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Found 33 results

  1. I have custom textures for the items I want in a custom faction, it’s just beyond my comprehension to set up a config that can use them and completely pack em. Price is completely negotiable. List of mods that faction will be using: - RHSUSAF Vehicles being used from the RHSUSAF mod - UH-60 (ESS) - CH-47 - M115A1 (Unarmed, M2, Grenade Launcher) Base Game Items - AAF Uniform (Both rolled and not rolled) - Rhino MGS These items will be given a texture Just a basic soldier with the uniform is all that is required along with these retextured vehicles
  2. Hi, I want to know, what's the classname for each factions of the new DLC S.O.G Preairie for edits missions? In the game base I know the main factions BLU_F, OPF_F, CIV_F, but don't for this DLC somebody can help me with this?
  3. Hello everyone, lately, I have been looking for ways to improve quality of life as a long time Zeus mission maker. Is there a way to switch SIDE on All players currently in session with the press of a button. One button for each side or, better yet, make it toggle between two sides such as West and Civilian on the press of a button? This would be very convenient for me, as I would otherwise have to be quick on my feet at times, constantly bringing up modules back and forth in order to change it and I am quite busy as is during the sessions. Any pointer or tip is very appreciated.
  4. Working on a TvT Campaign and would like to have a script that changes a flag when a faction captured an area (trigger) been looking around but can't find anything suitable - help appriciated - thanks
  5. With the re-release of the mod I felt like I maybe should start a thread Brotherhood & Unity The end of Yugoslavia, 1985-2000 Background During the Cold War Yugoslavia stood as a neutral nation between the Warsaw Pact and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.To uphold its neutrality Yugoslavia required an army to defend itself which led to a large effort to build one up and at the end of the Cold War the Yugoslav People's Army was a well equipped and well trained army. The army would ultimately end up being used against itself during the breakup of Yugoslavia and the wars that followed. About Brotherhood & Unity aims to cover the Yugoslav People's Army before the breakup and also the different factions that fought in the Yugoslav Wars. The mod is not 100% accurate when it comes to the equipment used but I am looking to do my best with a relatively light list of dependencies. Disclaimer This mod does not take any side to the politics behind the Yugoslav Wars and I ask you to please refrain from discussing politics about the war in the comments. Content Factions Yugoslav People's Army '85/'91 [IND/OPF] SFRJ Ministry Of The Interior [IND] Slovenian Territorial Defence [BLU] Slovenian Ministry Of The Interior [BLU] Croatian Army '92/'95 [BLU] Croatian National Guard [BLU] Croatian Ministry Of The Interior [BLU] Croatian Defence Council '92/'95 [BLU] Serbian Army of Krajina '92/'95 [OPF] Army Of Republika Srpska [OPF] Yugoslav Army '92/'95 [OPF] FRJ Ministry Of The Interior [OPF] Bosnian Army '92/'95 [IND] Bosnian Territorial Defence [IND] Bosnian Ministry Of The Interior [IND] Equipment 350+ Uniforms (M77, M87, M89, M68 etc.) 125+ Headgear (M59/85, Titovkas, headbands etc.) 30+ Vests (Cloth vests, Suspenders etc.) 8 Backpacks (M75 Fieldpack, Medic bag etc.) 3 Rifles (M77, M77B1 etc.) Vehicles TAM-110 & TAM-150 Trucks BVP M-80A IFVs & T-55 MBTs An-2 & MiG-21 Aircraft And lots more with many unique camo patterns! Other Rifle grenades (VERY WIP) Flags Custom Main Menu Credits Henriksson (Lead developer) Laka (Developer) Bohemia Interactive Studios Red Hammer Studios Degman and the CROMIL team 3 Commando Brigade. u/Yugoslavian1998 (Info) Franz Neumann (Info) Sakibov mali (Info) Patriot Republike BiH (Police vehicles, BiH MUP) Fidel Castro & DOLGTeam (Helmet Stickers) Maršal Dženan (Bosnian names) SimonCucak (Flags) Everyone who helped out in the Brotherhood & Unity Discord server! STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2653472659 Trello Board: https://trello.com/b/SBMQGrYk/brotherhood-unity Development Build: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2644250552&searchtext= Please first ask if you want to "borrow" content from this mod and if you have any request for future content or if you want to contribute with something yourself please feel free to comment, make a discussion or send me a message. Any feedback or suggestion is appreciated ☺︎ Join the mod Discord! https://discord.gg/49kXWsXabm
  6. Hello, As the title implies, I've made my first custom faction using Alive ORBAT and everything seemed fine, worked, and appeared in Editor and when I zeused it locally on my PC for trying. But when I uploaded it on the server it didn't appear when I wanted to use it in Zeus (Yes I installed the mod correctly on the server) The GameMaster Module also has enabled all the Unofficial addons. I used this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC9eLS7fCWQ&t=1660s&ab_channel=WarIsHell Can somebody please help explain why? Thank you 😞
