!! OMG this is like Arma 1 or 2 era I am guessing. No wonder it screwed everything up. I best look for an updated script/addon.
  5. whatsupdoc_1_27

    [v0.3 MP Compatible] Access Points

    anfo I was thinking the same thing about too many underscores so I will try that to see if that is the cause. Like I stated it will work in the Vanilla of the Map but maybe I didn't use that many underscores... EDIT: Nope that is not it. I just tested it using AccessPoint_1_1 and it works fine with the vanilla version of the map. I am going through to figure out if another script/addon is causing conflicts with it. I only added one script, the Out of Bounds script/addon to it so I am going to test it now to see if that is the cause of the problem as I am having other trigger issues also, not just with this one as I am noticing now.
  6. whatsupdoc_1_27

    [v0.3 MP Compatible] Access Points

    I am having problem with the AccessPoints not even working for some reason. I've tried to resize them to at least 2.2 to no avail. They work fine in another map I have Australia Wasteland but for some reason I cannot get these jokers to work on Taunus Wasteland even though they work fine on Taunus vanilla. Is there a height distance limit or how they can be placed? Can they be placed offset from one another? Also here is how I name my triggers for example: AccessPoint_1_1, AccessPoint_1_1, AccessPoint_2_2, AccessPoint_2_2 and so on...is this naming okay? My hair is about to go grey over this because I've set these up too many times that this is has me going insane in the membrane!!!!
  7. whatsupdoc_1_27

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Neither am I, I love helos but jets I just can't get a handle on...The reason I would like to get it fixed so I can add Dynamic Airport script to Wasteland or particular this map as it a huge airport and would love to see huge jetliners flying in an out of the airport. Since 64bit Arma 3 was released it has opened the ability to add all kind of stuff to our maps and modes such as Wasteland...
  8. whatsupdoc_1_27

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    No its Arma 3 plane, I just retextured. ALL planes and jets and vehicles do this... Just spawn a jet or plane somewhere and then land at that airport then pull up to the tarmac and you will see the wheels are always under the floor, everywhere, runway and the white pavement. I just tested it over and over still same result. You guys forgot a setting in the terrain editor...It happens but still great map overall. I also notice that the vehicle, jet or plane will have this wiggle (can't think of the word) action to it. Its a collision issue, seen it many times before....
  9. whatsupdoc_1_27

    X-Cam-Taunus Version 1.1

    Big problem at the south airport not sure about the northeast airport: Any vehicle that spawns or even driven over the pavement sinks underneath the white pavement. If a player dies all his items, loot and money cannot be seen because they are underneath the white pavement. If you spawn a plane on the pavement it will start rolling away by itself. I am thinking something with collision settings or something in the terrain editor. Please fix this as this is causing huge issues on our Wasteland I created... EDIT: So I just read up a few post that you guys are not planning on any future updates at this time. No good!!! Second, you said you created non-solid pavement so now vehicles won't even drive over the white pavement? That doesn't even make any sense IMHO. I just wasted 2 weeks of converting this over to Wasteland..What a waste of my time...
  10. I'm hoping somebody that does some scripting in Wasteland can help me out on this because it does not make any sense that its not working. I wanted to setup random Territories in Wasteland. In the root directory there is a file called config.sqf. In this file is this line: config_territory_markers = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "mapConfig\territories.sqf"; So what AgentRev did for me was to come up with a way to randomly call multiple territory.sqfs. This way I will have different territories in each territory.sqf. Here is the script that replaced the above: _territoryFile = selectRandom ["territories1", "territories2", "territories3"]; config_territory_markers = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers format ["mapConfig\%1.sqf", _territoryFile]; So I have territories1.sqf, territories2.sqf and territories3.sqf located in the mapConfig directory. The problem I (WE) are having is that the selectRandom code above works but what is happening is the territory markers are still being placed on the map for some odd reason. No these territories will not activate but the marker and flag on showing on the map. The only thing I can think of that is causing this is something is being called/created/executed before the above script or config.sqf is being called. I say this because in the RPT you can see the territory marker being created then deleted even though they are still being shown on the map: 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_0_SOUTH_RIEDELBACH_RUINS_A'. Deleting it!" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_0_RIEDELBACH_APARTMENTS_B'. Deleting it!" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_0_RIEDELBACH_LUMBERYARD_C'. Deleting it!" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_1_DORFWEIL_NE_RUINS_A'" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_1_DORFWEIL_EAST_WAREHOUSES_B'. Deleting it!" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_1_DORFWEIL_CHURCH_C'" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_2_WINTERMUHLE_EAST_FACTORY_A'. Deleting it!" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_2_WINTERMUHLE_RUINS_B'" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_2_WINTERMUHLE_OLD_BARN_C'. Deleting it!" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_3_SCHWALBACH_APARTMENTS_A'" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_3_SCHWALBACH_APARTMENTS_B'. Deleting it!" 16:16:37 "WARNING: No config_territory_markers definition for marker 'TERRITORY_3_SCHWALBACH_CONSTRUCTION_C'" So if you see a territory marker that was created but it was NOT deleted then they work fine. But the ones that shows "Deleting it! actually is not deleting the marker and flag itself just the trigger to activate he marker. Keep in mind these markers are created dynamically by script not in Eden. I only use Eden to get POS and SIZE of the markers. Now, in the init.sqf there is a line that reads: call compile preprocessFile "mapConfig\territories\init_external.sqf"; The above init_external.sqf that #includes each territory file that is in that directory. Its it possible that Arma 3 server is actually loading the above init_external.sqf first instead of randomly loading : _territoryFile = selectRandom ["territories1", "territories2", "territories3"]; config_territory_markers = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers format ["mapConfig\%1.sqf", _territoryFile]; Any help is appreciated... Doc
  11. whatsupdoc_1_27

