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  1. Lovely It appears that when the pilot of the mohawk has the mod enabled the two rear gunner seats (the seats by the ramp) in the back gets bugged. It seems like the state of the seats change somehow when somebody gets into the pilot seat with the mod running. The seats become, unavailable and can no longer be used. Done quite extensive testing now with the mods we run, as well as without any mods, and it appears that the HMD mod is the one causing the issues. Missions File: Invade & Annex APEX (by Quicksilver) (with a bunch of modifications, but I believe it has been going on since before we started modding it) If there is anything else I can help with to sort this, I'll continue monitoring this thread, but feel free to PM me as well Thanks for the quick reply 🙂
  2. Hi Kimi, we're having an issue with the vanilla Mohawk when the pilot has the HMDs MOD enabled. I can get into more detail but wanted to know if you want it here or somewhere else.
  3. Quick question on the topic of re-textures. I'm currently working on some uniform textures for a public "vanilla" server, in other words the textures will be implemented into the mission files. The issue I'm having tho, is balancing quality and file size, I obviously want good quality textures, but without impacting the mission file too much. I've tried a bunch of variations of different resolutions and file formats, and I'm kinda stuck. Which is why I thought I'd ask here and hopefully get some insight from someone with a bit more experience. What is the best file format/resolution mix? And is it any way to make TexView2 compress the file further when turning it over to a .paa?
  4. Running 1024x1024 with in PNG format creates 100kb+ files, seeing as I can't compress it with JPG due to the transparent sidebars, and no way of further compression with PNG Does anyone have any smart ways of getting the file size down? 100kb+ might not seem like much, but as the leaflet will only be used on rear occasions its quite a heavy hit on the already large mission file
  5. Ateir

    ANZINS Terrain

    Guessing this is client side? In that case could you sign the mod and provide the keys? It looks really good
  6. Hello, Does anyone know of a way to make the Arma sounds continue playing when I'm tabbed out? I'm aware of the -noPause parameter and I'm using it and it works for picture, however the sound is paused.
  7. This is how Arma 3 handles rendering, it is not an error or a bug, its just the way it works. There aren't really any settings to fix this either. The only things you can change is the rendering of terrain/objects in the distance, see the "Visibility" section in the options. There might be some way to increase the render range in an option file somewhere, but it is rather unlikely. And as mentioned above it is not an option available in game. Regards, Ateir
  8. Had the an issue similar to this before (same exit codes) I suggest changing your memory allocator, out of experience the JEMalloc allocator is the one with the best results. You could also try setting the system memory limit manually. Hope this helps Regards, Ateir
  9. Ateir

    Line Drawing

    Is this working now? And where is the documentation on it?