  7. Cold War: Global Escalation Mod Series This thread is for my Cold War mod project, which aims to capture the feeling of the conflict while only using assets that are already existing. The mod is based on the late 80s and early 90s period and features a number of factions who are relevant for the time: the Soviet Union, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, the People's Republic of China, the United States, West Germany. These factions are broken into multiple mods, with the Eastern Bloc one currently being the released one. NATO nations will be included soon, as will certain smaller and overlooked nations from the period such as Rhodesia or Cuba, and even North Korea. The mod is meant to be based in history but is not historically accurate in the sense that all of the equipment is exactly right. The equipment is as accurate as it can be with the available assets, and when compared to historical photographs, is still reasonably close to real life. This is especially true if you are using these units as OPFOR enemies, which you'll see in full detail less. Additionally, infantry is the main focus of the mod. The dependencies are listed on the Steam download page. Eastern Bloc Factions On Steam Screenshots
  8. I am trying to get to the bottom of why not all assets from some mods are made available for a zeus curator when initiated through an in-game script. Note that this is not related to needing to adjust the module to read "all addons including unofficial ones" in the editor. I have a script which creates a curator module and assigns it to the designated player (usually me), and is supposed to add all addons to it. This works fine with almost everything; all vanilla factions are added without fault and almost all downloaded mods. However, for a couple of faction mods, some assets are not being added even when some of them are. While it is usually quite consistent which fail to add, it is not always completely. At first I assumed it was a case of some assets in the mod having scopeCurator set such that this was intended, but even having been into the configs and successfully changed it, it still fails most the time. It also wouldn't explain why on some occasions these assets do get added. Here is the script I have been using to add the curator and configure it in singleplayer: _unit = player; // Exit if unit is already curator if (!isNull (getAssignedCuratorLogic _unit)) exitWith { systemChat format["[Zeus] Logic already assigned to %1, remove it first",name _unit]; }; private _curator = missionNamespace getVariable [format["f_zeusCurator_%1",getPlayerUID _unit],objNull]; // Check curator exists, if not create it if !(isNull _curator) then { format["[Zeus] Curator variable already assigned to %1, reassigning", name _unit] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit]; unassignCurator _curator; deleteVehicle _curator; sleep 1; } else { //format["No Curator.", _curator] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit]; unassignCurator _curator; f_var_sideCenter = createCenter sideLogic; format["Creating....", _curator] remoteExec ["systemChat",_unit] }; _var = missionNameSpace getVariable ["l_var_sideLogic","Fail"]; // Create a new curator logic _curator = (createGroup f_var_sideCenter) createUnit ["ModuleCurator_F",[0,0,0],[],0,""]; _curator setVariable ["owner",format["%1",getPlayerUID _unit],true]; _curator setVariable ["showNotification",false,true]; _curator setVariable ["Addons",3,true]; //Set Zeus Vision Modes [_curator, [-1, -2, 0]] call bis_fnc_setcuratorvisionmodes; // Assign the passed unit as curator //_unit assignCurator _curator; _unit assignCurator _curator; private _curator = getAssignedCuratorLogic _unit; systemChat format["Curator: %1", _curator];; if (isNull _curator) then { _curator = _unit; }; // If curator is null or not the correct logic exit with an error message. if (isNull _curator || typeOf _curator != "ModuleCurator_F") exitWith { systemChat format["Failed to resolve curator for %1", _unit]; }; // Decide which addons to add based on passed mode _mode = True; _addons = []; switch (typeName _mode) do { case "ARRAY"; case "STRING": { if (_mode isEqualType "") then { if (_mode == "basic") then { // Load predefined basic modules _mode = ["A3_Data_F","A3_Data_F_Curator","A3_Functions_F_Curator","A3_Misc_F","A3_Modules_F_EPB","A3_Ui_F_Curator","A3_Modules_F_Curator","A3_Modules_F_Curator_Misc","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Chemlights","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Environment","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Flares","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Ordnance","CuratorOnly_Modules_F_Curator_Smokeshells","A3_Modules_F_Bootcamp","A3_Modules_F_Bootcamp_Misc"]; } else { // Convert to array _mode = [_mode]; }; }; { if (isClass (configFile >> "cfgPatches" >> _x)) then { _addons pushBack (configName (configFile >> "cfgPatches" >>_x)); }; } forEach _mode; }; case "BOOL": { if (_mode) then { // If true was passed, add