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  1. Greate, if you want i can support you in testing the update.
  2. Is it possible to use this mod with "Zeus Enhanced" ? At the moment there is an dependency to Achilles.
  3. I use the latest stable, mod version of Vcom AI. On my mission start the following scripts error pops up: Error in expression <then { _ammoC = configfile >> "CfgAmmo" >> _subAmmo }; _actHit = getNumber (_am> 22:47:36 Error position: <>> _subAmmo }; _actHit = getNumber (_am> Error >>: Type Config entry, expected String File vcomai\Vcom\Functions\FFE_Functions\fn_AutoConfig.sqf [RYD_fnc_AutoConfig], line 120 How can i fix this error?
  4. Hi, is there a way to declare an area where, e.q. 2% of all civilians in this area became an suicide bomber ? Or an option for random Suicide bomber and vehicles in certain areas.
  5. For my new mission i want to create TFAR Jamming vehicle with an option to turn on/off the TFAR Jamming feature. So is it possible to turn on/off your TFAR Jammer script with an addAction ? How can i realize this with addAction?
  6. Is it possible to add the Radio Jamming Script to an moving vehicle ?
  7. neodyn

    ASR AI 3

    Hello, i try to deploy ASR ai on my dedicated Server. But right now I'm confused about configuration. So here are some questions: Is it ok to run only the @ASR_AI3 Mod on the server ? I want to use cba_settings.sqf to use this file i add to my description.ext the following flag: cba_settings_hasSettingsFile = 1;. Is this correct ? My cba_settings.sqf contains the following parameter: asr_ai3_main_setskills = true; asr_ai3_main_seekcover = true; asr_ai3_main_usebuildings = 0.8; asr_ai3_main_getinweapons = 0.5; asr_ai3_main_rearm = 0; asr_ai3_main_rearm_mags = 0; asr_ai3_main_rearm_fak = 0; asr_ai3_main_radiorange = 0; asr_ai3_main_rrdelaymin = 5; asr_ai3_main_rrdelayplus = 10; asr_ai3_main_packNVG = true; asr_ai3_main_fallDown = true; asr_ai3_main_pgaistamina = false; asr_ai3_main_onteamswitchleader = true; asr_ai3_main_debug_setskill = false; asr_ai3_main_debug_setcamo = false; asr_ai3_main_debug_findcover = false; asr_ai3_main_debug_rearm = false; asr_ai3_main_debug_reveal = false; What about the asr_ai3_config.sqf ? Do i had to deploy this file into the server userconfig directory ? Is there anything to note for RHS or CUP units?
  8. Yes everything is more or less well documented under in there ALIVE wiki ( http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page )
  9. Hi, i made a test with TFAR version 1.0.261 and it seem the script does not work with this version. No error message or something else. It is possible to use TFAR without any problems if the script is active. Is it possible to fix this ?
  10. neodyn

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Imho it is not functional.
  11. I've created an cba_settings.sqf in my mission root folder with this option: TFAR_pluginTimeout = 11; But it seems the option does not work. because in If i take a look into Game Options addon -> TFAR -> Plugin timeout in seconds is a value 4. Do I've made the wrong way to set the CBA settings for TFAR ?
  12. At the moment i test version 1.-1.0.245. It seems to work fine. But sometimes TFAR is switching the TS channel and fallback in the TFAR channel while changen into Zeus. Version 1.-1.0.244 was without this channel switching problem. So is it possible to increase the TFAR timeout?
  13. Hello, maybe i can't find it. But is it possible to spawn units via script on a certain marker and then let the spawned units move them to an marked area. Because it seems to me there is only an option to spawn units in an marked area and let them patrol in this area where the got spawned. Sorry i think i found the correct option: mySpawnContainer = [ [ [ BASIC ], [ "ATTACK", “mkr” ], [ COMMUNICATION ] ], [ [ _group, "marker" ], [ "ATTACK", “attackHERE” ] ] ]; "mkr": ? "marker": Spawn area "attackHERE": marked area which has to be attacked by the spawned units But is it possible to run this call in an script during the mission?
  14. I also tried it with CSAT. Only some units are spawned but no plane or helo. Does anyone have an sample mission?
  15. Same Issue. Placed the module on Rasman airfield on Takistan with rhs_faction_vdv as faction. But nothing happen. It is also synct to one of my Military AI Commander. No Aircraft or helo. How can i fix this ?