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  1. Project: UNCUT - Update/News Happy Saturday morning to all. We would just like to keep you all up to date on what is happening and to let you know that we will be releasing a QoL (Quality of Life) update soon. Before you ask any questions, this WILL NOT include any vehicles or add major assets. These are still being worked on and will be released when they are ready. I say again, They ARE still being worked on and will be released when they are ready. This QoL update is to tidy up a lot of the issues that have been reported through the GIT and to squash the bugs that have popped in and out here and there. This means that the units should be in a much more usable state and we look forward to seeing your screenshots, don't forget to tag us! Also included will be the outcome from the Arsenal Survey, in which over 66% of respondents stating that they want all the available options. There may be a few minor optional items that won't be seen in the Arsenal, but these will be minimal. One feature which we are excited about that will be included (subject to testing) is Gear randomisation. For 3den or Zeus placed groups, the helmet, uniform, vest assets will be randomised so that there is variety in placed groups. this randomisation can be overwritten by arsenal, and will not apply to singularly placed units (which can then be grouped) for those that like a little more control. We would like to thank you all for your continued support and we are sorry we cannot release any vehicles, we know you are all excited for them, as are we, but as they take so much time to get right and there have been a few fixes that needed to be pushed out, we decided to release a fix update in the meantime. Stay tuned. The Project: UNCUT Team
  2. We're in the final stages of our next major update, which includes more uniform textures, special units and a whole new EF-88 model and textures.This will mean the F90 is being deprecated in this release, and its class name is being removed. If you are a mission maker and built a mission specifying the F90 you will need to change it to the EF-88 (current version olive/tan one) or your missions will break. If you use our units unmodified, you should be fine.Remember if you are having problems or have a feature request, please put it on our github issue tracker https://github.com/discoADFU/Project_Uncut_Issues/issues You can follow us on these Social Platforms to keep up to date with the latest, news and images. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arma3_projectuncut/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/projectuncut/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Project_Uncut
  3. Hey all, You can also follow/like Project: Uncut on Twitter and Facebook so you want to keep up to date on the latest happenings. https://twitter.com/Project_Uncut https://www.facebook.com/projectuncut Cheers!
  4. Thanks for the Update mate. Look forward to trying this out! Keep it up :)
  5. Hi Bludski You map looks absolutely beautiful! I was just scouting around for a map to make a misison on and came across your map. I am getting one problem though, it seems to have a missing texture, by way of incorrect path, just wondering if anyone else is getting it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912828698 I downloaded from the steam workshop about an hour ago. I have tried "repairing" the mod and also running the mod on it's own. same result. I believe this is causing this grass to be black. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912828680 Cheers.
  6. Fantastic! I have recently wanted to make Australian Based missions for the community I'm with (Borderline Tactical) and ran into the issue of old Australian based mods which are broken with the current game. I look forward to what you have. On the CUP/RHS opinion... My preference is for stand alone... I have seen the AUG's in both and neither have the recent EF-88/F-90 model. Cheers Azza
  7. Azza276

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    I have a question. Using BTC revive, not so much for the reviving, but more for the respawn functions, and the first time I die, I respawn using BTC fine, but every subsequent time I die, it doesn't respawn and I am just lying on the ground. sometimes I can get to the prone, and as long as I can get to a box with morphine, I can self administer and stand up, but BTC still says I am injured. I know this is probably an issue between BTC and AGM, but are you able to help me use AGM with BTC or suggest another method/mod for respawn that works?
  8. Azza276

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    Well form the Clan/Squad side of things, we run quite a few mods already and the apparently the server lags a bit when running Zeus. We mainly use MCC for on-the-fly mission creation. For Me, I like making most of the mission in 2D as that is how I have learned and not a fan of a Mission controller spawning in units randomly etc. Breaks the immersion and reality a bit for me. I will try the script again tonight after we have done our weekly mission night. Cheers Azza
  9. Azza276

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    Awesome, thankyou. My clan/squad doesn't use Zeus, so making use of this mod is, well almost impossible. I also couldn't get the script version working. Cheers Azza.
  10. Are you on opposite sides of a hill. They have added a terrain interference function that will block the radio if in valleys, etc. Test when in line of sight (top of hills)
  11. Azza276

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    You can do it with the new MCC. Start a new editor mission. Place a player and preview. Use MCC to place things and with Zeus through MCC 3d Editor. Save to sqm, then go into your mission.sqm and overwrite/dump it there. open in 2D editor again and put in finishing touch's... Although I don't know how it would handle this module??
  12. Azza276

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    Ok, so tried placing module in zeus. (In editor using MCC Zeus access.) Got it working, but it still won't work on a mission where the module was placed in the 2D editor.
  13. Azza276

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    Ok fair enough, but it still don't get any different heal options (except vanilla). Also with the Module version, how do I change settings? I can see how to do it with the Script version, but your readme says to use the "config Module" to adjust settings, except there are no settings as stated above...
  14. Azza276

