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  1. Hello there. So.. I bought a new PC and installed ARMA III. After I've launched it I realised I have no progress linked to my previous stats, so, aboslutely new profile was created which is quite obvious. However, I thought it somehow synchronizes with Steam account. My old PC is dead now, so.. no chance to copy Arma 3 old profile folders. Same thing with screenshots. Are there any other possibilities to find the old stats? Maybe it is somehow connected with the player URL or smth like this? Any ideas? 🤔
  2. Hey, what's up guys? So the problem is following: I'm using a description.ext to make some Radio dialogues, but the text doesn't type, only numbers. This is the fragment I have in description.ext: "class mes1 { name = "mes1"; sound[] = {"sounds\mes-1.ogg", db+0, 1.0}; title = "Я - 0-98ой, начинаю работу.";}" It all works fine except for the one point - while playing the game Russian letters are not visible. What might be the problem? Even if I switch my game to Russian (as I am playing it in English), the other scripted dialogues which are coming, let's say from units, are typed ok and I can see the letters. But for those messages I created - no way. How can I solve it?..
  3. necrous

    To-199 Neophron cockpit HUD review

    Sure, it is CSAT's plane truly. Though don't you think when Russia's selling it's aircrafts/jets to China or India, they are changing HUD language to something unreadable and weird? I mean, in this case you've mentioned, they should have changed the Cyrillic language in a Neophron's cockpit to Farsi or whatever else. But not to something that has no meaning at all and looks like a child trying to learn basic Russian and type some words :D
  4. Since we were announced about approaching Jets DLC in the nearest future, I have a suggestion on reviewing To-199 Neophron's HUD in a cockpit. Since I'm Russian, all the words with Cyrillic letters in Neophron's cockpit look really odd and freaking funny . So I googled some real Yak-130 cockpits and found some images where you can see what exactly is written. Although I understand there might be a problem with copyrights, which obviously forced BIS to name Kamaz Zamak, though I still think it would be really nice if words in Neophron's cockpit had some normal meaning (just like with A-164 Wipeout when you know gear actually means gear...)
  5. I haven't found any related topic, only a few comments about the subject with no answer. So, my question is - is there any option there can be more than one editor online in 3den/Eden, let's say, I host a server and my friend joins me to edit some scenarios together in 3den/Eden? Is there any special mod for that purposes? If not, how likely it will appear in the nearest future, integrated in Arma, i.e. without any mods?