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  1. zeedesertfox

    Map boundary's, Parameters, and respawn kits.

    Right then, so I figured out how to do the respawn kits (Using ZEN's respawn kits module in zeus if anyone's interested, I just go to all, custom kits and then disable everything BUT the ones I need for that specific faction, and do pay attention to the faction setup at the top! I wish there was an eden mod for this) However I need a better setup for the border wall that I have, and of most importance, I need a better setup for the parameters. Ideally I'd like custom parameters where I could set what faction my players would play, and what faction the enemy would play, which would in game simply move bases around to different areas, depending on the settings, and also set the re-spawn tickets accordingly. (If the players have it so it's blufor vs independent, there would be no need for opfor tickets, which via ticket bleed might end the game early.)
  2. Good day. I'm trying to effectively recreate a zeus run Company of Heroes 2 match in Arma 3. I've got the zeus side of things all organized quite well. All I have to do is add a map boundary so that my players don't escape/leave the desired 'map' area, modify the parameters to add basing, and finally add kits so they don't have to fiddle with the arsenal. My troubles are with these issues, specifically: I'm not sure how to set the map boundary so that ideally, my players are either bumped back into the battlefield area having turned 180 degrees, or are teleported to a marker in base (with any vehicles they were in). I'll also accept a script killing of them, so that they can respawn at base. Ideally I'd like to see it so that the map is the marker lines in red (the ones that angle to the right), except for the battlefield area. In addition, I'd like it that if they were to approach the border, they'd see some physical indicator, perhaps similar to the zeus editing circle that's in some missions. Just some visual indicator to turn back. As it stands, I have a decent working setup using the zone restriction module, but it seems if I leave the battlefield and get teleported back, it won't work again unless I die and respawn. I'm also not sure how to reverse the trigger/inverse it so that I can mark all of the map in the red border lines except for the battlefield. As for the bases, I'm aware that many missions have parameters that are adjustable prior to the mission. Stuff for daytime/night time, volume of enemy resistance, etc. I'd like it so I could ideally set the enemy structures and the friendly structures, at markers on opposite ends of the map. I'm thinking I could have a copy of each base type (in this case, from Company of Heroes 2 and constituent to the mods that I'm using: OKW, Wehrmacht, Soviet and US), (These bases would be made by hand in Eden for reference) in a corner of the map away from player view, and teleport to the spawn the correct base type via the parameter feature in the lobby. I've not a blasted clue on how to do this, and any advice would be extremely appreciated! Finally, as my players take far too long in the arsenal, I'd like to have pre-made kits for them. I know how to save kits in the editor (I think at least) and so I'm just not sure how to set it up so that certain saved kit code can be converted into respawnable 'classes' for the players. (I know in other missions there are pre-created 'kits' to choose from when respawning). In an extremely ideal world, this would be tied with the base parameter as well, but only for friendly bases. I.E. A US base would thus only allow the players U.S. 'kits', the soviets likewise with their soviet kits and so on. As for the general company of heroes 2 idea, I'll be zeusing as both sides, effectively 'simulating' an RTS game, with my players acting as a squad (likely one that's rogue). I recognize this is an extremely big ask, but I'm still new with scripting and editing and appreciate any input. If anyone has questions, I'll respond as quickly as possible to this. Thank you for your time and stay safe in quarantine everyone. -ZDF
  3. zeedesertfox

    Unable to return to Zeus. Switch unit failing.

    Just tested this with a colleague, very strange. It would appear that if I die sometimes, rather than being transported back into Zeus view, I'll instead be re-spawned as one of my classes. Now the weird part. If it's a class with a primary weapon, I can hit Y and be re-locked back into Zeus view. If it's a class without a primary weapon (friend and I were mucking about), I've discovered that I'm trapped in non-zeus view. In addition, while trapped in non-zeus (so effectively player) view, I found that if I die from frag grenades, I won't be able to respawn (normally or by the escape> respawn method), or able to switch into zeus. I'm just trapped. Any advice lads?
  4. Howdy. Not sure if this is the right place, but I talked to the Achilles team and they stated it was more of an Arma 3/ Zeus bug rather than on their end, so here I am. I'm currently using the Achilles mod for my Arma 3 server, and I've discovered the following troublesome issue. I've set it so that the the player acting as Zeus is ideally unable to leave that position via forced interface. All well and good. Using the remote function via zeus works as intended, to an extent and allows me to take control of an NPC to perform basic tasks. However, there's only so much functionality available, and I'm often unable to use modded, or even in some cases I believe, vanilla features that would normally be available to a player. Thus, it's preferable to use Achillies's 'Switch Unit' function. However I've noticed that occasionally (not always), if I die when switched into another unit, either by player actions, crashing an aircraft into terrain, or enemy NPC fire, the zeus features will get glitched, and I'll respawn as that NPC, usually shirtless and nude of any gear. Hitting the Y key makes the proper noise, but doesn't actually allow me to access zeus again. Effectively, I'm locked in, and unable to return to being a zeus for the duration of that mission. Is there a way around this? Am I doing zeus wrong? And finally, is it possible to get like a server side, possibly an INIT script that could detect if the curator/zeus player is in the zeus position or not, and if not, every say, two minutes boot them back into the proper position? It's quite aggravating having to restart the server every time this occurs, and to do without the switch-unit feature would mean that many mods become effectively unusable for zeus. Thank you so much for your time- Yours very kindly- ZDF.
  5. I put a post there, and I've received no response in a while. Does any one know?
  6. zeedesertfox

