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  1. Have you guys considered a Eurocopter Tiger as an attack helicopter? I understand you have an AS550 planned, however that wouldn't really fit into the role of an attack helicopter, it would be more of an armed reconnaissance helicopter. The two variants I could envision you using are the HAP (France, more of a conventional gunship as opposed to gun-less UHT) and ARH (Australia, arguably a more advanced version of the HAP due to upgraded optics, weapons systems and engines.) Both are essentially the same, however just using different weapons systems. I think it would definitely provide a unique feel to your mod to have that incorporated. Or you can just go the Netherlands route and get an Apache, however considering Astoria is an island, it would make more sense to use a Tiger.
  2. What is the team's plan as far as integration of new content? Obviously you'd want to bring back everything from ACE2, but then what? Will you integrate mods like RHS, or just stick with the Core for a while? Also as a note, the A-10D does not currently have a HMD, I'm sure this will be added, just wanted to check.
  3. sanguinius51

    Helicopters DLC but no fast rope?

    If AGM succeeds in MANW, they may be able to implement fast-roping in the final version.
  4. sanguinius51

    Which faction do you prefer to play as

    ION Inc.
  5. sanguinius51

    Enemy soldiers take too much damage

    Maybe he was a marine? This video is bloody famous now. Anyway, there's a very large possibility that due to a small error in aiming, you hit the helmet. In which case... Yeah, he could survive, This bloke's head snapped back, and he almost fell into a crouch. So... Plus, I too am annoyed by the terrible armou system, but you can't just claim from one piece of anecdotal evidence that the game is broken. Helmets are meant to be bulletproof.
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    Arma 2 VS Arma 3! You chose!

    RHS Escalation? Why does this thread continue?
  7. sanguinius51

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Trying to download off PWS, the mirror's are overloaded. :mad:
  8. sanguinius51

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Can't wait to have some Russian V Bundeswehr engagements... mmm...
  9. Well, people re-use ship names all the time.
  10. Are you playing multiplayer? I have encountered that bug too with helicopters, and your character acts as if he is dead - you can still fly, but, First Person is munted. I would recommend exiting and entering the aircraft again.
  11. sanguinius51

    SOC WIP Thread

  12. sanguinius51

    Recon Tips

    Pick the correct rifle for the role as well - if you're doing a recon across a desert, it is most beneficial to take a Mk18 or MXM, as you will be spotting and engaging targets from long distances (generally.) If you're doing recon in a small valley covered with fog, obviously, you would want to take a smaller weapon and perhaps more powerful weapon, such as a Mk200 or Zafir. Take a silencer in every instance. Depending if you're using vanilla or modded weapons, you may or may not have to deal with the dreaded effect of the silencer. In Vanilla Arma 3, when you equip a silencer, your ammunition is automatically made less powerful. But, it gets better. You STILL have the supersonic crack, so enemies still realise they are being fired upon in the first few seconds. However, in close quarters situations, or when you are using a heavy calibre, you will still be able to engage targets and kill them without having your position revealed as readily. Some modpacks actually CORRECTLY simulate silencers and subsonic ammunition, where if you equip a silencer, it doesn't change the effect of your ammo - it reduces your gunshot noise, but your ammo stays the same no matter what you use. So if you use supersonic ammunition, you will have the same damage and the same supersonic crack, but a quieter gunshot. If you use subsonic ammunition, you will have reduced damage, and no supersonic crack, so it becomes extremely difficult to detect you. And yes, before you ask, recon teams are allowed to take heavy machine guns and rocket launchers.
  13. sanguinius51

    Recon Tips

    Example: I see a group of enemy infantry moving north-west. They are 6 strong, and I saw them at 0610. Map marker would be a black dot. They also appear to have a UAV backpack, and a mortar, showing they are a fire support team. EI x 6 HEADED NW 0610HRS DART UAV + MORTAR. Clear and concise - EI is Enemy Infantry, there are six, heading NW, spotted at 0610 hours, with a Darter UAV and a Mortar. Tank Squadron moving south along the main highway, two M2A1 Slammer UPS, two M4 scorchers, with a spacing of 100 meters between each. E ARMR 2 x SLAMR UP 2x SPG HEADED SOUTH THRU HIGHWAY 100 METER SPACING. That there is a wealth of easily accessible information.
  14. sanguinius51

    Arma 2 VS Arma 3! You chose!

