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  1. ROK Armed Forces Retexture Addon v1.0 Click image to new tap and big enough to see it! Description This addon is upgrade version of Republic of Korea Army Unit addon. Add Republic of Korea Army(ROKA) and ROKMC faction in blufur. All clothes and vehicles are retextured from original arma 3 models. If you find some bug or crash, please send message to me. Steam ID : 11Hz And thank you for download this addon. Features 70 uniform & vest & helmet 18 vehicles 86 insignia Download Link Main File @ROK_Armed_Forces_Retexture_Addon - Steam subscribe Link Optional File @ROK_Amred_Forces_Radio_Retexture_Addon - Steam subscribe Link - require Main File & Task Force Radio & CBA Included pbo @ROK_Armed_Forces_Retexture_Addon roka_d.pbo roka_d_vh.pbo @ROK_Armed_Forces_Radio_Retexture_Addon roka_d_radio.pbo Item class name Vehicle list Change log Thanks to Kimchiguys Group, Kimchiman, Daymoon Stevenson Raspu86 Bohemia Interactive
  2. Republic of Korea Army units Addon updated v1.21
  3. http://www.cartoongenerals.com/main/index.php?/topic/4545-tutorial-arma-3-mission-creation-and-scripting-resources/ This link will help you.
  4. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?177445-Limit-3rd-Person-View-by-class This code will work fine.
  5. Reupload zip file please!:rolleyes:
  6. Republic of Korea Army units Addon updated v1.2
  7. Far future, If I get skill of ALiVE compatible, then I will do! But for now, I don't have skill to do that.
  8. For now, I do not think of ALiVE compatible.
  9. You mean ALiVE mod compatible?
  10. @Chortles @Corporal_Lib[bR] I know the ROK 2035 mod. But I want play arma3 with ROKA now! If the ROK 2035 mod maker, Firewill, need help, I will be happy to help him:)
  11. Description Republic of Korea Army Units addon add three diffrent camouflage based units. First one is Frog camouflage. It used between 1980s ~ 2013. Second one is Digital camouflage. This is now being used in ROK Army, ROK Airforce, Rok Navy. Last one is Special Force camouflage. ROK Army factions are in Blufor and Independent. Each of faction has a Frog, Digital, Special Force camouflage units. I use Arma3 unit templets to retexture uniform, helmet, vest. [/img] Republic of Korea Army Units addon v1.21 Downloads Republic_of_Korea_Army v1.21(20MB) Important!!! If you update this mod, Do not overwrite! Please delete @ROK_Army v1.2. Then copy and paste @ROK_Army v1.21 class name: Independent ROKA_D_Uniform ROKA_D_Digi_Uniform ROKA_D_Spec_Uniform Blufor ROKA_D_WEST_Uniform ROKA_D_Digi_WEST_Uniform ROKA_D_WEST_SPEC_Uniform Vest & Helmet ROKA_D_PlateCarrier_IA ROKA_D_Digi_PlateCarrier_IA ROKA_D_Helmet_IA ROKA_D_Digi_Helmet_IA ROKA_D_Spec_Helmet_IA ROKA_D_Spec_PlateCarrier_IA ROKA_D_Boonie_B Include pbo: roka_d_west.pbo roka_d.pbo roka_d_weapon.pbo roka_flag.pbo roka_marker.pbo Installation: Put this addon into steam\steamapps\common\arma3. Run arma3 launcher and check @ROK_Army. Changelog: v1.21 - add digital camo boonie - add frog camo boonie - add logo v1.2 - fix blufor digital uniform problem - fix bag pack problem - fix pbo name - add special force camo units - add special force boonie hat - add Republic of Korea, ROK Army flags - add Republic of Korea, ROK Army markers - add frog, digital camo crew, heli pilot(heli pilot isn't retex yet) v1.1 - digital camouflage texture remake - change default weapon to mx_black - nv goggle change to nv goggle independent(color changed) - add mod.cpp - add Republic of Korea Flag in digital camo - add airborn mark in digital camo - add roka_d_weapon.pbo - add attachment - 18 types of units are added(rifleman, teamleader...) v1.0 - Republic of Korea Army Unit addon Released Images [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  12. Your mod is always Great! In arma2 simple breath fog script is so good. Thanks for release this mod
  13. 11hz

    L85A2 Release

    It looks Great!! Nice work man:yay: