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  1. lynx450

    3CB BAF Weapons

    feels like ages since you teased the new l129a1 models, the wait is killing me. love your mods btw keep up the hard work
  2. lynx450

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hi Guys love your work, I've been following your mods for a few years now and they are by far my favorite mods. any news on when we can expect the updates to drop??? Thanks
  3. lynx450

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Hi love the update guys. Is it just me or are the armour values broken?
  4. lynx450

    Ghost Missions

    Hi Ghost, glad to see you are working on an update, i have to say iv been playing enemy assault since you 1st launched it and its by far my most played mission. looking forward to playing 3.0
  5. lynx450

    3CB BAF Weapons

    what has made you guy go back to the standard mag on the l129a1? the one before looked so much nicer
  6. lynx450

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Been playing round with these new treats and iv gota say i love what you have done with the l129a1, it looks so much nicer. I feel the TA648 scope lets it down abit quality wise, iv put the TA648 from the australian defence force mod on as it looks alot smoother and polished, other than than guys thanks for the great work you've put into the pack
  7. Hi do you guys no longer support ASDG joint rails? i love one of your scopes but it seems after the latest update its no longer compatible with other weapons than ur own?
  8. lynx450

    3CB BAF Units

    im also looking eagerly on here daily waiting for this to drop, carn't wait.
  9. lynx450

    3CB BAF Units

    any ETA on the next update?
  10. lynx450

    3CB BAF Units

    Are you guys working on the l129a1 in your weapon pack? as i dont think there is any active modders still supporting the rifle and id love to see it working with bipods looking forward to it anyway like....
  11. lynx450

    L85a2 v3

    Ill 2nd P_Siddy. Id love to see some Kiory magic on the L129a1
  12. lynx450

    3CB BAF Units

    love the royal marines uniform however I couldn't help notice the writing on the royal marines left arm flash is backwards
  13. hi mate any chance you could make a royal marines insignia for the uniforms
  14. lynx450

    UK Special Operations A3

    hi mate love the mod especially because its zeus compatible, however have you considered using trixies l129a1 for your marksmen???
  15. lynx450

    Trixie's Release Thread

    I hope its not the end trixie you've brought us some awsome weapons. Id love to see them adsg compatible to