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  1. any idea how to spawn helicopter in the air whith engines on ?? but nut turn them on but in full speed just spawn helicopter in the air but flying .. isengine on or engine on command just turn them on its too late to turn engines on during been allready in the air
  2. Nope I need attach static object to helicopter but it's couse that problem with ai raising its altitude
  3. thx for reply... But i wondering how bis moved alien mothership over head in that forest where is burning small house, first contact with mother ship
  4. @wogz187 definitely helps a lot thank u very much..good source of info from your script Anyway i got new problem when i attach something on helicopter ai start raising its altitude forever looks like engine thingk there is something ai needs to avoid but its atttached to it.. i use this : XCOM1 = "Mothership_01_F" createVehicle [317,11212,2000]; XCOM1 attachTo [MyheliNAME,[0,80,0]]; XCOM1 setVectorDirAndUp [[0,80,12000],[80,-12000,0]]; so when i created this mothership atached to heli in the air ai start moving UP all the time i tried heli1 flyInHeightASL [800, 800,800]; but ai still fly up. Basically im using helicopter as holding platform for mothership and if needed it can move but ai just fly up. any idea how to bypass it ?
  5. Thank you so much Larrow
  6. Thank you and any idea how to transfer it to this heli1 = "heliclassname" createVehicle [2612,-1498,200]; heli1 setPosATL (heli1 modelToWorld [0,0,800]);
  7. Well arma is a sandbox u can do what ever u want and when u use scripts magic happens... And Windows 10 Is the same thing 😄
  8. If u run arma without steam* u get 15 fps more..
  9. I have alienware 18x it have 2 graphics in sli... and have sometimes 25 fps too I think biggest problem is CPU I tried contact on desktop pc with 5 ghz CPU 8 gig ram and 60fps no problem I suspect there's just tons of script and CPU have to handle them

    Contact petition.

    Im asking BIS if they can make Contact aliens asset available for MP and asking other community peoples to say their opininon about aliens not available for mp

    Contact petition.

    Here we go 🙂 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1822535369&searchtext=
  12. Why is on the top of * alien entity small* visible magazine pounch? Looks like it's part of 3d model just don't get it
  13. hello. I have problem to create marker on absolutely random location I can create marker but I want create it on random location on map I use this: BLACK_SITE1 = createMarker ["BLACK_SITE1", [6859,7318,0]]; BLACK_SITE1 setMarkerType "hd_dot"; "BLACK_SITE1" setMarkerSize [0, 0]; and I need some number somewhere what put this marker randomly enywhere on map or at least at random distance from its created location..
  14. Thank you so much guys really appreciate your help. Sometimes I just don't understand scripting
  15. I try this many times its just not working … I mean I cant implement it. don't know what im doing wrong .. BLACK_SITE1 = [] call BIS_fnc_randomPos; does nothing

    Contact petition.

    Im have made scripted alien ship but u can only play offline grrr here is link. Would be fantastic to play on some cti style map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1815321466&searchtext=

    Contact petition.

    I generally mean only assets would be great to have for mp Community can script statics object to something phenomenal.

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    alien asset is not available to play in mp or pvp .its like u buy a supersport car but u can use it only on race track alone.
  19. Any idea how to play aliens online or just local mp? Looks like aliens are strictly single player. At least asset

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Good dlc but one hardcore problem … We cant use contact aliens in mp ???? I mean I make some script where u can fly alien ship and fight whith it but only in sp or editor I think we deserver sandbox for alien asset as well. link to alpha acces to flyable alien ship https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1815321466

    Contact Expansion Feedback


    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Relase date 25.... Nothing.... Lies....
  23. Another bi's scam no relase it's 22 min past 5 and nothing another money for u existed dlc fucked
  24. Let's make arma 3 eve online now! Caldari state rejoice! We can defeat galente federation tru the CSAT... t3 cruiser vs liberty.. But I think I'm out of topic 🙂