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  1. axelius

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Perhaps you could add in a limit amount of allowed down traverse relative to elevation, at something around 0° at 0m above sea to -60° at 150m, should remove most of the problems unless you are on a high-altitude plateau.
  2. axelius

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Posting to show my support of the mod and its contents, as I would like more of the stuff, but also voice an opinion that, no, I am not using CUP (which you asked if I did, so to say), so I will not be using this mod in this specific format. I'm not going to "demand" a mod to suit my needs, since I assume you have used CUP code to inherit from, and I know how much work it would be to make the mode not dependent of it. That's all.
  3. axelius

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    Really cool mod, definitely something that I would like to see more of. Alas, my community also use RHS rather than CUP, so it will have to be a pass for me too.
  4. Love this stuff, complements greatly with other stuff. Have to agree on the earbleeding sounds though. And also, that Grad recoil on the Hilux is redonkulous.
  5. axelius

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Just to show you up Defunkt, here's one for all units in ISIS (bar vehicles and static) ;) http://pastebin.com/2pc9xrht Tbh, I just took what I already had written for my own extension earlier and did some search and replace.
  6. axelius

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Awesome update, just what I've been waiting for. He has made one change after people practically unanimously asked for it. And in my opinion this is a way more flexible, long-term solution. Yes, it means missions will have to be redone (but not necessarily from scratch, some search and replace in the mission.sqm should be about enough), but if this change had waited a month or two even more missions would have to be scrapped. And to be frank, making a mod that changes sides/adds a copy on another side isn't that hard, I've done it myself. I'm not gonna do it again for this mod, as I am happy with the way it is now.
  7. V1.2 Released *Removed all functions except for RDS compatibility. *Changed all factions to their new sides. *Added Ukranian Separatists, RACS and SLA
  8. Apologies, somehow a pbo disappeared between my test build and release pack. v1.1 proper
  9. v1.01 released *Fixed issue with AA units being assigned to AFR group by default, resulting in broken groups. *Added Mi-8 and pilot to Independent Chedakis *Added RDS static weapons to CDF *Fixed one mechanized group to only spawn with one BMP instead of two.
  10. axelius

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    But I want everything now! :( (Seriously though, keep it coming at the pace where you can keep it the top notch quality you've already got)
  11. axelius


    Gave this a short twirl yesterday and it seems great, finally a good use for mortars. I still have to get used to the UI, but I see potential.
  12. axelius

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    It would, but I didn't want to add yet another dependency of 300MB when all I really want is the T-55 and 90% of the content exist in a better version in RHS. Since Reyhards mods come under a common creative license I am however considering adding the T-55 straight to the pack. And yes, I would love for my blufor/independent part to be surperflous and if Leight does do changes to faction sides I will be happy to remove those aspects of my extension files.
  13. axelius

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    I agree, although I dunno about armed civilians as civilians, since they are set as friendly to everyone by definition iirc, just have them as a subsection of African milita. I'm not really one to beat my own drum, but several of these things are what I have done in my RDS compatibility config. Added a blufor IA and AA and added an Independent faction of each of the current OPFOR factions.