all available addons to curator list _cfgPatches = configFile >> "cfgPatches"; for "_i" from 0 to (count _cfgPatches - 1) do { _class = _cfgPatches select _i; if (isClass _class) then { _addons pushBack (configName _class); }; }; } else { removeAllCuratorAddons _curator; }; }; }; // Nothing to add! if (count _addons == 0) exitWith {}; // Remove existing addons removeAllCuratorAddons _curator; _curator addCuratorAddons _addons; systemChat format["[Zeus] Added %1 addons",count _addons]; // Reduce costs for all actions _curator setCuratorWaypointCost 0; { _curator setCuratorCoef [_x,0]; } forEach ["place","edit","delete","destroy","group","synchronize"]; systemChat format["[Zeus] Curator set-up complete for %1.",name _unit]; _unit assignCurator _curator; I have checked my patch file that is supposed to be fixing this to ensure that the vehicles are listed in cfgPatches, and that the assets I am looking for have scopeCurator = 2. I am not getting any error messages other than: This confuses me because I read on a biki page that addons can be added "on the fly" for a curator, and it works despite this error message for most addons. So I'm not entirely sure what to be looking for from here. Pointers appreciated. Cheers, Law
  9. Introduction 2035. As a result of past decisions by the member states, the establishment of a joint European armed force was carried out. The newly formed European Army is based on the standardisation of military equipment as the main factor for increasing efficiency. It incorporates all the military branches needed to defend itself against external interests. Content European Armed Forces 2035 is a standalone mod inspired by IndeedPete's EUROFORCE mod. The content will currently only contain retextures and custom layouts. European Armed Forces 2035 Editor name: EUEAF Side: Independent Tag: EUEAF AddOns required: Arma 3 Apex, Arma 3 Contact Roadmap / Table of content (everything still WIP and may change over time) EUEAF (Main Modul) EUEAF (Desert) EUEAF (Woodland) EUEAF (Snow) Screenshots FAQ Credits - IndeedPete (Camo´s and Texture templates) - black-light-studio Hexatal Camo Concept End User License Agreement
  10. I'm proud to announce that the mod is now live on the steam workshop Over the past few weeks, I have been dipping my feet into the pool that is modding ARMA III. I feel that I have enough completed to announce my project. What I have been working on is a Canadian faction designed to fIt in with the look of A3's NATO faction. As such I have reskinned the Uniforms and some of the Vehicles that are used by NATO, namely the Hunter, Hummingbird and Huron. I have also included a reskinned MBT-52 Kuma as the Canadian Main Battle Tank which I have dubbed the Leopard 2A8 Nexus. So far I have 14 soldiers implemented (I'm working on adding more), along with the vehicles. My Canadian faction uses a fictional successor to the current CADPAT Camouflage, simply called CADPAT 2. There are 4 different variants of CADPAT 2: Arctic, Arid/Brushland (the best for Altis), Desert, and Temperate Woodland. As such, for each unit there are 4 corresponding versions. As for the MX series, I have reskinned them as well - the Canadian MX rifles are manufactured by Colt Canada. The MX is designated the C21, the MXC is the C22, MXM is C23, and MXSW is C24. This is my very first mod, I hope it is welcomed by the community. Screenshots: RIFLEMEN CLOSEUP OF TEMPERATE WOODLAND RIFLEMAN HUNTERS LEOPARDS (CAMO) HUMMINGBIRDS HURONS TODO Add M2A1 Slammers and AMV-7 Marshalls Add Special Forces Add Jets
  11. by wsxcgy What is East Wind Rearmed? East Wind Rearmed is a project that aims to re-imagine the factions provided to us by Bohemia Interactive in Arma 3 with a variety of more contemporary assets, chiefly from Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany by Vertexmacht and RHS Escalation by Red Hammer Studios. Taking inspiration from real world, modern day equivalents, while also attempting to stay relatively true to the factions as BIS imagined them, East Wind Rearmed will add new factions complete with vehicles, statics, groups, and a variety of gear items. The objective is bringing the factions back to the 2010s rather than the 2030s, while still working more or less within the setting provided by Bohemia Interactive. East Wind Rearmed: Altis Armed Forces East Wind Rearmed: FIA Insurgency East Wind Rearmed: Livonian Defense Force East Wind Rearmed: CSAT Downloads https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1753212142 - Steam Workshop Collection Discord While definitely not significant enough to warrant its own server, EWR does now have a section on the A3 Hub discord sever! https://discord.gg/muKRpD7 Changelog Special Thanks Bohemia Interactive - this one doesn't really need explanation. Vertexmacht - thanks for GM. the expansion itself is largely what inspired this in the first place. Red Hammer Studios - thanks for your addons. a lot of top-notch stuff. Nightmare515, Chairborne, TheEvanCat, jarrad96 - provided guidance and troubleshooting help, thanks a ton, wouldn't have made it here without yall.
