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  1. I'm having a bit of difficulty getting the installer to run. I follow the instructions and add the contents of the installer to my Arma 3 folder I run installer.bat but it keeps saying it's not in the same folder as the TPW package. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I honestly laughed my ass off cause I was hella excited for it, got in Editor and saw it was a duck and was like wait.... LOL good joke though actually gonna keep the duck.
  3. akulla

    EricJ Release thread

    Any plans on adding fast rope capabilities to the helo pack? I'd love to make a black hawk down dedicated mission!
  4. akulla

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Hi I'm trying to make the MH-60M from the UH-60 A3 Pack available to use ropes using the combatability readme. I'm having a haed time understaning what to do. Can someone give me an example or idea on where to put and how to write it out in the init field? Thanks!
  5. For the drop pods is there a script or init line that allows me and a few other AI to drop with the full built in action at the start of spawn? I've seen it in videos but I can't exactly find out how. No one will answer my question. Lol
  6. akulla

    EricJ Release thread

    Has anyone made a script to be able to fast rope out yet? Beautiful mod!
  7. I'm sure younguys notice but with the ODST's their back textures are clipping alot. Also I was wondering if you guys would add helmet lights and attachments to the helmet that were seen on the army and marine forces from Halo Reach and Halo Anniversary. Hreat job so far!
  8. This mod is freaking great! Just wanted to say something about the ODST's their back are kind bare. They still have texture from one of the vests on there I'm sure you know but just wanted to put this on here to see if it helps. http://www.xboxwallpapers.net/1920x1080/halo-3-odst-03-artwork.jpg Otherwise you guys are doing great things! I can't wait for fully functioning Drop Pods!