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  1. For Technical Details please see the ACRE Github Issue Click here for my Full Guide (Dual Language Thread in a German Forum)
  2. ninelore


    I miss a Feature. I tried to change the Loadout on an RHS AH-6M, but i cant switch the weapon to co pilot. Pls add an Option for assinging a weapon to an Co-Pilot!
  3. ninelore

    Throttle System Option

    Ive set my throttle higher to q and the other plane keys like arma 2. i like it that way, But +1 for that posts
  4. ninelore

    F/a-18x black wasp

    Its really quiet here... Mid dead? Hopefully not...
  5. ninelore

    F/a-18x black wasp

    Will the USS Freedon a Carrier of the Nimitz Class or of the new Gerald R. Ford Class?
  6. Could not agree more. I really want to try it out too
  7. Sorry lost the link, you can (exact like the GPS targeting System by John Spartan and Saul, only with the difference that you can create multiple GPS Targets) create GPS Targets with the MFDs in the real F35, and my 2nd Feature Request is the ability to make multiple GPS Targets. I think thats only a little script modification.
  8. I just saw a Video about the real Bomb targeting System of an F35B and my Question is it possible to adapt the GPS Targeting System to make it possible to make Multiple GPS Targets? I am German and my english is not the best so please ignore any grammatical errors or somthing else! PS: Whats so difficult to Program the Gunpod in Real Life?!?
  9. I want the Real Life F35 HMD Features (e.g. the PiP Thermal Camera that showing the enemy vehicle or lets you see througth the Cockpit). Video abaut the HMD: Hope thats possible and hope to see it in the Addon