    Chessmaster's Wounding System

    Hey Chess, I am trying to get your Module working but nothing comes up. e.g. I Place the module in editor, but it has no option to change (except probability, angle, height , etc). I also tried the script and that does seem to work either. Tried all that has been mentioned in this thread. Cheers Azza
  15. Thanks LH, that is awesome. I knew it couldn't be so easy. Cheers Azza ---------- Post added at 19:55 ---------- Previous post was at 19:53 ---------- Could you please advise on my post regarding the Terrain Coefficient? Cheers Azza
  16. Thanks nkey, I will pass it on, although they do like the terrain blocking feature, they feel that LOS should be getting the range specified. With the TF_terrain_interception_coefficient, the default value is 7, what does that value mean? What is the value range? 0-100? And does higher or lower cause the terrain affect to increase/decrease? Cheers Azza ---------- Post added at 10:26 ---------- Previous post was at 10:16 ---------- I have a question as I am still getting used to scripting. In the missions init.sqf file (as well as other things, but TFAR mod related only shown) I have: tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = true; tf_same_lr_frequencies_for_side = true; As I was having trouble with the Modules as we are currently discussing. Now I know how to write the sqf array in the TFAR Frequency Module, but want to confirm if it is the same for the init.sqf? So would this work? tf_freq_west = ["400.0","401.1","402.2","403.3","404.4"] and the same for tf_freq_west_lr?
  17. The alternate is just to signify that that channel is the alternate. Say you want to listen to both 90 and 91Mhz, what you would do is set CH 1 for 90 and then CH 2 for 91, set channel 2 as the alternate then switch back to CH 1. Now you can listen to both freqs. The Alternate is not an alternate of that channel. it's the same channel just used as alternate. If that makes sense.
  18. Hi nkey, I did a bit of testing. With my mission, it will work if I delete the TFAR Force Usage module. Also tried with a clean map and it worked with the module, so I think perhaps my mission is perhaps too laggy? (testing in editor) How can I send you the file? do you want .pbo or editor files?
  19. You can use a module in the editor and force all to have the SW, as well as disable the auto assigning of the LR. Or use VAS/Custom Ammobox with the SW radios in it, depending on what level of access to the map. I'm sure there are other ways that nkey knows. To set the Alt Channel, open the Radio interface and select the channel you want as alternate. Then find the button that has the tooltip "Set Alternate" (or something like that.) that channel will change from C# to A# or CH# to CA# depending on the radio. That is now set as the alternate. nkey, sorry for hijacking the thread. sometimes I can't help myself when someone asks a question...
  20. You could with the Multiband feature on the SW, setting the command net on the Alternate Channel, and all members having a SW instead of the Rifleman Radio. Although you would still be limited to <5Km range, unless you could tweak the range of the SW to give greater distance. That way all listen to both in squad and command nets, but won't disturb command net with intra-squad chatter. SL can talk on command net by pressing Y to key the alternate channel. Would that work? nkey, another feature for your list. Perhaps a Transmit power adjustment for the LR and SW radios? Add to this a Battery (as a magazine much like the laser designators.) that way everyone won't just switch to High Power. Have a limit on the transmit time in seconds for each power setting.
  21. Hi Schmidtdude, The rifleman radios add a little realism factor. It isn't to replace direct chat, Try yelling over 100m in a fire fight, let alone 10. Todays Armies are moving to the intra-squad comms to improve stealth, command and control. The SW radios are usually held by the Radio Operator or Squad lead to provide the link back to the Platoon CO, which generally will be within 5km, although I think the SW range should be increased to at least 10km so that they are used more than the LR for that purpose. Long Range Radios are used to either talk to aircraft (which due to their speed is hard to keep within 5-10km of a FAC) as well as Platoon CO talking to a higher again HQ element which can be a great distance from the front line action. Due to the limited range of Radio's with TFR previously, the SW has been used in the intra-squad comms to 'fill the hole' which the Rifleman radios now do. I hope this explains it and nkey, feel free to correct me. :) Cheers Azza ---------- Post added at 14:47 ---------- Previous post was at 14:39 ---------- Sorry for the Double Post, different topic. nkey, I have reports from some of my squad mates that the range of the radios barely meets the ranges you have specified, Would this be the terrain coefficient kicking in? Does the coefficient take into account line of sight? I would hope that LOS in clear conditions would produce ranges that match closely to those specified. Cheers Azza
  22. Sorry, bit hard to understand what you are saying. That's ok, not complaining. So I am assuming what you are saying is that you are working on an update for LEA to support TFAR. Sweet. What's the expected timeframe? days/weeks? Only asking as it could help my mission. e.g. force load all TFR radios to the units as opposed to letting the script do it and potentially lose TFR radios on respawn etc. Ok, I'll leave you alone to work on that now ;) Cheers Azza