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  1. No changes were made to vegetation/ tree count between final and earlier versions. If the map seems to run smoother than it used to, the credit for it goes to the devs and their work on engine optimization.
  2. I just found out there is a fix that works with lite_bornholm broken sky issue too Youll find it from Armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32059 My many thanks to Jack Ost. :) And my apologies to players who have waited for fix this long.
  3. R.I.P. Bushlurker All the hard work and effort you've invested for the community will keep guiding new terrain makers yet for many many years.
  4. Tonto-

    Terrain Processor

    I just created a new project and added plugin there.Turned out the demo doesnt really do what i was hoping it would do. Does anyone know easy way to add power poles with lines in terrain processor?
  5. Did you change the palm trees for this version?
  6. Tonto-

    Terrain Processor

    I finaly got the output from TP. I guess the demo project was corrupted somehow because new one worked nicely. thanks for the help guys! :)
  7. Tonto-

    Terrain Processor

    shouldn't it be where i've set it to be created? anyway the tp doesn't create any files to that location. I tried without UAC too.
  8. Tonto-

    Terrain Processor

    Don't have folder named terrainprocessor in my source folder. i've set the output folder to be in source folder tho. I also tried to export to other drives with no luck.
  9. Tonto-

    Terrain Processor

    just cant find this.lbt file :/ i assume there should be a saving path after "saving all objetcts *.lbt in *********"
  10. Tonto-

    Terrain Processor

    im trying to use the powerlines.tpp in demo but cant get output from it. what am i doing wrong? ive set the output folder to export options but the path contains the input folder too.. also tried multiple directories
  11. I might update the lighting of the map once Bohemia releases documentation for configuring it. Im still not pleased how the map looks with new lighting shader, but other than that - no more updates are coming.
  12. Just uploaded final version of VT5. Sorry it took so long. 29-9-2016 - v1 - Final release -Tweaked field clutter -Tweaked surface textures -Tweaked outside terrain texture -Fixed lighting -Fixed class name errors with CUP Terrains -Broke roads near gas station. :D Cannot be fixed due various reasons. Download link:https://armafinland.fi/dl/@vt5.7z%C2%A0
  13. Atm im having a trouble to find the time to do the update but ill try to be as quick i can with it. Expect the update o be done this week or at the latest by the end of the month.
  14. Tonto-

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    aaargh when the purchase button will be fixed?