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  1. Hello, i was playing on the specific server for long time now, every day. Today ive put a new monitor with a higher resolution and higher refresh rate on my PC and since then i cannot connect to this specific server anymore. Other servers worked fine, even with the same mission just on another map. Current server that causes the problem is running Tanoa. I can start Tanoa without crash. I tried to do the troubleshooting described here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Unusual_process_exit#0xC0000005_-_ACCESS_VIOLATION with no success at all. Other players dont seem to have the problem, since there are like 40 online right now. I deleted the mission pbo's thats been downloaded when joining a server the first time. it redownloaded it, but still crashes after team selection. Heres my debug zip thats been created by arma 3. http://www.file-upload.net/download-11815515/ArmaReport_Log_20160801T193516_Administrator.zip.html i tried to start arma 3 as admin, didnt do anything to the problem. i updated my graphics driver, but well.. it worked with my old monitor so i dont think this should do anything. the previous monitor was a 60hz 1920x1080 one, the new one is a 2560x1440 144hz one. ive had similiar problems on the 1920x1080 one when i had nvidia shadowplay activated, but its disabled since weeks now. Startup parameters are: cpu count 8, ex threads 7 (all 3) malloc system ( i also tried tbbmalloc_bi and tbbmalloc ) max mem 12288 max vram 6000 (980Ti got 6144, but its around 1700 when crash happens.) System is (for those who dont want to read the dxdiag in zip provided): Intel Xeon e3-1241v3 16gb ddr3-1333 GTX 980Ti with driver ver. 368.81 no overclock Windows, Steam & Arma on SSD. Windows 10 Pro x64 virtual memory 14gb dx version: 12 screenshot of the error + taskman + afterburner https://i.gyazo.com/95af67f9c3ea5c95d7c1aa6c00d5bdb2.png Please help. EDIT: Setting the resolution back to 1920x1080 makes it work again, i can join without crash. just 1440p doesnt work.. changing the resolution from 1080 to 1440 while on the server, it doesnt crash.
  2. 1. Check which program is using the Config / Profile. Using Process Explorer: http://superuser.com/questions/399659/how-can-i-identify-what-application-is-using-a-given-file Close that application if you know which one it is. 2. DId you had Arma 3 installed on a other Harddrive? Maybe the arma3.exe hasnt the right permissions to write to user/documents/arma3 Find the arma3.exe (and repeat this to all other .exe files in this folder, including battleye/ folder) right click, security now click on the lower button (must be named advanced / extended or something, i dont have english windows) and set the Owner (at the top) to your user. Simply click on it, and enter User, then on the right button. Ok everything and try again. if this didnt help, go to Documents folder, search for arma3 and arma 3 other profiles folder (if theres one) and delete it. If all this didnt help, run arma3battleye.exe as administrator (right click, run as admin), then it should have the permissions to write the config.
  3. gamerpaddy

    Arma 3 won't launch since 1.46 update

    I had avast too, no problems so far. Whats your Graphics Driver version? Did you tried to "Verfiy game cache files" using Steam? (right click arma 3, properties, files, check or verify game files button.) Try to start Arma3 using the arma3battleye.exe in its main folder, a CMD window will open, and you can see if somesthings wrong with BattlEye .if theres an warning or error, go to battleye.com and download "client for windows", put the BEClient.dll into arma3/battleye folder. if all this didnt help, delete Arma 3 folder, and re-download everything. Also check, if you set some launch parameters in steam or the arma 3 launcher. Remove if necessary
  4. gamerpaddy

    ArmA 3 Stutters/Lags

    Its the well known Multiplayer FPS bug. Your hardware isnt even under 50% load, but still low fps. Im playing arma 3 (with same settings, resolution, parameters) on my PC and Laptop. My laptop is like 1/8 the power of my PC, but in multiplayer it works much better. BI say its the badly coded mission youre playing on Modders say, its the old engine arma is running on some players say that the available hardware cant handle that much (bottleneck everything with 5% load......) some other players say, the server is limiting your fps to its actual performance.. we never know, probably BI is never going to do anything about it. The only possible fixes for the Players: -Play on a server that isnt full. Find your "working" player count. I got on some King of the Hill server 20fps with 50 players and more. 30fps with 30 players. 80 with 10 players or less. -Try to learn to play with stuttering, lags, freezes and low fps. -invade BI Studios in czech and force them to fix this immediately. (Which sounds a bit unrealistic, but you never know) -Play an other game, GarrysMod has some good roleplay gamemodes too. ( and proper, working physics)
  5. Same here, i tought it has something to do with my settings. no controllers at all connected.
  6. latest catalyst drivers installed? ran verify integrity of game cache using steam? (google for how to do it)
  7. Go to Arma 3 folder and take a screenshot, it looks like Arma3.exe isnt in the right folder. Try to Verfiy integrity of game cache, using steam - library - arma3 (right click) properties - files - check files button. if this didnt help, you could try to update BE client by downloading "Client for windows" at battleye.com put it in arma 3 / battleye folder.
  8. gamerpaddy

    0xc000009a error

    This is because Battleye did some bullshit today by updating its dll files. Some users, including me got the same problem. it blocks the Physix3_x86.dll at startup. Just go to http://www.battleye.com/downloads/ Download Client For Windows and put The BEClient.dll into Arma 3/BattlEye folder
  9. gamerpaddy

    Next DLC poll what would you want it to be??

    i would like to see a "better physics" dlc, which makes this game playable never seen a game with that bad physics
  10. gamerpaddy

