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    Really enjoy this and Fallujah. If I may add my opinion please add the MRAPS http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26446 and use the ch 47. for blu for. Maybe a couple of road patrols or checkpoints for opfor..... You really have some great stuff here please keep up the work! edit could you put up a version with agm or without cse..... edit take a look at bornholm.... if you could do a joint port from both i could send you something over paypal ;) ......
  2. ranger51

    Arma3 steam vanilla game wont open

    THANK YOU!! I had 15 mods on vanilla startup!! worked perfectly!!
  3. ranger51

    Sangin WIP

    looks great!! cant wait!!
  4. Any chance of adding an Alive combat transport system or cas? Like a quick fast rope insert etc..... casevac would be awesome And maybe add some ai recruit script, if playing single player.....
  5. Amazing!! Cant wait to use!! What is the skill of the AI Set too?
  6. Does this work with Alive mod?
  7. maybe add some lights to turn on when the rear door is open... I love that addition of the rear door! will be giving a thorough insurgency style testing today!
  8. ranger51


    maybe a halo pole would be a nice addition...
  9. ranger51


    amazing work! plans on taking this to any other maps?
  10. very interesting developments I must say, give me a link and ill test, I must say Ive really been liking were everything has been heading, But i think this maybe a bit of a change. for the better we will see...... Everything else is great. Cheers. ---------- Post added at 22:03 ---------- Previous post was at 21:58 ---------- the re-arm repair, refit etc should be only allowed at base or when you bring a supply truck within radius. More scripts the more things could get fucked up is what I've been told. I think you should change the vehicles to http://www.armaholic.com/index.php?c=news_arma3 get rid of those hunters, then might want to dial down ied so not so many waste the vehicle compared to the hunter which i think may take more. but Immersion realism i think could boost from things easy things. ---------- Post added at 22:04 ---------- Previous post was at 22:03 ---------- I think bringing a supply truck middle of a down chopper to repair, would be amazing. Maybe a good way to add a mission in or something.
  11. Oh I got ya. Hopefully when things become more optimized things can work like that, just ideas. Lots of fun. Hopefully something could be developed you could go to a someone on base col. general and get a mission from them supplies, patrol random in nature. But I'm sure thats out of your development controls at this point but I'm thinking this would be most preferred. I redirect a lot of these questions over to the alive development team, but you have good work is why I keep letting you know! Does CAS re arm re fit etc? when rtb? and the AGM kinda have health problems when I RTB to use medic truck doesnt always clear screen. but that could be AGM. ANyway good stuff, thanks for the message ill try that shortly. CHEERS!!! :coop::292:
  12. My thoughts on more realism would be adding some base guards, patrols around the base something to make it seem like the base isnt a ghost town.....
  13. I like VAS a lot, have like 5 loadouts pre made from the map now lol or I use MCC to drop down something specific. since update the a-10 is spawned in front of UAV hanger, but CAS and ARTY work great with tablet and laser. You may want to auto add those into player, I saw a script that you could auto load laser designation plus batteries. Good update so far!!
  14. loving Mission, continue development please!!:):459::pc::coop: