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  1. pixelmonkey

    Why are life servers receiving so much hate?

    (Edit) Sorry for posting that twice. I don't have the mental capability to figure out how to delete this post so I've decided to edit it out, I apologize for my incompetence.
  2. pixelmonkey

    Why are life servers receiving so much hate?

    Thank you everyone for submitting such in-depth and comprehensive answers (It's always nice to hear from the good side of the ArmA community every once in a while) !
  3. Hey everyone! I'm interested in finding out basic statistics about the ArmA 3 community. I recently posted a topic asking the question "Why do life servers receive so much hate?" and I had many very good and in depth responses to the topic. This time around, I'm interested in finding a more general statistic, and am hoping to find out what the most popular game-modes in ArmA 3 at the moment are. The reason I am interested in finding these statistics is that I'm writing a thesis on ArmA 3 Communities - though it is heavily focused on the flaws and solutions that could be applied to life servers. I don't want this to come across as a boring survey so I encourage everyone to share their opinions and thoughts on their favorite ArmA game-modes as well as some other game-modes that are available to the game; and why you favor certain game-modes over others. Furthermore, I believe that this topic could also help newcomers to the ArmA 3 Community get a better idea of which game-modes they should try out based on their interests through reading your thoughts and opinions. Answering the poll will also help me narrow down the data, and make it easier for me to compile. Thank you for your time, Brandon. :)
  4. Hello everyone, I have been part of the ArmA 3 community for a little over 2 years now, and I'm so glad that I decided to get into ArmA in the first place. I've been an active player on mainly Takistan Life for ArmA 2, until the world of development and modding sucked me in; I haven't had time to play any of the recent mods. I am now interested in exploring the different opinions surrounding the ArmA 3 community about Life mods and servers in general. I am writing a thesis on this subject and I am hoping to receive some feedback from you guys to better understand the mindset and reasoning for some of your opinions. It would help me a lot in my search if you guys could take the time to fill out this survey or post below some of your thoughts on ArmA 3 Life servers/mods. Rant away! Thank you for your time! - Brandon :)
  5. Hi, I'm PixelMonkey. I'm the project lead for the Voltage Gaming Life Project. We are currently working on developing a new Arma 3 Life mod. We are thinking of creating a new map for our mod so we will need the help of a few texture designers. We're also looking for a modeler to help us create custom objects and buildings for our map and mod in general. If you need more information about our project feel free to message me or to hop on our teamspeak. TS3: tssyd1.vilayer.com:10060 We hope to hear from you soon :)
  6. Background Information For the past year and a half, I've been working on building and bringing together a server community. I've been a frequent Arma Life player (mainly Takistan Life, when it was still based in Arma 2), so I have a strong passion for RP game modes. I have tried and failed many times in the process but it hasn't discouraged me, I am still motivated to reach my goal. While playing on popular Taki Life, and Altis Life servers I felt that something was missing. Although I loved the chaotic environment of Takistan Life, and the never ending mischief of terror bombings and police shenanigans, it got quite old after a while. My main goal for this project is to create a profitless RP community that thrives and is sustained by passionate members, yet can still be fun and interesting for beginners. I plan on making this a modded Life RPG, though I am completely liberal to the idea, and if that isn't what you guys want, then I am willing to listen to your voices. However, keep in mind that this 'proposal' is based around a modded Life. Overview I plan to significantly increase the amount of content for the civilian faction, in order to boost interest for that particular faction so that players will be more motivated to be part of the carefully designed economic system I plan to implement. Furthermore, I plan to add a level system, or some sort of skill based stat chart that will enable players to access certain features that will only be available to sufficiently experienced players (ie. Mining will become more efficient as you level up your mining abilities) as well as basic abilities (Stamina, Accuracy, etc.) improving over time. Though this idea is still very young. I also plan to add a simple crafting system so that players will be able to craft a few basic objects. Obviously the system will not be extremely advanced because this isn't a survival game mode, though I remain optimistic. I believe that a justice system is one of the most important aspects of an RPG, so I will definitely be implementing a court system. I will not be whitelisting the cop faction, though players who are willing to join will need to partake in a short training course and agree to the cop faction's terms of agreement. For the main cop faction, I am planning on adding several branches of law enforcement. We have a lot of other unique features planned. If you are interested in learning more about our project feel free to hop on our teamspeak and talk to us personally. Release So when will this be available to play? I am working on this project with only a single partner at the moment who is helping me with the web development. I am developing the Arma side of the mod completely alone. I hope to have a rudimentary beta by the end of January 2016, though development is still very slow. As you can see, I have all of the concepts and features planned out, and I have a basic understanding of how to code 95% of what I am planning to offer. All I really need now is manpower. This is why I am reaching out to the community, and asking for support. If this results in positive feedback from you guys then that would mean a lot to me and would really motivate me in going forward. If any of you happen to be interested in contributing to this project, or helping out with development then I will be sure to find a way to thank you. I am not looking for money, I am only interested in contributing to the Arma community, and to create something that everyone can enjoy. So if there is anything any of you would like to add or recommend, please voice your opinion and I will listen to anything you guys suggest if I think it would benefit the community. Edit: We are looking for a terrain editor/map creator! Anyone who can fill this position please add me on steam. Steam: pixelmonkey1 Teamspeak: tssyd1.vilayer.com:10060
  7. pixelmonkey

    Need help with extDB

    Could you share the contents of your ini file as well?
  8. Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me develop a Takistan Life server from scratch. I'm not sure if this is the best way of doing it, but I can't seem to find any editable Takistan Life mission files anyway so this is the way I'm going. I've been doing moderately fine so far, but I would like a partner to work with as it would be much faster and helpful for me. I don't have much knowledge in scripting but I have the basic concepts down and I can create simple actions and functions within the game. I would like to have a partner with more knowledge than I do in scripting so that I could learn from him/her but also have a higher quality outcome. If anyone is interested please let me know. Thank you in advance :)
  9. pixelmonkey

    Cash system scripting help!

    No, it's not. The only code I've written for this action is in the original post. I just don't understand why It's not working. Everyone else on the internet doesn't seem to have the same problem as I do. ---------- Post added at 14:53 ---------- Previous post was at 14:52 ---------- I've tried so many times, using so many methods, It's still not working for me.
  10. I've been trying to create a cash system on my Arma 2 server for about 2 days now, and I've run into one initial issue. I've added a function which the player can activate to view how much money they have and it prints the value out as a silent hint. Instead of printing "You have: $100" or something like that, it prints out 'You have: $any". Please help me find the error in my code. Init.sqf: money = 0; Player Init: this addAction ["Check Money","moneycheck.sqf"]; moneycheck.sqf: hint format ["You have: $%1",money]; When I select the action in game, the hint pops up but displays: "You have: $any". Please help me fix this problem. Thank you in advance. :)