  12. Hi Everyone, here is the big list of my recent work, its all origonaly planned as retextures for my Cold War themed factions, but as I went along I realised much of the conent might be useful to have as modular standalone mods so people can just download what they need and things wont need to be duplicated over and over. So for that reason their are the Core mods, which all serve to feed into my regional faction mods and then there are the Extras mods which exsist to allow the use of the core mods as standalone items. I hope you all enjoy what I've made so far. Steam Workshop Collection for all the listed Mods Core Mods -Stl-Generic Retextures-A3 [Released] [WIP] Workshop Link Quite bare bones for now, but I plan to have a full set of generic vehicle and some uniforms and gear eventually, much in the same way the GM retexture mod does Featured Equipment Colours and Patterns Uniform Insignias and Flags for real world and Armaverse factions Olive and Tan textures for R-750 and S-750 More vehicle and gear textures will be added as I require them for my faction mods -Stl-Generic Retextures-GM [Released] Workshop Link The bulk of my work is found here, with retextures of most of GM's uniforms, gear and vehicles Featured Equipment Colours and Patterns: Khaki Olive Snow Black Blue Grey Orange (For civil defence / IDAP) UN Blue Tan Civilian Clothing - Police, Medics, Doctors, Forestry, Plaid Shirts Brushstroke Pakistan 1970 - In Type A, Type B and Fictional Jungle DPM 1960 - In Temperate 1960, Temperate 1984, Tropical, Desert and Vanuatu Jungle Egyptian Sand Italy M1929 - In M1929, 1950, Green and Fictional Winter Raindrops (Aka Strichmuster / Strichtarn) - In Green, Grey Green, Grey Blue and Tan Splinter Germany 1931 (Aka Heeres-Splittermuster 31) - In Green and Tan Splinter Bulgarian 1979 Spot M1942 (Aka Frogskin / Duck hunter) - In Arid and Jungle Sunrays (Aka Berezhka) - In White, Khaki and Red Dawn TAZ Leibermuster (Aka Alpenflage) - In 1957 Mixed Camo Rebel Uniforms -Stl-Generic Retextures-RHS [Released] Workshop Link Mostly contains Heagear and vehicle textures, designed to work with my GM retexture mod. Uniform textures can be found in RHSX Featured Equipment Colours and Patterns: Khaki Olive Black Blue Grey UN Blue DPM 1960 - In Temperate 1960, Temperate 1984, Tropical, Desert and Vanuatu Jungle Raindrops (Aka Strichmuster / Strichtarn) - In Green, Grey Green, Grey Blue and Tan Splinter Germany 1931 (Aka Heeres-Splittermuster 31) - In Green and Tan Splinter Bulgarian 1979 Spot M1942 (Aka Frogskin / Duck hunter) - In Arid and Jungle Sunrays (Aka Berezhka) - In White, Khaki and Red Dawn TAZ Leibermuster (Aka Alpenflage) - In 1957 -Stl-Weapons-A3 [Released] [WIP] Workshop Link Basic Weapon config stuff, nothing too fancy, later on will include some weapon textures and some new ammo types Features the following SGAW-150 (SACLOS Version of the PCML AT Launcher, with HE and HEAT ammo, inspired from the depiction of the SRAW in Battlefield 2) -Stl-Weapons-GM [Released] Workshop Link Just a basic weapon config Sa vz. 58LK (GM RPK with higher fire rate and accepts Vz. 58 Magazines) 30rnd Sa vz. 58 Magazines (Added to CBA Magwell) 75rnd Sa vz. 58 Drums (Only usable in my Sa vz. 58LK as the RHS Sa vz. 58 Rifles do not support mag proxies) -Stl-Weapons-RHS [Released] Workshop Link Just a small weapon config to make doing my faction loadouts easier to create. Hidden RPG-7 weapons with the full range of PGO7V optics attached to help with faction loadouts, as RHS only had the PGO7V3 version as a class Extras Mods -Stl-Generic Retextures-RHSX [Released] Workshop Link Contains the uniforms to match my other RHS retextures Featured Equipment Colours and Patterns for the M93 Uniform Khaki Olive Black Blue Grey DPM 1960 - In Temperate 1960, Temperate 1984, Tropical, Desert and Vanuatu Jungle Raindrops (Aka Strichmuster / Strichtarn) - In Green, Grey Green, Grey Blue and Tan Splinter Germany 1931 (Aka Heeres-Splittermuster 31) - In Green and Tan Splinter Bulgarian 1979 Spot M1942 (Aka Frogskin / Duck hunter) - In Arid and Jungle Sunrays (Aka Berezhka) - In White, Khaki and Red Dawn TAZ Leibermuster (Aka Alpenflage) - In 1957 -Stl-Generic Retextures-A3X [Unreleased] [WIP] Will feature extra uniform textures so that the A3 content can be used standalone from RHS and GM Faction Mods -Stl-Factions-Africa Central and Southern-GM [Unreleased] OPFOR Factions Sako United Front for Liberation and Labour - 1976 INDFOR Factions Sako Alliance for Popular Resistance- 1976 Lombakka BLUFOR Factions Sako Royal Army - 1976 National Union Forces - 1976 -Stl-Factions-Americas-GM [Unreleased] OPFOR Factions Sahrani Liberation Army - 1976 INDFOR Factions Sahrani Royal Army Corps- 1976 BLUFOR Factions -Stl-Factions-Asia Central and Southern-GM [Unreleased] [WIP] OPFOR Factions Ardistan Republican Army - 1976 Kyrat Peoples Front - 1976 INDFOR Factions Takistan Royal Army - 1976 Kyrat Royal Army - 1976 BLUFOR Factions Karzeghistan Royal Army - 1976 -Stl-Factions-Asia Pacific-GM [Unreleased] OPFOR Factions Horizon Islands Tanoan Liberation Army - 1976 INDFOR