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  1. steffenbk1

    Arma 3.exe won't launch

    Fixed it, had to reinstall windows.. now it works from the exe
  2. So the thing wrong here is that i cant launch it through the arma.exe since i use an external launcher, it is directed to the exe file. But even if i dont use it, nothing happens even if i directly click on the exe file. It works through the inbuilt arma launcher but no where else. I've tried to, verify cashes, comparability troubleshoot, running as admin, uninstall/reinstall and removing all mods. I have also checked to see if it is running in the background, but there is nothing.
  3. steffenbk1

    Arma 3 has stopped working

    And i found out that if i launch FRAPS before i run arma 3 it also wont launch.