    ASOR Vehicle Selector

    Do ya have any advice sir for changing the height the vehicles spawn at? My issues are layed out in this script. In short, I'm trying to have it so the vehicles can be selected at a ground base (they would spawn at 0 height, i.e. the ground), while the vehicles selected at the aircraft carrier would spawn on the aircraft carrier (that is, at the 200+ meter mark for the USS freedom and above the seabed). I thank you for your time.
  7. I actually failed to do that. Oh goodness, I'm mighty embarrassed right now.
  8. I recognize that this is probably just the issue of me reading the instructions wrong, but I still require help on this. Thank you for your time.
  9. I've had no luck fiddling with the code so far, any help would be appreciated.
  10. Good afternoon everyone. I've made my own mission in Arma 3, from a bunch of scripts and other things thrown together. My current issue is that I am trying to get the ASOR vehicle selection script to spawn their vehicles at a certain height, onto a Aircraft Carrier. At the same time, on the other end of the map, I would like the vehicles to spawn at the base, on the ground there. Now, the base vehicles spawn just fine. The two issues I had were the spawning of players on the carrier and the spawning of vehicles on the carrier. I've fixed the spawning of players at the correct altitude, as one can see in the init file of the mission, but now my issue is that of spawning the vehicles at the correct altitude. Here is an example of the base's plane spawning code. this addAction ["Spawn Planes", {[["planes"], [], "planespawn"] execvm "ASORVS\open.sqf";}]; That works well enough, but I tried using a similar, but slightly modified version to spawn the vehicles on the aircraft carrier, but have had no luck so far. this addAction ["Spawn Planes", {[["planes"], [], "planespawn_1"] execvm "ASORVS\open.sqf";}, 209.322, 0]; Again, mission files are attached and the screenshots. The mods I do have loaded at the moment are: Shacktac-userinterface CBA_A3 Chernobyl Zone Ares Mod- Achillies Expansion and CH View distance Although you should be able to open the mission through vanilla. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0rF4pj_6JMUdzdHcWRONXBRbkE Thank you for your time.
  11. zeedesertfox

    Blending two different scripts.

    Ahh! It worked! Thank you so much gents! Still feel a little foolish that I forgot something so simple, but thanks a thousand!
  12. zeedesertfox

    Blending two different scripts.

    Worked well, but it seems that the script itself isn't working, as I spawned a truck via zeus, and I'm not getting the pop up message at the back. Truck in question is a default NATO Ammo supply truck. No error messages though, so that's an improvement at least!
  13. Good evening. I've been attempting to make my own little missions for a few friends and myself, except that I've recently encountered a slight issue. I've been trying to add Grumpy Old Man's variable loadout script to my own mission. Unfortunately, it seems to conflict with another script already in the mission. The scripts I'm using are varied, but all the mission files are attatched, both prior to the addition of the new script, and after. I'm not sure what the problem is, wether I installed it wrong, or perhaps something else, but I have a hunch that the script is conflicting with the ASOR vehicle selection script. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28105 I can report that when I select the mission in the server mission select screen, this error message pops up. File E:\Users\Sean\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ZeeDesertFox\mpmissions\Zeus%20on%20Everon,%20Airfield.eden\scripts\GOM\functions\GOM_fnc_functions.hpp, line 12: .CfgFunctions: Member already defined. Any help blending these two would be greatly appreciated. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0rF4pj_6JMUbEdLczc5ZGQxZVU Missions are in the file. It states that its modified, but that was simply a modification of the name itself, and would be removed once its fixed. I'm new to this, so simple, step by step instructions may be required. Again, any help would be appreciated in getting rid of these errors.
  14. zeedesertfox

    Arma 3 crash to desktop

    Managed to send the required files, found all of them, unfortionately there has been no change.