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Is the inidbi needed to be used with X-Cam tools in Eden? Whenever I start with inidbi loaded it states its not compatible with the 64bit Arma 3. So is there a work around or is inidbi needed for X-Cam and Eden? EDIT: Nevermind I just read inidbi is only 32bit so X-Cam can only be used in 32bit mode...Oh well I guess i will give it a go in 32bit mode..Tired of building bases in Eden so hopefuly X-Cam will be easier...BIS can build such good things but man they need to release the tools they use in house for us to use because I can promise they don't use Eden to build their maps...
  12. whatsupdoc_1_27

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    Any help with !="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" would be helpful because I am still getting kicked after I added this to each line. I've added it before in setVariable.txt and it worked perfectly but now its not working so can somebody look over this and see what I've done wrong. Any help would be helpful: // A3Wasteland - setVariable.txt BattlEye filters by AgentRev 5 "^A3W_((antiExplodeLocal|dammaged|engine|handleDamage|respawn)EH|atmEditorPlaced|missionMarkerName|(object|vehicle)(ID|Saved))"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5 "^A3W_(purchasedStoreObject|storeSellBox)"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="BIS_fnc_MP_queue" !="ASL_Ropes"!="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="bounty(Kills)?" !="ASL_Ropes"!="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="BuildingLoot" !="ASL_Ropes"!="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="captureTriggerMarker"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5 "^fpsFix_(eventHandlers|simulationCooloff)"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="Lootready" !="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle"!="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="objSaving_lastSave"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="parked_vehicles"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="private_storage"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5="spawnBeacon_lastUse"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5 "^storeNPC_(face|nearestBuilding|setupComplete)"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5 "^Town_\d+_lastSpawn"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" 5 "^vehSaving_(hours(Alive|Unused)|last(Save|Use)|spawningTime)"!="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" EDIT: Found the issue. I forgot to add !"ASL_" to remoteExec.txt which fixed it....
  13. whatsupdoc_1_27

    Advanced Sling Loading (MP & SP)

    I had this working great on our Wasteland server then we had to redo everything. But now I am having issues getting kicked Restrict #0. I added !="ASL_Ropes" !="ASL_Ropes_Vehicle" !="ASL_Ropes_Pick_Up_Helper" !="ASL_Cargo" to each line in setVariable.txt that has a 5 in it but still its a no-go. I cannot for the life of me remember how I originally set this up in my battleye filters to get this working so nobody would get kicked whenever they go to pick up the ropes. Any help would be appreciated. Doc EDIT: I just reread what I wrote early on a different page so let me try that again. Geez I cannot believe my brain forgets things like this which is so easy!!!
  14. whatsupdoc_1_27

    Australia Version 5.09 Release

    Just a suggestion Auss to your wonderful map. Many of the peaks are way to sharp meaning they are too square, not smooth so maybe sometime in one of your updates you can smooth a lot of these mountain/hilltops? We've noticed a lot of them like this, not all but a lot as I say since this is a big map...well the biggest
  15. whatsupdoc_1_27

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Okay man I will give it a try thanks...