Factions BLUFOR Factions Horizon Islands Horizon Islands Defence Force - 1976 Horizon Islands Militia - 1976 -Stl-Factions-Europe Eastern-GM [Released] Workshop Link Eastern Europe factions based on GM, RHS and my own retextures of them both My aim is to be as authentic as possible with these factions, I've spent a great deal of time researching the relevent time periods for the equipment that was in common useage at the time, however there are some compromises I have had to make, and they are listed below Each faction comes with a full compliment of ranks, insignia and vehicle decals. OPFOR Factions Czechoslovakia [CSSR] -Peoples Army - 1976 Hungary People's Army - 1976 Soviet Union [USSR] Motor Rifles - 1976 Airborne - 1976 Naval Infantry - 1976 Pan-Baltic Socialist Republic [VBSSR] Motor Rifles - 1976 Airborne - 1976 Marines - 1976 Militsiya - 1976 INDFOR Factions Pan-Baltic Socialist Republic Baltic Partizan Army - 1976 BLUFOR Factions Historical Compronises in 1976 Factions: All - AGS-30 (1995) = Stand in for AGS-17 (1970) All - BRDM-2 9P148 (1974) = Stand in for BRDM-2 9P133 (1971) All - L-39C (1971) = In reality it was just used as a Trainer but I've used it as a stand in CAS aircraft, Its pylon loadouts are restricted to period correct munitions All - R750 CronusRadar = Stand in for period correct SAM systems All - S750 Rhea = Stand in for period correct SAM systems All - UAZ DShKM = Fictional but very useful for gameplay All - Groups - Coy HQ = Engineers replaced Senior Technician position for gameplay purposes All - Groups - Support Infantry Teams = Setup for gameplay purposes, not be true to reality All - Groups - Support Motorized Teams = Setup for gameplay purposes, not be true to reality All - Groups - Special Forces Teams = Setup for gameplay purposes, not be true to reality CSSR - PKM = Stand in for UK59 CSSR - URAL-4320 = Stand in for V3S Hungary - MPi KMS-72 = Stand in for AMD-65 Hungary - Groups, All groups are based off Soviet doctrine at the time, as I couldnt find much info on the ORBAT if the Hungarian Peoples Army USSR - 2S3M1 (1987) = Stand in for 2S3M (1975) / 2S3 (1970) USSR - RPG-26 (1985) = Stand in for RPG-18 (1972) USSR - RShG-2 (2003) = Stand in for RPO Rys (1975) USSR - Su-25 (1981) = Stand in for earlier CAS aircraft, However its pylon loadouts are restricted to period correct munitions USSR - UAZ = Stand in for LUAZ in VDV Faction Known Bugs: CSSR - Ranks need replacing with subdued versions Hungary - Officer Ranks are from the outdated 1951-1957 period Some Vehciles have regular crewman as commanders. Binoculars and radio placed in cargo to compensate (BRDM-2 (9P148) / BMP-1 / BMP-1K / PRP-3 / BRM-1K / BMD-1 / BMD-1K) -Stl-Factions-Europe Northern-GM [Unreleased] OPFOR Factions INDFOR Factions Finland BLUFOR Factions -Stl-Factions-Europe Southern-GM [Unreleased] OPFOR Factions Altis Red Dawn Militia Bulgaria People's Army - 1976 INDFOR Factions Altis National Guard - 1976 National Militia - 1976 BLUFOR Factions Atida Malden A3 Defence Force - 1976 -Stl-Factions-Europe Western-GM [Unreleased] OPFOR Factions INDFOR Factions Malden Islands Defence Force - 1976 FIA - 1976 BLUFOR Factions -Stl-Factions-Middle East & North Africa-GM [Unreleased] OPFOR Factions Iraq Republican Guard - 1985 Republican Army - 1985 INDFOR Factions Iran Iranian Revalutionary Guard - 1985 Army - 1985 Middle Eastern Coalition BLUFOR Factions Credits GM Developers for their brilliant work and help with making their content easy to retexture RHS Developers for their excelent mods, on which much of my work depends and would not be possible without Rak1445 - Help with Czechoslovak People's Army Research Po - Help with Lithuanian Translations for VBSSR Factions Everyone over at Cold War Warriors discord for all their help, encouragement and feedback on my work
  13. Hi guys, a lot of time ago I was creating a work called the italian division project, but due to the lack of time and the need of a lot of work it was discontinued. Now I'm here with a new work, that was initially part of the italian division project, but it is now reworked to be as simple as possible to and more friendly to future arma updates. It will be dependent from CUP for the vehicles and the weapons, becouse I think they have done an awesome work and, in this way, this mod will be always up to date with future Arma 3 changes. ARMED FORCES OF THE TRIVENETO REPUBLIC Triveneto is a fictional republic in the north east part of the italian peninsula. The Triveneto, or Tre Venezie, is a historical region of Italy. The area included what would become the three Italian regions of Venezia Euganea, Venezia Giulia and Venezia Tridentina. Venezia Euganea, Venezia Tridentina and Venezia Giulia are now the three main regions of the Triveneto Republic. Capital and largest city Venice Official languages Venetian, Italian Religion 90.3% Christianity 7.0% No religion 2.7% Islam 0.1% Buddhism 0.1% Hinduism 0.1% Other religions[1] Government Unitary presidential republic Legislature Parliament • Upper house Senate • Lower house Great council Formation • Independence 