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    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    I would prefer to just turn it off l can see there are functions to do so but they seem bugged l have noticed someone has made a mod that stops the turtle walking so the rest of it can be turned off but this is something that should have been made optional. Not everyone wants staminia enabled esp the servers we are currently running.
  2. have been looking everywhere to try and find someway to disable the new functions that have been put in. //Disables the Stamina Bar but not its functions player enableStamina false; //Enable Sprint for infantry in all stances player allowSprint true; //Override weapon sway and reset to pre marksman player setCustomAimCoef 0.1; Except when l load my player up the fatigue system seems to take over regardless does anyone know a way to disable the fatigue of the weight so our players on our server can go back to carrying items as they usualy did prior to the 1.54 update. Seems great if you are running a realism server to have these features but on a full public server every night that's used to having fatigue disabled and no weapon weapon sway then after turning these off having forced walk turned on because of the carry weight. How can can we set these back to their original values and have the forced walk turned off too when carrying extra weight above 50kg. Seems like there is something else working underneath the disabled stamina bar. If anyone can help out with this would be much appreciated. Or shed some more light onto this subject.
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    Arma 3 life files

    We'd love to do a A3 life server and give you full credits and donate back to the work that's gone in it tonic you've done some amazing work. I only recently just checked out some of the a3 life files that seem to be floating around in the community and its sad to hear the story of what actually happened. I am a big person on protecting ip .I had a lot of work taken from myself when l was producing a program that went to pay tv and its pretty heartbreaking the amount or time, energy and dedication it takes to make a good project so people can enjoy and have someone exploit all that hard work and even make money on it themselves l find it pretty poor on their behalf. I hope this doesn't deter you away from the arma 3 communities there are a lot of good ones out there and a lot of good coders and textures devs ect out there still wanting to make good projects and a lot could be learnt from the lesson. Sorry man that you and your team went through what ya did l full sympathise with what happened to you. I have been there before. I hope we all still get to enjoy some of your work on arma 3 in the future man.
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    Modeling in 3DsMAX

    Some awesome info guys thanks heaps.
  5. I was doing some work on a new orca skin l have skinned a few vehicles and helicoptors but this unarmed orca doesn't seem to have a template done for it so l used the another one the first one the placements come out fine.2nd time l did it l used a lot of layers in photoshop and spent a lot of time with it l used yellow and blue as primary colours but for some reason parts of the colours aren't coming through the placement of the logos were right as l did them on my other one and they are all over the place on the new one l did l cant seem to figure out why could someone shed some light on why this maybe. Another question l had is can every model be opened in oxygen 2 cause these tools haven't been updated in along and l find if l open a model from the pbo it crashes is l open a sample l can get it into 3D max and Maya for further editing.Is there any plugins like the PAA plugin for Max, Maya or Lightwave to make life easier.O2 just crashes out and doesn't seem to be the best method for doing 3D development as a industry standard full stop
  6. Thanks pufu yeah the skinning part l am starting to get down ok l think but l am still using photoshop and want to do more through max,maya and mudbox. And l have had problems with that photoshop plugin l was told it was bad so l used textview and its sweet dunno sometimes that photoshop PAA plugin works sometimes it crashes photoshop.Thanks for posting the link again for the A2 models l did have that once now l got some room l will download them and have a play with those. Always loved the UH-1Y and UH-1H so l think l might start there. l will post a skin l did of the rustic geneve medical chopper l did for a friends project.Shes done a few miles and saved a few lives but it shows l am starting to get the skinning process better down pat is more the making models ect l would love to expand on l and making my own templates for photoshop l am unclear on.I had a lot of fun making the skins in photoshop but l would love oneday to make a complete model skin and object in max into arma 3 something l am proud of and people like.This was the finshed result in photoshop and txt view. Please feel free to comment on it l appreciate all constructive criticism and feedback l can get. Next is to try and make objects with max,mudbox,maya and try and get them back to arma 3 which l am still unsure about the best process l figure l use O2 to get it back.http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/573438521440818439/8325447B838E584E265EADC2B67D05FB6BD523EF/.I just got up and seen ya reply l will be into the A2 models today and have some fun there. Thanks for your help.If you know the 3D maxx or maya process or a better process of getting models back into arma cause its very new to me with arma 3 please let me know nothing worse than spending ages on a project then hitting a snag ya cant get around. Thanks again for your help and feedback l really appreciate it.
  7. Thanks for the answer l did reread the question l wrote out and it wasn't written to clearly what l was asking. l meant the plugin for photoshop the PAA plugin.The question though wasn't meant to come across ignorant or arrogant if that was the way it was taken. Cheers for the help though it is much appreciated if there are any tutorials out there that could help me to further understand the process that you could help me it would be awesome.Something that goes through the process from start to finsh l'm sure it will help improve my workflow and understanding and l am always open to suggestions from others.Cheers.
  8. Thanks man helpful as links arma 3 has taken over my browser :lol:
  9. That one of the icons l want too l need it for a project did anyone end up finding the location of the icon for the medical yet?
  10. Really would love to see the rest of the vehicles in your pack nice work man been good to use and practice on a few of the ones you've made been a great help.
  11. dasweetdude

    Community Texture Templates.

    Loving some of these models and things people have been working on in the community l have been making a few myself l will post some soon
  12. dasweetdude

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Well after playing Arma and Dayz for this long and wanting to make some content l was told l need to post one thread so l can view social groups so here it is.:cool: ---------- Post added at 17:05 ---------- Previous post was at 16:49 ---------- Well l did my first post and l cant view the thread that was sent to me is there something l have to do to activate my account to view other threads.