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  1. subunit

    Tanoa Trains

    Any cars w/ FFV? Dining car
  2. subunit

    [WIP] Terrain "Benzopila"

    I personally don't mind the current Rustic Village Look. It's cool to have corners of the map where I can use WW2 mods. In any modern scenario, these kinds of villages are going to be flattened by arty if they become invested by some concentration of armor/infantry anyway, so you won't spend too much time clearing them thinking "this rubble is composed of the wrong building materials for this period in Benzopila", I feel.
  3. subunit

    [WIP] Terrain "Benzopila"

    This looks absurdly good. I can really see how the hand placement is allowing you to achieve dense foliage while saving on object count. I think this is gonna play great. Really looking forward to RHS ALiVE on this badboy. Pls consider taking donations or something for a vote on your next map. I would kick in $20 for a North American wilderness/low density urban map. I already have my Trump Loyalist National Guard ORBAT for ALiVE!!
  4. How you seperated them, but I see you've answered that in the next question. I agree with scottb613 that it would be nice to have some historical configs, ideally respecting some kind of recognisable TO&E. I have an old book that talks about NVA small unit organisation so I might take a crack at some unit-specific configs to add to the general NVA/VC configs
  5. subunit

    LM UNited Rebirth

    Take your time friend, this will be a really useful mod when you're done.
  6. Hey, great! Can I ask how you did it? I was thinking more about this last night and I realised Da Krong is really not a COIN map but rather a Dewey Canyon type air assault map, so I wanted to use the 1968 Marines and one of the non-mustard-colored NVA regiments. Do the faction mappings you've got break out the different units?
  7. subunit

    LM UNited Rebirth

    I don't think F2000s have had many reports of reliability issues in service. Some of the feedway internals are a little weird but I don't think there's any reason to believe they're less reliable than Tavors, AUGs, or other 5.56 bullpups. I've heard people complain about the difficulty in clearing jams but 90% of the reliability/ergonomics complaints you read on the internet are usually training issues (AR15 user can't figure out how to clear jam in F2000 "toilet bowl", chalks it up to "shitty plastic eurogun", goes back to AR), or magazine issues (astonishing # of 5.56 feed issues are related to worn-out feedlips on GI mags) In any case, UN troops would have whatever equipment the underlying national armies had. F2000s aren't that common, but they're in service with a few countries that could be Armaverse contributors to a UN contingent. I'm kind of in favour of the HK416 if only to have a more fleshed-out faction than just the CTRG using them, though.
  8. Make a module that you sync to an object in editor. The synced object would then allow players to access the VA, with an option to restrict gear to the player's faction.
  9. Sugar Lake. I am using it for an ALiVE scenario with CUP RACS as a stand-in for a seditious LA Nat'l Guard vs the USMC. It's basically all low-density industrial/urban or wilderness/bayou. Armor is necessarily funnelled into the long causeways outside the urban areas, so it doesn't dominate.
  10. Reticle sounds a little primitive but the tube sounds about the same as Gen1 tubes have always been, grainy and green. These days, though, you can run a Gen 1 tube with a bunch of little chinese LEDs instead of that backpack-battery-powered monster lamp on the M3.. any hope of a backpack for it? It's a really inconvenient system to use, a backpack requirement for the light would really emphasize that. I got tired of hosting missions for my group at 12 FPS (I usually build overly-large ALiVE missions and we play them w/o persistence as firefight generators), so I bought some server hosting. I'm hoping to host an Unsung Charlie COIN mission, but I think I'll need to write a custom VC faction mapping for it. Is it ok if I do that? I can make it available if no one's already working on it on the team.
  11. subunit

    Hot Air Balloon

    Any FFV? :lol:
  12. Thanks for the reply! Figured it was WIP but I thought I'd check. Thanks again, having a blast flying around Da Krong (beautiful map!!)
  13. This is a beautiful mod. I have just started to get my feet wet since I usually use ALiVE to build my group's missions, so Charlie is my first taste, but I'm blown away by the amount and quality of stuff that's already in. I don't know if advanced flight models are supposed to be working yet, but it seems fine for the hueys. I can't get any of the H13s off the ground in Advanced, though, which is a shame because the UH-13B with the 6 outboard FFV positions and the M60 in the copilot's position looks like a blast :D Thanks again for all your hard work guys. e: I just remembered I wanted to say the M113s look great in particular, each one looking beat up and different really adds some flavor to the setting
  14. subunit

    What Do We Know About The Ai?

    Agreed. The AI seems dumber and more robotic than it really is sometimes because so little of what's under the hood is apparent to the player.
  15. subunit

    Lightweight PLA mod?

    I had a chance to check this out finally, VME does not have a functioning ALiVE config. PLA_FACTION does not spawn PLA, it spawns CSAT.