10 May 1949 Population • 2016 estimate 9,071,080 GDP (PPP) 2016 estimate • Total $450.651 billion • Per capita $49,679 GDP (nominal) 2016 estimate • Total $602.991 billion • Per capita $66.461 Gini (2014) 26.9low HDI (2014) 0.899 very high Currency Euro (€) Time zone CET (UTC+1) • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2) Drives on the right History Since the fall of the Republic of Venice in 1797 more or less strong political movements attempted the reconstitution of the republic. At the end of World War II, in the general confusion that surrounds the northeast area of Italy was created the Triveneto autonomist movement, which was initially underestimated by the government of Rome. In 1949 the situation degenerates, the movement now has the good cheer of the population and, in an attempt to eradicate it, the major political leaders of the movement are arrested. This leads to heavy protests in the streets. On January 7, 1949 during a demonstration, for unknown reasons, a clash begins with police, 5 policemen and 4 Protestants are killed. The killing of some citizens by the police increases the protests that lead to more street clashes between police and protesters. On January 20 the government of Italy moved the army in support of existing police units, but this does nothing but feed the clashes, the autonomist movement indeed had, in the confusion of the early years after World War II, found and stored many weapons. February 23, the point of no return, during a round is lost control of the situation and 20 activists of the movement for the independence of the Triveneto are killed, this triggers riots and demonstrations against the methods used by the Italian government in other cities of Northern Italy. The evening of February 25, the government commissioner in Venice is murdered in his office along with an army general. The Italian government declared martial law and in tried to occupy the cities of the north east with the army. The clashes intensified, while Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso and Pordenone are placed under control of the Italian army as a result of violent clashes, some rebel units guided mainly by former soldiers occupied Mantua, Ferrara, Brescia and were moving to Ravenna and Bergamo. Given the precarious Italian situation and the fear generated by the USSR to the east (NATO in fact born on April 4, 1949) the US decide, together with France and the UK, to enter into the question politically to prevent Italy from descending into a new civil war. It was therefore decided to grant the people of the Italian Northeast to express themselves on belonging to the Italian state through a plebiscite while the forces will attest to their positions in a stalemate. On 10 May the population is expressed with 63.7% for the independence of Venice Euganea, the Venezia Tridentina and Venice Giulia that will create the republic of Triveneto. After that political conflict between the Republic of Triveneto and the Italian Republic started, regarding the occupied areas. In fact, both refuse to withdraw the army from the areas occupied months before. After two more months of diplomatic clashes with the mediation of the USA all occupied territories are returned to the respective country except the cities of Mantua and Ferrara, who are assigned to Triveneto as compensation for damages. The Triveneto Republic since then has always been on the western side, but was admitted into NATO only on July 5, 1983 due to continuous oppositions from Italy. From the second half of the 80 relations between the two states have normalized and economic and trade cooperation have become more and more intense. Armed Forces Army The army of the triveneto republic is composed by four brigades, one heavy brigade, where you can find the two tank regiments and some mechanized infantry regiments, two medium brigades, where you can find the anphibious assault regiment with some mechanized infatry regiments and the air assault regiment, and one light brigade, where you can find some mountain regiments. Equipment: M1A1 Abrams MBT FV510 Warrior IFV MC80 Warrior IFV M113A3 M163 VADS ADAV1 Keeper (custom AA defence vehicle based on the MC80 warrior, I'm still working on it) Land Rover Zamak Truck CH-47F Chinook UH-1Y Venom AH-1Z Super Cobra Eh-101 Merlin HK416 HK417 M249 M9 MPLS Titan (multi purpose launcher system, it can fire both AA or AT missiles) Navy The navy main base is in Chioggia, on the southern part of the Lagoon of Venice. The navy is based mainly on 6 Lepanto class Frigates. Air Force The air force operates from four airpots mainly, one in Verona (2nd Fighter wing with 20 Eurofighters), one in Istrana (1st Fighter wing with 20 Eurofighters), one in Rivolto (3rd Fighter wing with 20 Eurofighters), one in Venice (5th wing with 4 E-130J AEW and 10 C-130J) More updates will come in the future This mod will depend on CUP for the vehicles and the weapons, I think it is the best idea instead of have a lot of copies of the same vehicles. The planes (Eurofigher and E-130J) are going to depend from my main mods (this is the best option, so I have to update only the planes once and they are going to be always up to date), this two planes are going to be optional, so if you don't want them you can use the mod with only CUP. A big thanks to CUP team for they awesome work and for the permission to create the ADAV-1 from their MC-80 Warrior