    I can have more fun playing Arma 2, simply because of ACE 2. It also has a lot more serious gameplay in the multiplayer, which makes it a lot more enjoyable for me. When RHS: Escalation, and a complete replacement to ACE 2 appears, then yes, I will have more fun. With ACRE 2 out, hopefully we are a lot closer.
  15. sanguinius51

    what is the most annoying thing for you in arma 3 ?

    I was going to say a lack of immersion, because I went straight from playing ACE in a tactical server to Arma 3, and I just... it's simply not the same. But, since that can easily be rectified with the right amount of mods, I'll have to go with multiplayer. I mean, honestly, I enjoy Altis life once in a while, but I want to see really TACTICAL servers... patrolling down a street and getting blown up by an IED, or landing in a hot LZ, securing it, and then steadily moving outwards is what I can never really find... and it annoys me.
  16. sanguinius51

    AH-99 Blackfoot upgrade/second variant

    Pretty good idea, never knew that the Comanche had pylons that could be taken off for stealth operations. Hopefully, if John Spartan and Saul's FA18X black wasp wins MANW in the addons category, then Bohemia could use the service menu on all of it's aircraft? Now THAT would be quite something. Maybe we better call Saul, and just tell him to put the service menu on every aircraft as well...
  17. sanguinius51

    Recon Tips

    Probably the biggest tip I'd share is choose the correct time to shoot, and the correct time to stay hidden. Obviously it goes without saying, when that first enemy is killed, unless death notices are turned off and you're using a silencer, your cover is blown. You will not be able to collect any more decent information, as you will have to immediately move position and stay hidden for what may be a very long time, as the enemy sends troops and UAVs to search for you. You are, therefore, ineffective - a four or five man team, with limited weaponry, is no match for an entire squad or platoon. However... there may be a crucial point, where you will have one golden opportunity - take out the squad or platoon leader, signaller, perhaps even the operator of a tank, or a helicopter pilot. Depending on the situation, and the probability of you making it out alive, you should take the shot. Another thing about recon is, collect as much information as you can. If you're really serious, grab a notebook and pen, and jot down EVERYTHING. I am serious - record EVERYTHING. Composition of squads, the amount of soldiers manning a particular base or building, what direction they are moving in, vehicle quantity, vehicle type, grid reference if they are stable, and how experienced they look - can they keep a formation? If so, which side is weakest? How spread out are they? Does someone have a UAV backpack? Map markers are the best for relaying information easily, all one has to do is open the map and look.
  18. sanguinius51

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Hopefully logistics will be greatly improved by this - being able to expertly drop an ammunition box right into the middle of a compound underfire, or a platoon that is pinned down would be awesome - Battle of Long Tan, aussies? I must admit, while I am disappointed by the fact that there have been two helicopters announced AT THE MOMENT, I have faith that BI will add one or two more, and since helicopters are one of my favourite parts of this game, I myself will be quite pleased. A Eurocopter Tiger would be hella awesome. And besides, if we only get two, so what? Don't buy it, stay as a passenger. ??? Rather than being locked out of the server that it's being played on, or not seeing the vehicle even though it's there, we still get usability. So don't worry, be happy.
  19. Oh.... my god.... Bloody magnificent!
  20. Woah! That is goddamn SEXY.
  21. sanguinius51

    ADF Uncut

    Sorry, I don't really follow armaholic - I don't like the template there. Apologies.
  22. sanguinius51

    ADF Uncut

    Never ye mind
  23. I don't think the F-35 project should be dumped - It has really started to improve recently. I mean, any next-generation or advanced aircraft or weapon will invariably encounter difficulties - The Classic Hornet encountered many difficulties. it originally LOST the competition it was designed for, to the F-16, but, over time, it has evolved to a great aircraft.
  24. sanguinius51

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Every new system, be it weapon or vehicle, especially if it is advanced for it's time, will invariably encounter issues along the way; my favourite example of all time to my mates is the FA-18 hornet. It's a top-class jet aircraft now - well, at least it was in it's prime. But, it encountered masses of issues. Heck, it LOST at the contest which it was designed for. But, because of persistence, it won out, in my opinion, over the F-16. Just like with the F-35. On another note, that BEAR looks very swish. The trouble is these days, all of the 'advanced' rifles look the same! It looks like a modified ACR, ffs.
  25. Australia should upgrade it's Super Hornets to the Advanced model, it is a sound proposition and will allow them to work better alongside the F-35s. Plus, it looks awesome. A RAAF texture would be great. Not to place any further stress or anything on both of you, considering how dedicated to this project you are. I can only imagine the workload, but you'll easily win the contest.