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  1. Ahhh sweet man. Love the harrier, any word on an A3 compatable Queen Elizabeth class carrier. See if you can conquer the janky physx engine with that ski ramp :P
  2. Been waiting since alpha for this! any chance you can clue us in on a few more of the planned releases?
  3. Hey man, I've tried getting in touch with you regarding testing of this mod both on here and on skype to no reply, my I have a pretty kickass takistan invasion mission waiting to go but I want us to use this mod for an insertion, any word on how long before the beta version is released?
  4. I have the same issue, can confirm the mod is for A3 since it revolves around using the darter uav
  5. Wilcox

    Ivory Aircraft

    Just a quick bug report, when dropping the nuke from the tornado a couple of seconds after detonation (when flying at 4000m) it starts to glitch out my fuel level giving me an empty tank and then refilling itself
  6. Finally T-10's for Arma 3