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Hey, i just upgraded my pc to new hardware. Now ive got: Intel Xeon e3-1241 v3 16gb ddr3 1333 2x GTX 670 in SLI Arma 3 and steam installed on samsung 840 evo ssd Singleplayer all fine, until 4500m viewdist (all settings high) but on Servers, god damn. when will this end. its rolling around 15 and 25 fps, no matter what settings im using. i heard its the server limiting fps somehow.. is there a fix/haxx to bypass this fix? how does some people get more fps and some less on same server, by having nearly the same pc? my pc i had before (1100T amd, gtx 670, 16gb ddr3 1333, arma 3 steam on ssd) had the same results on this server. but when i played on 3 monitor 1920x1080 it ramped up to like 45fps. so it wasnt really the server or the system. somehow the engine itself cracked its balls
  11. i got: AMD Phenom 1100T BE @default clock, runs 10-30% better when OC to 3.8GHZ, but then the bluescreens incomming. Disabled turbo core Watercooling to keep below 45°C 1x GTX 670 from PALIT 4x4 (16gb) DDR3 1333 RAM KingstonHyperX ASUS M4a87TD EVO usb3 board Steam on Samsung 840 EVO ssd Windows on OCZ Vertex2 SSD Soundcard: creative sound blaster Z and Zx Headset G15 keyboard & RAT9 mouse 3x AOC 27 inch 1920x1080 monitors. and low fps Results (with tbbmalloc allocator, because default ones are much worse) 10 Player Server @1920x1080| Sampling 100% all ULTRA: 18fps 10 Player Server @1920x1080| Sampling 200% all ULTRA: 16fps 10 Player Server @1920x1080| Sampling 100% all LOW: 16fps 10 Player Server @1920x1080| Sampling 50% all LOW: 17fps 10 Player Server @1920x1080| Sampling 200% all LOW: 16fps 40 Player Server @1920x1080| Sampling 100% all ULTRA: 17fps 40 Player Server @1920x1080| Sampling 100% all LOW: 16fps 40 Player Server @5760x1080|Sampling 100% all ULTRA: 26fps 40 Player Server @5760x1080|Sampling 100% all LOW: 25fps ULTRA means: all settings the highest possible, viewdistance set to farest, object dist too. (server is limiting to max value) LOW means: all settings the lowest possible, viewdistance set to closest, object dist too. 1920x1080: Nvidia Sorround off, primary monitor 5760x1080 Nvidia sorround on, all 3 monitors http://s7.directupload.net/images/140417/vqu3xc8o.jpg
  12. gamerpaddy

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Hello, i have (like many others) FPS problems. if i ask someone, how do i fix it, the common answer is: get a better pc... Ok, now ive tried some settings. Background informations: im using tbbmalloc allocator (you can find by google tbbmalloc) im running an AMD phenom 1100T @ 6x3.3ghz with watercooling to keep below 45°C, GTX 670 (no oc), 4x4gb ddr3 1333 rams, steam and arma on secondary SSD, windows on primary SSD Settings: <depending on test, it could change> 1920x1080 (at primary montor) 60hz arma3.cfg maxframesahead 1 and detectframesahead 1 VSync is DISABLED (even in nvidia control panel, global setting and ingame) Turbo Core (AMD turbo stuff) is disabled Launch parameters: -cpuCount=6 -exThreads=7 -maxMem=8192 -maxVram=2048 -noBenchmark -noLogs -noPause -noSplash -malloc=tbbmalloc The game is running at 30fps in singleplayer (if im not running an gamemode like Joes sandbox) At multiplayer, its depending on how many players there are. I got at 5-10 players 23-30fps 10-20 i got 18-23fps above 20 its between 9 and 18fps Ok, first i thought my pc is too slow (like everyone without clue say) i switched the settings to LOW (it was everything on HIGH), after that the fps did not change, but the graphics was terrible. Hmm, what about ULTRA. OK so now i switched everything to Ultra (viewdistance 3500, objects 2000), same fps as before. Now i overclocked my CPU from 6x3.3 to 6x4ghz. the game was actually playable (25fps on 40player server), but after some time i got an bluescreen over and over again. Back to default clock (after trying 3.8, 3.6 and 3.5ghz) Weird, ok lets have some fun and activate Nvidia sorround, so i can play on 3 monitors. The result was: 5760x1080@60hz vsync on, everythign on ultra, 12km viewdistance 5km object, 200m shadow. AA 8x, SMAA ultra, HDAO ultra, caustics activate blah. Then the surprise: 20player server: 26fps WAT? i heard that my PC is actually doing something now, CPU load was 90%, RAM was 78% and graphics 98% and the fans was audible even with headset on. Fine, but its hard to play on that resolution, and 26fps is not the solution. its still too low. Here are some screenshots and "screen shots" i cant post URL's for informations like dxdiag, screenshots. so i have to use a bug to post it: Ingame: http://s1.directupload.net/images/140417/c9edi2y6.jpg Outgame (captured with an camera): http://s7.directupload.net/images/140417/vqu3xc8o.jpg http://s14.directupload.net/images/140417/ef7culay.jpg Well, will this be fixed soon? Ive planned to get a i5 4670k. but if this is going to be fixed someday, i will keep 1100T until there is a 400% better one for same price. P.S. if someone needs more informations about my system, heres the dxdiag (x64) http://pastebin.com/HpmzWzTc (redirect to pastebin )