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  1. Hey, just quick question. When i try to refuel the plane it says its stopped due to a leak, which is great. However, when i try to repair it, it says all the resources are busy. Is there anything I need to do? Do i need multiple Hemmit trucks around? EDIT: Just added two containers with [this,10000] call GOM_fnc_setAmmoCargo; and fuel and repair too and that has given me more resources and appears to fix the issue... i think
  2. Hi could someone please tell me how to make vehicles persistent? I have everything set up, player position is the same when I rejoin server, vehicle position is same, my ammo etc is the same all apart from the vehicle damage. When I load the mission back up everything is how I left it apart from vehicle damage. How can I change this? Thanks
  3. Hi, where would I enter this for the servertime to be same as game time? [] call ALiVE_fnc_getServerTime
  4. killaway

    ASR AI 3

    Lordprimate, could you send me a copy of your userconfig so I can just copy + paste it into mine? :)
  5. Thanks Tupolov, do I just put [] call ALiVE_fnc_getServerTime in the description.ext?
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    ASR AI 3

    So could I not change some settings in that userconfig? I think they are really really good AI, I also want to keep the ingame setting to elite for more realism
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    ASR AI 3

    Hi, how do I actually tone down the enemies abit? Im unsure how to mess with the userconfig settings. These are the settings I have at the min, also im using the Russian rhs enemies, do I need to put their class name somewhere in the config file too? asr_ai3_main_sets = [ // for each level: skilltype, [<min value>, <random value added to min>] [ "general",[1.00,0.0], "aiming",[1.00,0.0], "spotting",[1.00,0.0] ], // 0: super-AI (only used for testing) [ "general",[0.90,0.1], "aiming",[0.40,0.2], "spotting",[0.40,0.1] ], // 1: sf 1 [ "general",[0.85,0.1], "aiming",[0.35,0.2], "spotting",[0.35,0.1] ], // 2: sf 2 (recon units, divers and spotters) [ "general",[0.80,0.1], "aiming",[0.30,0.2], "spotting",[0.30,0.1] ], // 3: regular 1 (regular army leaders, marksmen) [ "general",[0.75,0.1], "aiming",[0.25,0.2], "spotting",[0.25,0.1] ], // 4: regular 2 (regulars) [ "general",[0.70,0.1], "aiming",[0.20,0.2], "spotting",[0.20,0.1] ], // 5: militia or trained insurgents, former regulars (insurgent leaders, marksmen) [ "general",[0.65,0.1], "aiming",[0.15,0.2], "spotting",[0.15,0.1] ], // 6: some military training (insurgents) [ "general",[0.60,0.1], "aiming",[0.10,0.2], "spotting",[0.10,0.1] ], // 7: no military training [ "general",[0.80,0.1], "aiming",[0.25,0.2], "spotting",[0.35,0.1] ], // 8: pilot 1 (regular) [ "general",[0.70,0.1], "aiming",[0.20,0.2], "spotting",[0.30,0.1] ], // 9: pilot 2 (insurgent) [ "general",[0.90,0.1], "aiming",[0.60,0.4], "spotting",[0.90,0.1] ] // 10: sniper They are the default settings but how would I tone them down a little bit? Also, do I need to input something here? asr_ai3_main_levels_units = [ [], // 0: super-AI (only used for testing) [], // 1: sf 1 [], // 2: sf 2 (recon units, divers and spotters) [], // 3: regular 1 (regular army leaders, marksmen) [], // 4: regular 2 (regulars) [], // 5: militia or trained insurgents, former regulars (insurgent leaders, marksmen) [], // 6: civilians with some military training (insurgents) [], // 7: civilians without military training [], // 8: pilot 1 (regular) [], // 9: pilot 2 (insurgent) [] // 10: sniper Thanks, great mod btw! Wouldn't play arma without this mod and alive.
  8. Thanks so much! Ok just tried this. Would I need to change the time everytime I do a new mission then? Also maquez, could I edit the description.ext to say like "1:00", "1:15", "1:30" and so on? If so, would I need to change anything else in the description? E.g. the values from 1-24? Thanks again
  9. Ah right so if i start the game on the dedicated server that will work fine? I just basically want the mission on the server to just run all the time. Just so that the time carries on even when i am not playing on the server Thanks
  10. Is there any way I can set the time to be the same time as real life time? I set the time to 20.30 in the editor but came on about 5 mins later and it hardly moved. Its just so that if we do a mission at say 10pm it will be dark, or if I come on at 11am it will be light. Is this possible?