  14. Hello I am doing a mission and I want to lock 5 quad for the BLUFOR and let them open for the OPFOR, Is it possible and, If yes, How can I do that ? Sorry if my English is bad ans thx for your help ;)
  15. The Black Order is a fictional Terrorist Organization inspired by fictional megacorps and terror cells and other bad evil large organizations out there. The mod adds a new faction named Black Order containing allot retextured weapons, gear, and vehicles. Welcome to the light operator, remember our cause. The mod is using CBA and RHS:USAF as base Content Black Order Faction (OPFOR and INDFOR) Military Science Division Military Police Retextured objects equipment and item Vehicles Weapons Clutter items A new sect feeling to the game Download Github Steam Workshop Required Addons CBA RHS: United States Armed Forces Optinal Addons ACE3 (ACE Compat) Links GitHub GitHub Issue Tracker
  16. Iv had this problem for months when using the ORBAT. I keep getting the same error when i try to run the game with the exported faction in the add on section, its extremely frustrating as these factions take nearly 3 days to create, iv had to delete them then remake them multiple times. Could someone please help me as i want to make a RMC faction, RAF, RAF regiment RN and so on. Asked this question on the ALIVE forum months ago and no one has replied , posted it on reddit and no one replied either, I even uninstalled and reinstalled ARMA twice hopefully someone here could help me out or redo it for me. (sorry for the crap quality) sorry for sounding so petty. Let me know if i should send you the folder or config etc. Please help https://ibb.co/0BG6Lcc https://ibb.co/rpSWxFn
  17. Iv had this problem for months when using the ORBAT. I keep getting the same error when i try to run the game with the exported faction in the add on section, its extremely frustrating as these factions take nearly 3 days to create, iv had to delete them then remake them multiple times. Could someone please help me as i want to make a RMC faction, RAF, RAF regiment RN and so on. Asked this question on the ALIVE forum months ago and no one has replied , posted it on reddit and no one replied either, I even uninstalled and reinstalled ARMA twice hopefully someone here could help me out or redo it for me. (sorry for the crap quality) sorry for sounding so petty. Let me know if i should send you the folder or config etc https://ibb.co/0BG6Lcc https://ibb.co/rpSWxFn
  18. B3LX_MILITIA Generic faction mod + customizable faction script This script provides a fast way to create a custom faction allowing for selection and randomization of uniforms, vests, head and facewear, weapons, insignia and flags. This mod doesn't change any existing mod asset or texture as it contains only configs and scripts, except images used in insignia and flags which were made by author. -->Features: -Four already set-up factions: - Yekîneyên Parastina Gel, default WEST faction - Hayat Tahrir as Sham (ex-Nusra), default EAST faction - Jabhat Tahrir Surya (Ahrar + Zinki), selectable in init.sqf - Turkish backed FSA (Sultan Murad + Hamza Division), default GUER faction. -Compatible with alive: spawned units in alive will have the specified identities, loadout and vehicle flags. -Customizable: create as many factions as you want and use mission based factions. -Open to adaptation, include your own assets and other mods in the script to extend it to your needs. You can use this script with any exisitng faction if you add or change classnames in unitTypes.sqf. Examples: YPG Hay'at Tahrir as Sham Olive Branch Forces -->Requirements: -CBA -RHS complete - needed for weapons and vehicles, obviously. -Project OPFOR - it has all the important camo patterns and allows insignia. -->Optional mods for better functionality: -Iraqi Syrian Conflict mod - provides takbir shouts (if you care for this mod you probably already own ISCmod) -VSM Accessories - provides diversity in balaclavas (strongly advised for decent balaclavas) -Hidden Identity V2 - provides diversity in shemaghs (strongly advised for really jihadi looking shemaghs) -CL_Armbands - provides armbands for less standardized factions (not needed but helpful when using factions that look similar, many actually use them in the syrian war beacuse uniforms are not "uniform" enough). Download from dropbox B3LX_MILITIA.ZIP
  19. Hey guys, I've created a faction here, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023072593, but the BDRM and most vehicles have no gunner. I've check the config files and it has the Main turret crewed, but it does not have a gunner turret. IDK if that's how its suppose to look or.. if you check the faction, all the vehicles that are suppose to have gunner seats do not. Please help, Thanks.
