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    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    Help table in the right top corner says "PHOTO BI-WIDE1".
  2. Inkognito

    Localized versions

    I would help with the german translation. My Nickname on Dev-Haven is the same as in this forum
  3. Command Sequence I like Kerbal Space Program - but I love Take On Mars. There is one simple point for it: Without the Mechjeb mod für KSP you have to control the rocket by yourself. Its not the problem to learn it but ... WHY should I steer a rocket by myself? So what am I doing? I get the rocket in a stable orbit with mechjeb (autopilot) and do the other things like docking by myself. Since I discovered the Command Sequence in Take On Mars, I am in pure love with the game. Planning a route with the small satellit view and my mouse and then let the thing go and watch it doing the most of a mission by itself. Now, the Command Sequence has a small "Early Access" Banner on the right top. Everything else with this banner is a work in progress (like the Temporary stuff after useing EAS or APXS and so on. I am curios what we will get even more into the command sequence - what are the plans? Or is the banner just there for "nothing"? Exploration One I would like to see some survival aspect in the exploration one "addon". Not just the "go to X and do X" like with the rovers (even when its fun :D). I want to have some really bad astronaut days in Take on Mars in the harsch mars world! Give me many ways to die! I am thinking about radiation, heat, cold and what about .... some storms which will blow away some parts of my base (evil smile)? Let one of my tires at my car blow up 1km away from my base with the food and water - GIVE ME PROBLEMS (do we even need to eat/drink?). Dont make one of the easy games, kill us players - let us hate bistudio!
  4. Inkognito

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    The Command "Photo" in the Command Sequence does not work. I have a "BI-WIDE1" Camera on my small rover but on typing the command "PHOTO BI-WIDE1" he gives me out "OK>ERR>NULL>NULL". "PHOTO BI-" is a "OK>ERR>NULL" while "PHOTO-BI-W" is "OK>ERR>NULL>NULL". Hope I am not irritating :D
  5. Hello space comrades! Played TKOM since the first early access release on mars - for 11 hours only. I loved the game at the point, I don't remember why I stopped playing it. Today I installed it again, saw that news about exploration one. After starting I saw that new map - great! New asteroid (?), the asteroid belt and much more locations. (After the great Mars3 intro to be right). As second thing the new probes - nice thing and I am wondering if the nasa has landed really so many probes on mars o.O After that I got a notification about the weather and I read something about moving rocks in the wind - does this really happen ingame? And last thing I discovered as a new thing doe me - COMMANDS?!!? WWWOOOOW! New dimension for me - I mean really. It's much more fun for me putting some commands in it, looking for the distances and let the rover run. Now I have some questions about this: - will the command mode stay in the game? I like it - No I LOVE it - The satellite, right now I use it for moving my rover with the commands. But is this satellite realistic? - will even more realistic options come to the game? - and for the last question: what is in the dev beta right now different to the normal game?
  6. Sorry, off topic: I can't create threads? //EDIT after the second post I was able to start my own thread. This post can be deleted