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  1. Since A2 is now integrated into steam, does this mean that we can use SourceRconProtocols?
  2. theirs something wrong with the verifysignature check in 125548 my server wouldnt load at all. untill i turned it off it all of a sudden worked properly again then went to find out wich bikey whas the culprit and it whas cba.bikey. apparently theirs more troubled bikeys out there as far as i could read here and there. seems severe enough to be looked into!
  3. I've had major issues last night trying to update my dayz servers to this latest steam patch. In the spoiler is a conversation i had last night in the Arma2 script makers skype channel. It is believed to be some code ported from A3 causing the problems. Has anyone else had their servers starting up and not taking the startup parameters and apply them? Also seemed like i was getting ghost processes when trying to shutdown the dedi server console... So after 6 hours of pulling my hair out and almost going into a depression by despair, i reverted all affected servers back to the broken 112555 patch and everything is working again in the very same setup. I can reproduce this problem time after time (100%) I have 2 dedicated servers: Box1: SSD drive so servers share the arma2OA installation and have separate config folders with mission and server pbo's Box2: HDD drive so servers have separate arma2OA installations, epoch servers updated fine only overwatch has the same issue as all servers on Box1 have. If anyone from BIS wants to remote into my servers if need be you can contact me on our teamspeak: or on skype: dieuwer.descheemaecker or email: dieuwer@gmail.com Nickname used: Soul
  4. i wish it whas less backwards like this: leave the old command as what it whas --> less work on existing missins etc new command "GetSteamID" for the new system
  5. second that Iron_HFW, should be easy to fix for the devs. My tought as a dev would be: "let's get this out of our way first" but yeah call me crazy.
  6. UK431-Soul


    @firefly2442: Have you taken a look at the HiveExt.dll from dayz on how they handle with the comma's? There is no problem using them the only thing is currently the child node for custom queries has been removed cause they found it to be unsecure forcing scripters to use secondary methods to achieve what we want. I've struck the comma problem and wished id have read that part sooner, i've fixed it by replacing the , with a ` and now it works fine still i find it a serious "annoyance". anyway this an amazing dll extension to say the least :p and happy to use it on our dayz servers.
  7. That would be inside the rpt file, i mean as with the file name like it currently is on A3.
  8. As of this build, dayz servers using this build do not show up anymore on dayz commander. is this by design? aswell when can we get date/time stamped rpt logs like arma3 has? it would be a major improvement for high load servers that require often restarts etc!
  9. thats funny: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/new-york-police-interceptor-3d-max/652171
  10. It is called "RE" attacks wich means "Remote Execution". The DayZ Mod servers i host have been the target of these kind of attacks on and off from these kind of attacks. Often lasting weeks every day every hour. It is on purpose and the sole purpose is to destroy player base and with that destroy a community. Now this "RE" is done with dll injection of highly sofisticated code in sqf language involving fooling your server into executing code over the network on every connected client. As Dwarden said try v1.63 and hope this helps slow it down or stop it. Other then that there is nothing you can do but sit and wait it out and dont cave in to these kind of practices. Eventually the guy doing this will get bored and stop it or forget about you. I know this doesnt really help you but this should shed some light on what you are experiencing as i know very well what kind of stress and problems this brings along. Effects of these kind of attacks can range from clients all killing themselves or actually the server instructing the deaths of all connected clients. Disconnecting all players. Disconnecting players randomly. Causing major lag by re'ing exesive code blocks mostly in the form of while true do loops with many nested foreach loops... Effectivly and plain crashing the dedi exe but not killing the process thus leaving you behind with a "dead" process wich wont shut down automatically keeping your server down until you notice it. Theres a 1000 tings that can be done with RE and thankfully Dwarden has already patched up alot of the remote bypasses used to execture RE instructions. But yeah there are still a handfull bypasses in existance that are being well kept hidden. You could in a way thank dayz for the mass hacking cause that revealed alot of insight to dwarden and anyone working on battleye and enabled them to patch up alot of holes.