  11. thanks a lot that worked fine. appreciate it
  12. No, I just upload the folder, there isn't actually a .pbo in that folder. So do I change the name of it on the server or on my machine and re upload it? Ive done custom lea scripts for loadouts so would I loose all them if I change the name of the folder? Thanks for the reply btw and sorry to be a pain
  13. Thanks a lot, but Im not actually sure how I change the pbo name? Is that just basically save it as something else? In my description.ext I only have respawn = base; respawndelay = 10; for the respawn, nothing else. And I upload the mission folder to the server not the pbo.
  14. Ok so finally got the persistence working, but now how do I reset the mission back to the start? I set up a small mission just to test and it worked but now I want to restart it fully and edit it even more because it works
  15. Yeah sorry for not stating that and being a pain but I have entered all the details. I think either something is in the wrong place on the website or some details are wrong on the website. But I have checked and double checked about 10 times and I just cannot see what the problem is :( I have followed all instructions and the video tutorial and still nothing
  16. I am registered on war room, but the server save and exit just wont work. I have tried almost everything. I don't know what else I can do now really. Alive is the only reason I play arma and I just cant get it to work :(
  17. No, its not set up at all with WR and i exit game through player exit. Come back on. Everythin is exactly how i left it. Enemies, ammo. Everything. But once i stop server it all restarts ---------- Post added at 16:18 ---------- Previous post was at 14:51 ---------- Could someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz add me on steam and help me sort this problem out. I am only running cba_a3, aliveserver and alive and im still getting the same problem. My name is KILLAWAY on steam. Would really appreciate it if someone could help, maybe look on teamviewer at the problem?
  18. My problem is exactly the same but i am on dedicated server and none of my stuff is set up with war room, server save and exit doesnt work but when i player exit it works fine. It saves everything! But war room doesnt log anything (says something in the logs about not having permission with that account) but when i stop the server thats it i loose everything and have to start again
  19. So stopping the server, editing, re uploading the mission to the server and restarting wont affect it?
  20. Can you add things to a mission thats already persistant? I want to add a few things to an ammo box, but if i stop my server, edit it and reupload the mission to the server i will loose the persistence wont i?
  21. Unfortunately yes :( Found out the hard way, filled the bottom deck with vehicles, went out on patrol for about 2 hours, came back to pick up a vehicle and couldn't get it from the second deck. The elevator goes down and the rails stay up, and the elevator wont go back up at all. Im sure it did used to though :-\
  22. Hi, on my dedi server, I can call the elevator down but it wont go back up and the rails also don't go down. Any ideas why? Thanks
  23. Hi, for some reason I cannot press any buttons in the cockpit anymore. I am using alive, and I had my custom key set to \ same as the alive menu. So I have now changed the alive menu to "left windows" and custom key is the same \ However I still cannot get any buttons to press anymore. An error message I get is... Picture\fza_ah64_us\tex\char\gscalar nan_ca.paa not found. Any ideas? Thanks Also used this with alive before with no problems at all ---------- Post added at 10:50 ---------- Previous post was at 10:34 ---------- here is my rpt file https://www.dropbox.com/s/33q1qfpc90v8rri/fza%20log.txt?dl=0
  24. The "server save and exit" wont work. But if I just "player exit" it works.. Not sure whats going on. It like I have got it to work but not in the right way, really confused
  25. Can someone help me with this issue? Also got another problem... the persistence is "kinda" working. When I join the server as long as I leave ai enabled, I can re join and everything is exactly how I left it. As soon as I #missions then it fully restarts. So is this working then? or not? lol But it doesn't actually log in the war room ;-\ really confused about this could someone help? thanks