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  1. just my opinion about this tool imagine the launcher from 1.58 version (only the launcher) to run on the server. you could subscribe and update de mods to a local server folder... then the batch scripts will do the rest. yes i know that we stil have duplicate mods (cache and the local folder copy), but in server i think that is not a big big problem...
  2. I think this is a problem of management and policy priorities of the BIS . This is a problem that has existed for years , anyone that has a dedicated server knows the problem. And now come to say that nobody ever asked for a solution or did not know the problem ? But it's supposed to comment or ask what so obvious and everybody knows ? I can only come to the sad conclusion that they do not have slightest idea what is to manage communities servers that use large amount and variety of mods in their missions . But to finish this, BIS_Wizard i do NOT want to be part of a problem, i want to be part of the solution. So, about that tool you are working, i'm 100 % available to help and test, if you need any help, suggestions, servers, testing, etc, etc. i will help you. Micronx.
  3. yeh, Of course this is obvious and best solution and BIS know that !. And Mr. BIS_Wizard don't tell me that BIS didn't have time to make this, because developpers need sleep, common lets be serious. We are talking of years of developing, years of manual uploads to update the mods in servers, years of waiting a tool to help us. But, Mr. BIS_Wizard do you know what is the realy worst part of this topic, is your atitude. Not wanting to disrespect or generalize, allow me to clarify on the following: I am a comunity administrator among many others, that support the servers of thousands of players that pays you the salary at the end of each month, We are that "just noise", that pays your bills. I think we all deserve a little more respect with this updates. These constant updates loaded with bugs is already a joke that begins to lose the joke. Until BIS doesn't show some respect with their customers with this updates, please do not turn to threaten me again, because next time we be your last ! Unlike you, I don't need ARMA to living or anything. Uninstall arma, shutdown servers, shutdown comunity and my problem is solved Micronx from Armalusa.
  4. micronx

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    i've already speak with Jones , and tomorrow he will update.
  5. micronx

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    I do not understand if it is a new version signed by jones, why it has not updated mod in armaholic ?
  6. micronx

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    what version is this ?
  7. micronx

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    _Yanko_, solved. I tested and is working. I'm waiting for the update to the mod with this patch from _yanko_.
  8. micronx

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hello, Why i can't i change the parameters in the server ? I'm logged with admin in server(dedicated server) I want to disable fatigue and i tried this in fetch_parameters i changed this: GRLIB_fatigue = ["Fatigue",1] call bis_fnc_getParamValue; to this: GRLIB_fatigue = ["Fatigue",0] call bis_fnc_getParamValue; ... doesn't work.
  9. micronx

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    hello, @JOnes. Any news about the problem of elevators ? this a great mod, please fix that problem. thank you.
  10. Tophe's For you http://armalusa.mine.nu/topic/739-tophes-tadst-o-homem-tamb%C3%A9m-canta/
  11. http://armalusa.mine.nu/topic/739-tophes-tadst-o-homem-tamb%C3%A9m-canta/
  12. What ports do you have ? are you forwarding udp or tcp ports ? Windows firewall and security software are enable ? did you make all inbound rules ?
  13. ok, Thank you. i found this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Port_Forwarding Port Forwarding Arma 3 uses the same default ports as Arma 2 with the addition of 2 steam ports. So if you intend running A2 and A3 servers on the same machine, you need to edit the ports used. Default ports are all UDP and as follows Incoming: 2302 (Arma3 Game port) + (VON is now part of main gameport due to NAT issues) 2303 (STEAM query ) 2304 (Steam port) 2305 (VON port - not used atm. but allocated) Outgoing: DST Port Proto Destination Comment 2344 TCP+UDP BattlEye - arma31.battleye.com 2345 TCP BattlEye - arma31.battleye.com 2302-2305 UDP any Arma Server to Client Traffic 2303 UDP any Arma Server STEAM query port 2304 UDP any Arma Server to STEAM master traffic To define the ArmA3 Game port used, state -port= **** in your command line arguments (Where *** is the new initial Arma 3 Game eg 2302) and to define your Steam ports add the following lines to your CONFIG_Vanilla.cfg (editing the actual port numbers as required) // STEAM ports are now linked to game-port as +1 for query and +2 to-master If you are running multiple servers, i would suggest the following format SERVER 1 2302 UDP (gameport + VON) 2303 UDP (STEAM query port) 2304 UDP (STEAM master port) 2305 UDP (VON reserved port but not used atm.) so open ports 2302-2305 and leave at least 10 ports between the next server set SERVER 2 2312 UDP (gameport + VON) 2313 UDP (STEAM query port) 2314 UDP (STEAM master port) 2315 UDP (VON reserved port but not used atm.) so open ports 2312-2315 and leave at least 10 ports between the next 3rd server set etc. I'm going to make some more tests, i will try to help you with this. [/b] ---------- Post added at 17:42 ---------- Previous post was at 17:16 ---------- Ok, Tophe, it's working ! lol first server •2302 (Arma3 Game port) •2303 (Steam query port) •2304 (Steam port).. (the correct name for this is: "Steam master port" or "Steam report port" ) second server: •2312 (Arma3 Game port) •2313 (Steam query port) •2314 (Steam port) My port forward configuration in router is: 2300-2330 UDP -> server address Thank you for your help and your time. Nice work !
  14. My problema is this first server: (running very well) •2302 (Arma3 Game port) •2303 (Steam query port) •8766 (Steam port) Second server: (i can't see in server list) •2312 (Arma3 Game port) •2313 (Steam query port) •8766 (Steam port) is this correct ? ---------- Post added at 16:47 ---------- Previous post was at 16:45 ---------- ok, thanks. i'm going to try to find information about that.