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  1. SykoCrazy has volunteered to assist with the RHS team. As far as I am aware Diesel has taken a step away from the community for the time being due to real life commitments. The MELB is always being worked on, and is in a constant state of improvement. That being said, the Standalone release has and will continue to be supported and updated in addition to the one included with RHS. When a version meets the original creators level of approval it is beta tested, if bugs are found, the version is worked on further. This is the cycle that the modification is currently in, and has been in for some time, as the current release version is suitable for a wide variety of purposes. With the current functionality in mind, a new version has not been released as it is being updated to meet new DLC standards, include creator goals for the next version, and ensuring that the modification is stable. The next version will be released, and is still being worked on. That being said, the next version cannot be rushed or released early until the creators and the testing team feel that it is up to their (very high) quality standards. It will be released prior to Half Life 2: Episode 3. Lasers have been broken in the Vanilla game for some time, a couple years if I am not mistaken. When BI fixes their issues, the MELB will get fixed as well. This is unlikely as FFV is only really able to be used by passengers. At best there MIGHT be an option to drop smoke grenades as an addaction to the scroll wheel, but that is not confirmed and is not being worked on by any member of the team as far as I am aware.
  2. Can you get him to complete this form with the item ticked as a critical bug? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cbXalgQz8Nd8sLvkJfZPiY9PbprmDbG4e1rpczuRuPg/viewform?c=0&w=1 Pastebin of the RPT file would also help isolate and resolve this bug.
  3. Everyone on the team is aware of the issues, and has fixes for them. They will be released in due time.
  4. Waxitron

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Just a quick question regarding the M4A6. Does it have the exact same ballistic performance as the MX, or is it superior in some fashion? My thoughts are that I could go through with the hours of testing and comparisons in the config, or simply just ask. I am assuming that you or Spartan0536 can comment on this. Thanks for the kickass mod RobertHammer!
  5. Waxitron

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I made a joke about Hawaiian Bobble Heads in helicopters like a trucker and the next thing you know SykoCrazy has made an entire model and implemented it into the game. That guy is outstanding.
  6. The possibility of a new version this month is making me excited!
  7. Waxitron

    Map Bozcaada

    Thats not going to work in a game logic argument as in the case of this setVariable [""overrideMapSize"", -1]; The prescribed method from X39 is to enter the larger of the X/Y coordinates from the map. Tried that, still nothing. Same goes with what you are suggesting, where I crunch the numbers and try to figure out what the MapSize actually is on my own. OR Someone who knows the exact details on the MapSize could respond.
  8. Waxitron

    Map Bozcaada

    I have been tinkering for a while trying to get XInsurgency working on this map for a while. Would someone be able to tell me what the mapSize is?
  9. The vehicle is spawned with the "safety" turned on. press your fire-mode switch key, F by default, to switch to Low Rate of Fire Miniguns, High Rate of Fire Miniguns, and Rocket Salvo. The model is custom built, there is a built in thermal/nightvision camera, the flight model is tuned for agility in ArmA 3 by a large collection of veteran pilots, and it has countermeasures.....just to list a few differences. Your best bet is to download it (its free) and fly one after the other to see the exact differences.
  10. From what I have seen in the very early test phases of v0.00003. The hellfires use the vanilla lock-on system. This means that they can aquire armored targets, or laser designator signals. In testing they have been effective out to 4km, but thats based on end-user performance. As well as the testing being conducted on a LAN server with no one else on it beside myself. Actual results may vary. Having flown the Franz/NodUnit AH-64D and now Sykocrazy/Diesel's AH-6-L/M/H* I can say that the vanilla system is best for engaging threats. While radar lockon seems like a great idea, when your destroying 16 tanks at a time from 10Km away due to having lockon with radar (you can do that in the AH-64 btw) it kinda kills the gameplay. Meanwhile the Vanilla system for lockons makes sense, its dependant on your own computers render distance and wheither or not you can lock up a laser target. Its not exactly a bad thing, but its a realism/gameplay tradeoff that needs to be made in order to play within the Real Virtuality 4 game engine. I think in this regard Sykes and Diesel made the right decision, as custom building a radar/laser locking system would not only unnecessarily delay v0.00003, but would also exclude the MELB from using any upgrades to targeting that the ACE team might dream up.
  11. Waxitron

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    So, I noticed something SUPER fun today. Play With Six and the files that are hosted by the RHS Site do not match for some reason. When you download the files directly from the RHS site, they are unpacked as "@RHSAFRF" and "@RHSUSAF" Oddly, when you download the files with Play With 6, they are named "@rhs_afrf3" and "@rhs_usf3" Normally this wouldnt be a huge problem, until someone with one version trys to join a server running the other version. Both are the same (0.3.8) version, but the keys are reading different pathfiles. This is the error that I encountered when trying to join a server using PW6 keys while I am running the RHS Site files. Has anyone else encountered this, and are the Dev's / PW6 Admins aware of this schism?
  12. So....bit of fun. Placed down the medical settings module and I encounter this error. Any tips on how to avoid this popup?
  13. Waxitron

