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  1. gobi42

    BMR Insurgency

    Just got to play the new island for the first time. Thought I'd stop in here and grab one of my favorite Arma missions for it. But jigsor hasn't released it yet. Looking forward to its release and keep up the great work man. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. I would love to see some mcx variants as well. Been asking for for some one to a mpx. But would rather have the 5.56 mcx â˜ºï¸ Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  3. Wow i'm blind i re read the thread and see Deadfast already answered my question. Sucks to see it's not possible, guess i'll look into adding it as a script to a mission.
  4. I doubt there will be an update to this mod as its been well over a year since anything has been heard from the dev. I don't have any source files for this mod either. As to the suppressor thing I ended up using joint muzzles for it. I will look if I still have my old config for it. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  5. gobi42

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Well hopefully he really does so then I can have this pack back in my steam collection Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  6. gobi42

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    I clicked on the link posted above and got an error message. also search for it in the workshop and i couldn't find it.
  7. Like the idea of this mod, haven't used it yet. But looking into it. Any idea if it would be possible to bind a shoulder switch button. So say I was using the ghost recon styled one. The default would be over the right shoulder, but then you could press a button and switch view from shoulder to shoulder? That way when I switch my weapon to my left shoulder and lean left I would see more than just the wall I'm standing by. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  8. gobi42

    EricJ Release thread

    Man that red is bright, but awesome. He'll if you added makings it could be a medflight ☺
  9. gobi42

    EricJ Release thread

    I don't fly much in Arma, but damn man, these birds make me wanna fly. Keep it up man. ☺
  10. gobi42

    EricJ Release thread

    One of these days when I really bored of the m4a1 I'll try and persuaded you to make an sig mpx. :) The 615 looks nice.
  11. gobi42

    EricJ Release thread

    Sure looks nice in black :-)
  12. gobi42

    EricJ Release thread

    Looking forward to the black version of the EOTech. Love the attention to detail on both.
  13. gobi42

    EricJ Release thread

    The only site i use in the game anymore is the m68 cco with mag you did for me. Works great with the m4a1 CQBR and mini suppressor. the ACR isn't bad either, i just prefer the m4a1.
  14. gobi42

    EricJ Release thread

    Like the looks of that eotech/mag combo. Also nice work on the laser/light side rail combo.
  15. gobi42


    We understand, your probably working on that new terrain we are waiting to get our hands on. :-)