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  1. That´s wonderful, Gunther! Would be easy to you to add to that version of IFA3WarMod a "texture replacement" for the uniforms of all sides, based on GEIST set ? ;D or maybe this could be an independent modpack...
  2. Hi .kju. Thanks a lot for your support another time. The only failure with GEIST_A3 is the appearance of a warning window at the start; it states that : "Addon ´GEIST_GER_BAG´ requires addon ´AIA_Characters_IF¨ ". Then, normal load continues; I´ve been hastily testing both the editor and the arsenal, and no additional failures seem to appear apart of the already known and reported in your post. The editor show no retail units for choice for F1 single units and the Arsenal in clothing and equipment , only the IF WWII items are shown ( Including hi_res Geist ones, that work right :D ) ; but I guess that this is intentional. And I can´t find any log file reporting errors neither in the game directory or in the user directory;
  3. After the first try, I find this edition really promising. Specially after learning that we will be allowed to raise the texture quality in the near futur... ;) And speaking about textures, probably you´re already aware, but, in my installation all the panzer troops uniforms are mismatched ; the figures show unalligned another german feldgrau uniform and misplaced all over their body. Besides this , I´ve tested the Geist A3 texture pack and I found that it nealry works, only with some alerts about some other .pbos claimed and misssing. I don´t know if this is the proper place to request it, but upon your offer above, I propose here to adapt both the IFA3Warmod from Gunther, and this texture pack to this version. Since I´m using the IFA3 from Gunther version to run them, I have not yet conducted a further test but i´m ready to write more specific issues based on this version if you find it helpful. Thanks another time for this initiative, .kju!!!
  4. Thanks a lot for supporting Iron Front in Arma 3, kju. It´s very welcome from you to make this work available in this way. It looks like you have plans about a "non-lite" version also, that could be in the works. rest assured that it is going to have a lot of interest . Iron front remains one of the best works about WWII in the Arma engine up to now.
  5. Still a noob...;) I found the activation module in the mission editor, but in the ACE settings menu I can´t find an entry for enabling advanced ballistics or any of its characteristics. Is it that it has not yet been implemented, or i´m having an installation error, maybe? I have only the latest CBA and ACE enabled for testing this...
  6. Congratulations for this reléase, team... Probably a noob question, but, Where can I change the config file in order to enable the advanced ballistics or any other optional feature? I can´t find any ace config file anywhere...
  7. heidelbergensis

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    I see your model...the math involved for deceleration calculation fits the equation 4 in http://mathscinotes.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/modeling-drag-%E2%80%94-projectile-velocity-versus-range/, So, it is a real physics based calculation covering any supersonic to subsonic range. It is a perfect work, man..!
  8. heidelbergensis

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    I see...so, it is an entirely alternative cycle that overrides AirFriction; or maybe you apply the "+/- supplementary" amount of friction after the ArmA engine AirFriction cycle has been completed. Whatever it is, I have to say once more that is an amazing addon this one that you have here....:D.
  9. heidelbergensis

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Hi, Ruthberg; Outstanding achievement with this mod; Kudos. I´m using it and it works excellent. Thanks a lot for your effort! Just for our technical curiosity enjoyment, ¿would you mind to introduce a short explanation about how do you make this conversión from the real life BC tables to the Arma AirFriction value for calculating the retardation? I´m fond about physics, formulae, and external ballistics, but I haven´t a clue about programming..(My english is neither perfect :o ) I suppose you have in your mod the G1 and G7 tables arranged for velocity values, you read in each time interval the current velocity, then search for the proper G value, apply the BC coefficient to have the real drag, then convert this value to a suitable ArmA airFriction and let the engine calculate the retardation; This is repeated for the next time step . ¿Is it so?
  10. Wow...wonderful.! No hurries, take your time and thanks a lot...
  11. Now that the ArmA 2 versión is operative, Is it posible to build a replacement pack with these retextures, or is it yet not possible to modify the IF contents?
  12. Superb work...testing the campaigns . P.D. I waited for ages for a moddable versión of Iron Front.
  13. Outstanding work with this modpack; best WWII weapons modelled ever... My question is, This beta is a substitution of the previous alpha, or has to be used as a patch? Then, Is the mission pack previously included being remade, or it has to be downloaded from a different link? Thanks a lot for the quality of your work again.:)