    Fn mag 58

    The JSRS Library has a nice couple of 7.62 MG audio sets that might be more suitable than the ArmA 2 sounds. http://jsrs-studios.com/index.php/downloads
  14. Sums up my feelings on this announcement LET THE HYPE TRAIN COMMENCE BOARDING!
  15. Hello! This being my first attempt at posting a thread, may end badly, have been covered in the past, or prove to be entirely pointless. In anycase...... To preface this post, I enjoy flying Attack Helicopters in ArmA. It is something that I find challenging and fun to do. Having played with NodUnit and Franz's AH-64D, while being the hands down the best Attack Helicopter that I have ever used in ArmA, I realized that something was missing, something fundamental. What was missing was the IHADSS system being represented at the same level of fidelity that the weapons, navigation, and aircraft operations were designed at. Naturally there is a system in place that allowed for a semi-realistic representation, with a toggable PNVS and a IHADSS system that is incredibly functional. But what was missing was the merger of these two ability in conjunction with "Normal Vision" as happens in the real world. The IHADSS system that is an integral part of the AH-64 Apache in real life has never been simulated in a realistic manner in ANY currently released game, as far as I am aware. There is a notable example on the horizon with Combat Helo, but that does not resolve the core issue. The core issue is that this system is not implemented in ArmA 3. That core issue that has caused my interest in this project (idea/discussion/etc). While there have been valid and notable attempts to approximate the system, as well as not so effective ones over the years, none have actually been able to approximate the idea in a realistic fashion. Allow me to break down the UIHADSS Project into "modules" if you will, to further convey the idea of how I hope to have it working. A Player Helmet/NVG Item that is required to enable the system via AddAction A Player Viewfinder, similar to the Apache HUD from the Mando Missle project A Univeral Artificial Horizon that can be used for any aircraft that approximates the terrain that the aircraft is about to encounter at a set distance and height. A Universal Targeting System and Associated Symbology that can be shared between Pilots/Aircraft within a set distance and faction. A Universal Navigation System that allows for Multiple Waypoints to be set, shared, and adjusted. A Universal Image Intensification Overlay that will approximate the real world IHADSS system in a realistic manner, and enabled/disabled via AddAction. Now that we have the core concepts, it is a bit easier to see how this project could be developed for use in ArmA 3. My initial idea is to use a Picture-In-Picture to approximate the Image system, and overlay the Navigation, Targeting, and Horizon onto the PiP in a method similar to how the IHADSS overlay looks in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY4pkezoCEI and similar to how the PiP overlay is working in this video What I hope to convey in this post is an idea to perhaps develop a modification that will lead to IHADSS becoming a more "true to life" system in the ArmA 3 environment. I would love to hear input, ideas, opinions, and suggestions on this idea. Thank you all for the time you have taken to read this.
  16. Waxitron

    EricJ Release thread

    Hey Eric. love the weapons, but one in specific stands out as a personal favorite, The Thompson SMG. I am wondering if it would be possible to change a few things on the Old Version, specifically removing the stock and changing the magazine and related config to be a 50-round drum mag. Thanks a bunch for everything else, I know I am among many in saying that we love your work.
  17. Waxitron

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    Hey CSE Team! A few things I thought I might bring up after using this mod for the past 5 months (THANK YOU BY THE WAY!!!) Has the team approached Kol9yN about including the Mocap Melee mod, or the AN/PNC-212 SMGR from Gid Modding Studio into CSE? Next, I cant seem to find any documentation or instructions on how to swap barrels on weapons that are overheated (when the option has been enabled on the module). Any hints? And finally, is there an intention to include explosives handling/disarmament into CSE? Currently my community relies upon a VERY cut down version of AGM to handle this functionality, and would prefer to move to CSE exclusively. Thanks for any responses in advance, and again (if it isnt clear already) I LOVE Combat Space Enhancement!!
  18. Waxitron

    Middle East Conflict mod

    HAHAHAHA!! Drongo, you really are the best!
  19. Waxitron

    Combat Space Enhancement 0.2

    My community has been doing this since September without issues, and as CSE adds stable functionality, we have been deleting the related AGM .pbo files. Thank you for the latest update. The weapon resting icon is a VERY well received addition, its all so nice and shiny!
  20. Hey Toadie. LOVING the recent release, MP5's are kickass! The only thing that struck me as odd recently was when I was using the RPK with AGM, and found out it can deploy its bipod! Holy crap was I excited to try out the M60 and G3SG1......but found that they did not use the Bipod. Recently my community moved away from AGM to CSE, and found that none of the weapons have the bipod enabled, and can only weapon rest. As you may imagine this has been a bit concerning. SO, I did some digging and found the code that is needed. AGM code: class Rifle_Base_F; class MY_Gun : Rifle_Base_F { AGM_Bipod = 1; }; CSE code: class Rifle_Base_F; class MY_Gun : Rifle_Base_F { CSE_Bipod = 1; }; Would it be possible to update the weapon configs of the following weapons to have the bipod function enabled? "hlc_rifle_g3sg1"; "hlc_rifle_rpk"; "hlc_lmg_m60"; "hlc_lmg_M60E4"; "hlc_rifle_samr2"; "hlc_rifle_SAMR"; "hlc_rifle_m14dmr"; "hlc_rifle_M21"; All of these weapons have a visible bipod on the weapon itself, and would make sense to have both methods enabled. Hope to hear back on this. Thank you for your work, I cannot say it enough. The weapon pack you have produced is simply mindblowing.
  21. Ive encountered an issue with enabling the mod on a dedicated server. I am sure that its simply a matter of server settings, but would anyone be able to help out? Issue is that the server is not starting the mod. All players have TFAR enabled, with the correct TS Plugin. Their clients work correctly on other servers, but not our own. Any help would be appreciated as I am out of my depth currently and cannot think of anything else to try.
  22. Toadie I am wondering about the G3 reload animation, and if the famous " will ever be intergrated into the reload animation?Thanks for the mod man, loving it.
  23. Hey Fr33d0M, are you still around man? BadHabitz has taken a break from our group for the time being, but I am still interested in arranging games now and then. I noticed that your http://www.tmnclan.com/ website has actually gone down, and has been replaced with the one at http://www.mediusgaming.com/ Is this the new main page from now on? (P.S. Thanks for the PMC focused missions and assets, there pretty kick-ass!)