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    Loading Screen Stuck + Crash

    Okay so I tired to play the campaign after reinstalling the game and well my game crashed maybe it affiliated to the stuck loading screen. Uploaded the three files that Dedmen told about. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/cigcy58ulad5l/idlexlol459_Report_files_A3
  2. idlexlol459

    Loading Screen Stuck + Crash

    The Perm launcher didnt change the loading screen bug. I also tried to use the Betas code to change the branch but it didnt work.
  3. idlexlol459

    Loading Screen Stuck + Crash

    Yes I verified and reinstalled the game many times but it didnt really change anything, I tried to delet the cache.ch file like some said but I can't even find it ???? When I join an official server it does the same as when I try to join an ''Internet'' one , I see the Tanoa Map Some sounds and nothing loads but I can still exit and go back to the main menu with the escape key. The game doesnt really crash or anything. Except sometimes when I try to host but Idk that's weird. I am gonna try the performance branch !
  4. Hello, So I love arma 3 and I wanted to reinstall it and get into it again but oh well it doesnt work anymore what I get is a game that launch correctly but that can't join any servers. I click on join and then , no sign of life, only the tanoa map and waves sound. It gets kinda annoying and now I dont know what to do. When I play solo it works the game loads and I am in. But whenever I try to join a server I get stuck on tanoa map. And sometimes when I try to host a server the game crashes with a black screen and tells me : 0xC0000005 - ACCESS_VIOLATION I don't understand why. And I really want to play a3 My Config I7 4790k Gtx 980ti Ram 8gb Asus Rog maximus Hero VII If anyone could help me I would be really happy ! I have 2 crash reports :