  20. Hey Guys, i wrote a script to set the AI on the whole server every 10 seconds to certain Values according to the Side it is on for a modded "KP Liberation" Mission. This worked perfectly. But i wanted to change the script for the East Side to better reflect the skill of certain factions. the original script was: while {true} do { { _x setSkill 0.6; _x setSkill ["aimingAccuracy", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["aimingShake", 0.7]; _x setSkill ["aimingSpeed", 0.7]; _x setSkill ["Endurance",0.5]; _x setSkill ["spotDistance",0.6]; _x setSkill ["spotTime",0.8]; _x setSkill ["courage", 0.8]; _x setSkill ["reloadSpeed", 1]; _x setSkill ["commanding", 0.7]; } forEach (allUnits select {side _x == east}); sleep 10; }; this worked exactly as i intended. (is exec. via init.sqf and sets the skills from mission start every 10 seconds so that it includes every spawned unit, even if called by Zeus or any other special way. works great) but now i wanted to change } forEach (allUnits select {side _x == east}); to something that affects only a certain faction like } forEach (allUnits select {faction _x == LOP_TKA}); this line however doesn't work and i can't find any answer how to only call a script on a certain faction, so i was hoping someone in this forum could help me :) PaloKan EDIT: I am an idiot. All i was missing was putting the Faction name into " " to make my scripts work haha. great, now i have differently skilled Middle Eastern Militia, ISIS Soldiers and Russian Elite soldiers to fight <3 Thread can be closed :) /thread
  21. a simple script to change faction allegiance retaining their waypoints here it changes AAF to fight for opfor faction if you want them to fight the LDF INDG = allgroups select {faction leader _x == "IND_F"}; { _groupold = _x; _groupnew = createGroup east; (units _groupold) join _groupnew; _groupnew copyWaypoints _groupold; } foreach INDG; // -------------------------------------------------------------------------- /* null = [] execVM "INDtoOPFOR.sqf"; */; drones work fine, helicopter behaviour issues - transports don't unload troops as per waypoint
  22. Hi all, I'd like to create my own factions, customizing a warlord scenario from @Jezuro. The warlord init module is too restrictive with one faction per side. So, I intend to enlarge a new one (per side) with much more groups. I read several pages on forum(s) but I can't have a clear idea if I need to create a config.ccp (in a mod) or some classes are enough in description.ext. I just need to create groups/factions with existing units/vehicles. I saw that an ALIVE mod ORBAT tool could help, but the question remains the same: addon or not? Thanks for your experience.
  23. Hello ! I'm trying to create a faction using a config.cpp, I am able to give them the gear I want, but I am struggling to make units with a the right subset of faces/voices/facewear. For example, I'd like to have units featuring only : African faces, chinese voices and sunglasses only. I strongly believe that to achieve this I have to edit indentityTypes in the CfgVehicles : identityTypes[] = {"LanguageENGB_F","Head_NATO","G_NATO_default"}; But I couldn't find any description of the content of the fields, nor a list of the Languages and Heads "pools" I can use in identityTypes. Would somebody mind sharing some information ?
  24. hello guys, i'm having a little issue with hostages rescue script...i use this code : [h1, h2, h3, h4] joinsilent (group _x); ...where h1 h2 h3 h4 are hostages and _x is player saving them, and all works in editor MP, but on dedicated server, hostages join player group, but remain civilian faction! i wish they change team to player's team (red or blue) so opponent AI (green) shoot to kill them after rescue! any idea how make it happen also on dedicated ? thanks guys !
  25. Hello guys, I have a question during making my mission. I am planning the mission like " player vs few player+ AI" . And trying to set as player only side respawn at pre- fixed respawn point and player+ AI side respawn like take the AI control. or swith to that AI. I know if I set the respawn set as group or side, player can switch to AI. But as far as I know one mission only have one setting for respawn. Is there any way to set both two settings for each side?