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    List of all hidden texture inits

    This is a great find :) thanks for sharing. Definitely going to use some of these for our mission file.
  2. Greeting everyone I'm currently working along side with friends in developing an I&A coo-op game-play. A problem we ran into while developing out mission file is having the ability to lock and unlock vehicles. We want all supporting vehicle tank\CAS\Arty\LAV\UCAV to be lock from the start of the game, and can be unlock by an individual name "HQ" which B_officer_F. My friends and I rack our brain but can't come up with any solution to this. If you can help us in any way, we would be extremely grateful.
  3. kiyoshisaotome

    Locking Unlocking vehicle in I&A

    I try comparing it to other script use by other server to see if it worked This one is for UAV operator use on most I&A server this addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>Recycle UAV crew</t>","scripts\actions\uavfix_switch.sqf",[],21,true,true,"",'((vehicle player) == player) && ((player distance _target) < 5) && (player isKindOf "B_soldier_UAV_F")']; replace the end with (player isKindOf "B_officer_F") this addAction [(if ((locked this < 2)) then {"Lock"} else {"Unlock"}), {if ((locked (_this select 0) < 2)) then {(_this select 0) lock 2; (_this select 0) setUserActionText [(_this select 2), "Unlock"];} else {(_this select 0) lock 0; (_this select 0) setUserActionText [(_this select 2), "Lock"];};}, "", 0, false, false, "", "(getPlayerUID _this in [""123""])"]; Doesn't seem to work out well
  4. kiyoshisaotome

    Locking Unlocking vehicle in I&A

    Can this be tailor to just B_officer_F? also it is lost after respawn
  5. kiyoshisaotome

    Locking Unlocking vehicle in I&A

    We are beginner in script-er, at most we can modify values from pre-existing scripts, writing script is out of the question for us.
  6. kiyoshisaotome

    Locking Unlocking vehicle in I&A

    This go to the vehicle?
  7. kiyoshisaotome

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Thank you very much :) this work great Any possible way to get this script to work with UAV without the operator near it? After messing around with the script, I've come to realize that the UAV operator has to be there for the resource to be register. UAV re-arming isn't possible at this time without modifications. I have a few ideas of I want to try, i'll let you know if I made and progress :)
  8. kiyoshisaotome

    [Release] GOM - Aircraft Loadout V1.35

    Hello Grumpy Great tool you have crated for the community. I was messing around with it inside the editor, any possible way to remove the resource pop up when you use the menu?
  9. kiyoshisaotome

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    I got this when ever I started the game up, some of the UI are missing from the game
  10. kiyoshisaotome

    A-164 Wipeout HUD MOD

    Lol, unless you are a certain color blind like me :) Then it won't be weird I also notice it was gone from Kimi HMD mod too if you want to look into that also.
  11. kiyoshisaotome

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Any thought about uploading it with Playwith6? I know it was on for some time but it was taken off.
  12. kiyoshisaotome

    A-164 Wipeout HUD MOD

    Yes :) A box display around the ground troop as you press T
  13. kiyoshisaotome

    A-164 Wipeout HUD MOD

    I notice in 1.5 you can target ground troops with the GAU, however in 1.6 I can't. Anything I could do that keep that change in 1.6?
  14. kiyoshisaotome

    A3B Arcade Helicopters

    Any plan or making the turret control available for the pilot with auto lock capability as to having an Gunner? ---------- Post added at 15:25 ---------- Previous post was at 15:02 ---------- I found a bug with the bay door, it won't close if I switch to the cannon Wouldn't it be better if you Just had the weapon control on normal rather than giving the pilot control straight away? That way if you are playing with others, they will still have the option of the original Blackfoot and the pilot can take control over the weapon system anytime.