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    Memory / Application Error

    Hi, I just investigated a little more and it really seems like my last BSOD issue was related to my graphic card. I'm also suspecting of my motherboard. As both are on warranty, I'll see what I can do. Anyway, I appreciate your time. I'll try to post the results as soon as I get them. Thanks for the help! ;)
  2. CapBlackShot

    Memory / Application Error

    Hey, Thanks for the heads up. It's actually a new graphic card, so I don't think it's a problem with it. The only thing I can think of is it's a RAM error, as you said. Weird thing is I performed a memory check using MemTest86 and it has indicated no problems at all. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell me. Sadly I have already bought a GTX 10 Series, but I'll consider your opinion next time. :) Thank you again!
  3. Hi, Recently, after digging around with some pieces (installing a new video card) and formatting Windows 10, I've been facing memory errors in Arma 3 occasionally. Here's an example: Others are similar to this: (This one is just a similar message found on internet, I don't have Autocad installed) Or this: My new graphic card is a GALAX GTX 1060. All drivers are installed and updated. I even faced a one-time blue screen (few days ago). Don't know what to do, and I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Igi_PL! Is it possible to disable damage to the involved vehicles when using the loading/unloading option for a little time (15~30 seconds)? That's because, sometimes, they desync and explode it all. Also, I realized that when players are on the towed vehicle trying to turn the engine on or to accelerate, the car gets glitched and stuck on the ground. Then I need to use my admin tool to teleport the car, so it returns to work. Thanks!
  5. CapBlackShot

    [R3F] Logistics

    Hello, madbull! As I use Tonic's Altis Life mission, your script would be really good to create a new kind of job (mechanic), but I need to integrate some licenses used on Altis Life mission to your script. Also, I would need to deactivate all the other modes except towing. Could you give a hand about this? Thank you so much for this wonderful work!
  6. Hello, As we know, .jpg textures are often smaller than .paa or .png textures, and sometimes it's really important to the owner's mission. The problem on using .jpg textures is that they are only loaded when you are very close from the object. Is it possible to preload those textures on the initialization? I saw that we probably could use 'preloadObject', am I right? If not, is there any other workarounds? Thanks!
  7. So, if I have a 50 MB connection for upload and 100 MB for download, should it be: Minbandwidth: 131072 Maxbandwidth: 52428800 Is it alright for 64 players?
  8. Everytime I update my mission, I need to download it on the game. Isn't possible to transfer the mission instantly to the client? Thanks.
  9. I'll try to watch it closer. But I think it was a Zamak and a little civilian/market truck (that fair one). http://i.imgur.com/9wWvJjt.jpg (598 kB)
  10. Hello! I'm sorry, but will you update the IgiLoad to the newest Arma 3 version? I realized that, sometimes, when players try to put their vehicles onto other cars, they just explode. That's aleatory, I think, and I started to happen on this Helicopter version. Thanks!
  11. That's really weird. If I put the object from the editor and add the init parameter, it works fine. And, as you can see on the video, some lamps from the same classname work. Some don't.
  12. Thank so much for the tip, but unfortunately it didn't solve yet! :( I did a 'parent hint' in the game for "Land_Net_Fence_8m_F". Take a look: http://i.imgur.com/wGR7p11.jpg (443 kB) Shoudn't it be working? :confused: EDIT: Actually, I did some more tests and I realized that it all is really weird. Some lamps can be "runned over" and some can't. Check this:
  13. Hello, After receiving some help about making some specific objects indestructible (http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184710-Game-Logic-Not-Working-Properly), I figured out that the following code doesn't applies to city fences (for lamps and some other objects, for example, it works): if (isServer) then {{_x allowDamage false; _x enableSimulation false} forEach nearestObjects [this, ["Building"], 780];}; Code added as game logic on map editor. In that radius (780 meters), I don't receive any damage if I hit a fence, for example. But I still can run over the fence, so it's falling to the ground yet. And, yes, their classnames are included on 'Building'. Any ideas on this? Thanks!
  14. CapBlackShot

    Game Logic Not Working Properly

    Thank you. As I can see, they all are "Building", including the fences. I figured out that I'm not getting damage when I destroy a fence, but it stills falling to the ground. Lamps are working properly, I can't run over them anymore. I also tried adding enableSimulation false, but no effects at all. if (isServer) then {{_x allowDamage false; _x enableSimulation false} forEach nearestObjects [this, ["Building"], 780];}; Thanks!