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  1. Some general feedback for the medical system here. I would like to see a system that allows more engaging gameplay for medics and non-medics, while keeping the flow of the gameplay up at the same time. Right now this is pretty hard to do with ACE3. The main problem I have is the way the PAK words in general and there should be more options on how you can set it up Medics should be important but not be the most important factor. ACE3 is already in a good direction here but it needs some adjustment. You can set up the system so that every player can keep other people in the game. They can bandage wounds, give medicine and saline/blood/plasma. This is a good thing but what I also miss is the time bonus medics had in AGM. So I would like to see medics being faster as non-medics. I like the fact that you can set it up so only medics can stitch wounds and use the PAK. This gives the medic some importance. So while other people can make sure players can stay in the game for a while, the medic can make sure they will also stay in the game by stitching their wounds and fully heal them. However the way the PAK words right now is a bit weird and I would like to see some options for it. In the field you can only use a PAK if the player is not beeling anymore. In a field hospital or in a medical vehicle you can use the PAK at all times. Non-Medics can use the PAK in field hospitals and medical vehicles. Weight/size of the PAK should be massively increased, so you can not take crazy ammounts of them with you. This would make medics more important but not overly important. When the medic is down, or there is simply no medic around normal players can make sure people stay in the game, but for a full heal you would need to get to a field hospital or call in a medical vehicle.
  2. Will the weight and the size of the PAK and the Surgical Kit be adjusted? Right now they are very light and take minimal space in the inventory away. PAK is 0.2lb and Kit 0.5lb. Right now it feels a bit pointless to make those items consumables, since you can take so much of both right now. I would like to see a more balanced weight/size for those items.
  3. I know this post is "relatively" old, but this describes some of my thought about the interface. The interface should help you play game and in my book a interface is always serving the player and the game. The current interface sure "looks nice" but it feels quite awkward and out of place. It feels more like I am serving the interface and not actually playing the game. As mentioned the text and the icons are very small. Also they can be quite hard to read, depending on the background on your screen at the time. I tried to use it with TrackIR and it was even harder to hit the icons. I hope that the system will get a overhaul or we can at least get a alternative in a module. The system AGM and CSE use right now may not look cool, but they work just fine and dont interrupt the gameplay.
  4. I have reinstalled both TFAR and CBA and got the files over play with six. Loaded a mission (placed TFAR) modules and it doesnt work.
  5. How can I actually change my keys now? The option in the game with cba does not work anymore and the radio.keys.hpp looks completly different and does not seem to have the option to change the keys anymore.
  6. Fennistil

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Half Life 3 confirmed.
  7. Fennistil

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    According to this I have another question. Is it intended that the PDA can only assign its own tracker with a name? So far it looks like only the tablet can assign names to other trackers. Is that intended?
  8. Fennistil

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    As far as I know vehicles marked as a medical vehicles do the following. Inside and in a short radius around the vehicle every player is basically set up like a medic. Meaning they would have the same benefits that assigned medic classes would get.
  9. How is PO handling the names of units. Let us say that we have units that have names like a1, a2, a3 etc. in the editor. Is the squad functionality from patrol ops doing anything with those names? Like when a player is joining another squad in patrol ops over the squad mod, will this have a effect on those names? We have some issues on maps where we have included the patrol ops functionality like the squad mod and other things. Certain things will stop to work when players got assigned to another squad group by patrol ops, because it might mess a bit around with the name of the unit.
  10. As said, the only thing I am missing from your version right now is a fix for the intel problems. The ones where there is a chance that the intel will bug out and be placed at the bottom left corner of the map. So what I would need from your version is a fix for that and maybe the option that when intel is collected it will give one a marker for a random cache. Right now intel will always be placed around one specific cache unt il it is destroyed. When it comes to new maps, I would like to see your Insurgency on Zargabad and Clafghan.
  11. Having some issued with the AI Commander. In a scenario I want to create I want a pretty basic setup. BLUFOR is holding a airfield and the surrounding area in chernarus. OPFOR is attacking the airfield from the nearby coast while some OPFOR units are defending their flank. I got everything working exept the setup for the attacking troops. When I connect the AI Commander to the military and civilian placement, the map will not load at all and I have to manually kill the arma3.exe. As soon as I disconnect the AI Commander from those objectives, the map will load just fine. I think I did everything according to the last video tutorial, but I guess I must be missing something and doing something wrong.
  12. Fennistil

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Small suggestion for the tracker items. It would be nice if you have to actively turn the trackers on like the helmet cameras. Right now the situation in the game can be like this: As HQ you usually dont want to see the position of every single soldier on your tablet. So before a mission you often have to make sure that only certain people have a tracker in their inventory (like squad and fireteam leaders). However in some situations it would be good if other players could turn their tracker on manually. Like in the case if the squad or fireteam leader is down (or off the server). So in this case one assigned player could turn his tracker on.
  13. Fennistil

    The Iraqi Warfare Mod [Alpha]

    Any news on this? The Vote to make it based on RHS seems to be pretty clear. While the IS infantry is poorly equipped when it comes to ammo, I noticed that their Offroad cars have a lot of ammo and other things in their cargo. They usually have magazines, grenades, weapons and most of all a static titan and a mortar. This can cause some balance issues when players realize this and start using those statics.
  14. Thanks for the answer. Will this disable the entire squad mod completly, or just the function that squad leaders can assign licenses?
  15. Is it possible to completly disable the Squad Mod from Patrol Ops? Issue us that on a mission we run we in fact only want certain roles to fly, or use certain ground vehicles. Right now every Squad Leader can assign himself or other people to be able to do that.